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    Da Wonda Twinz - Dub T.P. Productionz

    in Poetry

    Family please join us as we welcome Da Wonda Twinz - Dub T.P. Producationz. DA WONDA TWINZ consists of the talented Markess “Charmer” Wilder, and Miguel “Magic” Wilder. Reppin' their State of Ohio, Da Twinz are from the small town of Hamilton, which is home to some great musical talents such as Roger Troutman, Zap, and “Suga Foot” Goolsby, lead singer of the Ohio Player.

    Both brothers started out as Published authors of poetry, then branch out into song writing, and inevitably composing music. After putting out two instrumental Cds, “TWIN MOONZ”, and “MUSICAL THERAPY”, Da Twinz were asked by other artists to use their skills for various CD projects ranging from Hip Hop, to Christian, working with such projects as…

    “Flame Eternal”, a melting pot of producers from all over the world, executive produced by DA WONDA TWINZ with lyrics from the legendary Lyricist GzUp, together they created this magnificent work of art. “Perfect Reality”, in conjunction With Creole Girl entertainment DA WONDA TWINZ produced 6 tracks for the project. “Longing, Lust, and Love”, the companion CD for the anthology book Longing Lust and Love (Black Lesbian Stories) DA WONDA TWINZ produced 10 out of the 11 tracks on this project.

    With numerous other accomplishments under their belt, Da Twinz have much to share about upcoming events, etc.

    Be sure to stop by and show your support to these exceptional artists.

    As always, the second half of the show will be dedicated to open mic. Look forward to seeing you there.

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    A Night of Wonda! Pre-Valentine's Day Musical Extravaganza!

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    New Music! "Press Play and Walk Away" CD Release due out February 21, 2008. Meet the producers and songwriters "Da Wonda Twinz" and the individual artist. This is the CD you do not want to be without for Valentine's Day! TWO LUCKY CALLERS WILL GET A CHANCE WIN A FREE CD AND SPEAK TO THE ARTIST If you would like to participate please e-mail your questions to TruVueRadio@AIM.com or call 646.716.8385. You do not want to miss this show! This show will be extended an additional 15 minutes!

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    Pre-Valentine's Day Music Promo

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    This show -"Don't Ask Questions About Your Relationship, If You Do Not Want To Know The Truth! will air at another date.
    Join me and listen to some new R & B artist showcase their music you are listening to right now!