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    This Week's Guests are Holistic Practitioners Marlene Ivette and Michelle Miller

    in Health

    Holistic Practitioners Marlene Ivette and Michelle Miller join us this week on the Best Years in Life Radio.  Marlene helps her clients heal with essential oils  and Michelle is a former registered nurse that now helps her clients heal naturally.  Tune in as we talk about the cold and flu season and how you can keep it at bay naturally.

    During the first half hour, Tony will go over additions to our website and will talk about the health topic of his choice.

    During the second half hour, Luella will talk about the benefits of oil pulling.

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    Explorer, York Gist , Lewis and Clark Expedition with Marlene Rivero

    in Culture

    Marlene Rivero portrays York's mother, whose son was the African-American Guide on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The painting is a self portrait as York's Mother Rose.Marlene Rivero developed her character in response to a Need to tell York's Story in 2003. The National Park Service first  saw  the program in Cairo, Illionois, and  it  has been seen by thosands of people between 2003-2006. It received honorable mention at the St louis, Mo. Marlene draws from the notes, songs, Costumes & spoken words she discovered while researching to tell of York's role in the L &  C Exp.


    York was Clark’s childhood companion. He was enslaved.  He was devoted to William Clark. He was a guide on the expedition.  York had a great time on the expedition. He had, had his own rifle. He got to vote. He was a full member of the expedition. He had a, the Indians loved him.

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    Kelly Alexander, Tantra Practitioner, Spiritual Psychotherapist in Training

    in Motivation

    Kelly Alexander is an amazing young woman that I have had the pleasure of meeting and taking one of her Tantric Classes. She is also involved with the "Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program" . This program recognizes that we are both human and spiritual beings holistically interconnected through the mind, body, spirit, and heart. The belief is that healing and transformation take place when we address both our dark side and our light side. It is the ultimate goal to heal our duality, embracing and integrating both our human self and our spiritual self. This transformation happens in our hearts where heaven and earth meet in us. Kelly will share with us what she is learning in the courses and how she is implementing it into her life. 

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    RNN- Our American Law and Heritage-Dr Marlene McMillian

    in Politics

    Join us in our Roundtable discussion /interview with noted author Dr. Marlene McMillian, Chaplain Wade Butler, Chief Justice of the One Supreme Court Pete Moake, and VP Dan Owens, as we discuss our unique American Law Form, and the Heritage of our American Republic. One discussion resource is "Mountains of Deceit".

    The Republic News Network is a broadcast of the Republic for the United States. The purpose of the RNN is to reach out to the American People with our message of hope, that the American Republic has been restored. Thursday evenings each week we engage experts in business, industry, military, law enforcement, faith, intelligence and other patriotic Americans in an effort to inform the American People of important current events and at the same time educate our guest and listeners about the restored American Republic.

    RNN Schedule: Live on Thursday Evenings 9pm EDT/6pmPDT

    Check the Republic website often for General Information and Updates to keep you informed about the interim government restoring operations under the Constitution for the United States of America.

    Opinions stated by various contributors to the RNN are not to be considered as endorsed by officers and members of the Republic for the United States of America. Listeners are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions.

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    Kelly Alexander, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Mind Body Spirit Connection

    in Motivation

    Kelly Alexander is a student of the "Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program", that recognizes that we are both human and spiritual beings holistically interconnected through body, mind, spirit, and heart. Healing and Transformation take place when we address both our dark side and the light side. It is the ultimate goal to heal our duality, embracing and integrating both our human self and our spiritual self. This transformation happens in our hearts, where heaven and earth meet.  Kelly is also an author of "My Year Off Men" and a Tantric Practitioner and is a shinning example of one who lives her life to the fullest.

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    The Gifted Whisperer Show : We R Here To HELP U !!!

    in Self Help

    Welcome Debbie Reynolds, Nurse and Owner of: Healing Hands with Heart. Debbie is An Intuitive Healer and Energy / Reiki Master. She is A Medicine Woman of The Angel-Realm who Guides others towards Self-Love and Soul-Discovery. Debbie specializes in Both Chronic and Acute Pain. She also prides herself in the ability to Both Connect Eastern & Western Medicines. To Recieve Deb's work contact her on linkedin. She resides in beatiful Colorado; as does The Host of The Gifted Whisperer Show. Marlene Prinzing, M.A., Your Blog Talk Radio Host was casted into three movies in Hollywood, as A Nurse, but Debbie has been an acting-Real-nurse for 30 years. Both Marlene and Debbie are innate Intuitives, so Tune Into The Show Today for Some Energy-Fun. Call-in's to The Show are also welcome - Intuitive Readings ON-AIR ! Blog Talk Call-In # is : 347-857-1742  YOU MUST CALL IN BETWEEN 4:00 - 4:30 (MST) to get a FREE ENERGY HEALING OR INTUITIVE READING. Otherwise go to : www.GiftedWhisperer.com to request an intuitive reading. Remeber to Give The Gift of Healing and Guidance/Intuition for The Holidays - Gift Certificates Available from at: www.GiftedWhisperer.com  Both Marlene and Debbie are here ON THIS PLANET living their dharma (life-purpose) to help and heal OTHERS !!!

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    Telepracticing in Behavioral Telehealth: An Interview with Dr. Marlene Maheu

    in Psychology

    Today's guest was met at the annual Samaritan Institute conference. We were both session speakers and excited to collaborate in any way possible to support the sector of healthcare we are both immensely passionate about. My first thought after listening to Dr. Marlene Maheu was, “Why haven’t I met this powerhouse in person yet? She is the thought leader in telemental health.” Spend five minutes with her and you begin to grasp how much influence, passion, leadership and knowledge Dr. Maheu has about behavioral health in general but especially telebehavioral health. Take this journey with us to discover from the Executive Director of the Telemental Health Institute where technology is headed in relation to online behavioral health counseling. Please check out the full blog article here.

    How did you get involved in the legal/ethical risk management side of telepractice?

    How has your publication experience helped you in the field?

    Why is there such a focus on telehealth right now?

    What are some of the key issues involved with telepractice in telemental health or behavioral telehealth?

    Which types of technology do you see as the next wave, or the next generation for behavioral health care?

    Are these newer technologies considered part of telehealth?

    How will these newer forms of technology make their way to the telehealth arena?

    What does your company offer to professionals wanting to get involved with telemental health or behavioral telehealth?

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    Christine Barrie Forgiveness The Great Healer

    in Motivation

    Christine Barrie shares her personal story of how she healed from a devestating breakup through forgiveness. The only way to change your life is to change the choices, to change the actions. If there is something in your life you don't like, first you have to be aware that it is the result of something that you do. It's the result of a choice that you made. What you did or thought that made you unhappy. Stand back and look at it from a different perspective. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. Be open to exploring your own heart. Find out how you can make a Difference in your own life.

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    The Gifted Whisperer Show : We R Here To HELP Others !!!

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Lee & Sherry Patterson, The Twin-Flame Love Coaches !  Wipee !!!  Thank God for those spreading The LOVE ! The Patterson's are Certified Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coaches. They are also The Founders of : Relationship Reinvented. Connect with them at: http://relationshipreinvented.com  The Patterson's LOVE DEEPLY and write about, "How do I stand in my Truth?"  Look them up on linkedin. What is a Twin-Flame, you may ask? Tune into Blog Talk Radio on 11-11-2015 (on The NEW Moon) to find out. The show airs from 4:00 - 4:30 pm (MST) on Blog Talk. The Show is: The Gifted Whisperer Show : We R Here To Help U !!!  Also look up: www.blogtalkradio.com/ThePrinzingShow (the old name of the show) Also see you tube for more of The Patterson's at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQcei7wpTSmbs6l_Prwq-lA/videos  What a better way to help others today on Blog Talk Radio by spreading The Love.  Love is one of The Seven Major Positive Emotions necessary in obtaining a happy and fulfilling life. What a great place to start. To Contact The Host of The Show Today: Marlene Prinzing, M.A. The Gifted Whisperer, go to : www.GiftedWhisperer.com  Marlene is The CEO & Inventor of : The Prinzing Method, aka TPM. TPM is a Registered Trademark in The State of Colorado. TPM is A Client-Centered Intuitively-Guided-Individualized form of Yoga/Somatic Processing. Connect with ALL of us on facebook / twitter / and linkedin. Thank You for tuning in; and please spread The LOVE Today !!!   And, remember, we CAN HELP U !

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    Healed Of Cerebral Palsy - Marlene Klepees - Bringing Heaven To Earth

    in Christianity

    God still performs miracles today! Marlene Klepees was miraculously healed of cerebral palsy and medically verified by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. This remarkable woman of faith has an amazing story to tell and now sees God perform the miraculous through her ministry. We will have a live call in at the end of the program for healing prayer.

    Find out more about Marlene's amazing story here!




  • Author Marlene Chism on Write Now Radio!

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Marlene Chism!

    Marlene Chism is a consultant, international speaker and author of Stop Workplace Drama (Wiley 2011), and No-Drama Leadership (Bibliomotion 2015). Marlene’s passion is developing wise leaders and helping people to discover, develop and deliver their gifts to the world. 

    From her unique experience of reinvention to her experience working with all levels within an organization, Marlene has learned to speak three languages: The language of the owner, the language of the manager, and the language of the employee. Marlene takes the position that communication is not a “soft skill” but is instead a critical skill necessary for No-Drama Leadership. Marlene has a Communications degree from Drury University, and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Development from Webster University.