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    The Callers Cookout Show

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    Welcome to The Callers Cookout Show. The callers will give us topics to discuss and breakdown. Mark Moseley and Tyrone Powell are on the switchboard for the night. We need your input to keep the show moving forward. 917-889-9592! Pick up and call us NOW! Live 9:30 PM EST to 11:30 EST

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    The Priesthood of Prayer

    in Religion

    Starting Your Day From The Sanctity of The Altar. Communion with God at this hour is referred to as Shacharit- (from shachar, and means morning light). Prayers recited in the morning is depicted in Mark 1:35 "And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place and there prayed".

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    White Belt Radio

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    Every week White Belt Radio will focus on some of the nation’s best regional and local shows. Hosted by Tim O’Connor of the The Combat Sports Agency and Mark Daniels of the Boston Herald, the pair will frequently talk to some of the brightest up and coming fighters around. O’Connor, a longtime fight fan, is one of the brightest fighter managers in New England. Daniels is a sports writer and runs the Boston Herald’s “Inside the Octagon” MMA blog. The two previously hosted “The Mouthpiece MMA Show” on 1510 The Zone out of Boston. White Belt Radio runs Monday afternoon’s at 3 p.m. ET/Noon PT on the MMA DieHards Radio Network.

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    Raw Recap 8-15-11

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    Kyle Patin and "Big Jerzey" Mark Nieves of iNeedWrestling.com discuss WWE and the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, providing insight and opinions.

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    Talks about bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition and his new store PRO AM NUTRITION in Boston. He talks about how he inspires others and what he plans to do in 5 years. This going to be fun!

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    Smart Mark Radio

    in Sports

    Professional Wrestling's Number One News Source

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    Creating a New Life After Divorce

    in Family

    Create your Future NOW -  Divorce offers you the Chance to Create the Life You Want and Deserve!
    Although it might be hard to see if now, your divorce has many hidden gifts in the form of life lessons and deep wisdom that will evolve you as a human being and allow you to move forward into a new and vibrant life.
    Create the Vision of a New Life and Your Future
    To create a new way of being, you must have a clear vision of who you are becoming and the life you choose to live.  Identifying what matters to you now and what your passions are is the starting point.  Visualizing that Future Self and your New Life allows us to work backwards from that vision, so that we can begin taking action steps today towards your goal.
    In this episode of Divorce Recovery, Shelley Stile helps you create a vision of your future self. Shelley discusses how to find what truly has meaning for you and what you are passionate about. Once you are clear about your priorities, you are then free to create a vision of your future; a future that you know will give you the gifts of a life well lived.
    Creating a new life concentrates on the positive act of creating, not the negative act of problem solving. Problems, or challenges, will always arise in any journey but it is how we handle these challenges that will be the mark of our character. The real work is in the act of creation. Begin creating your new life and future today with the help of Shelley Stile.

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    The Waiver Wire Abyss

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    Host Mark Ferraro goes all nine innings in the world of fantasy baseball and helps you decide who to pitch and or ditch for Tuesday, July 26, 2011. Today's guest is Paul Greco of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

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    GET A CLUE with Mark Jackson

    in Management

    Join us as Mark teaches the rules of the network marketing game.

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    "Lying is unhealthy for one's life"

    in Family

    I hate being lied to. Short of violence, it is the worst thing you can do to me. Not because of God, or the Ten Commandments, or any universal moral precepts. The reason that I hate lies is because, like you, I wish to navigate carefully through life, and to do so I must be able to calculate my true position. When you lie to me, you know your position but you have given me false data which obscures mine.
    Lying is theft. When you tell me something which I take to be true and as a result I invest my time, or my money, or even my care, you have stolen these things from me because you obtained them with false information.
    Lying creates inequality. Since you also do not like being lied to--I have never known anyone who wanted to be deceived-- you have acted as if there were two classes of humans: you, with the right to lie, and everyone else, who must be truthful to you so that you too will not lose your way.
    Lying treats people as means to the end you wish to accomplish, and not as ends in themselves.
    Lying is one of those rare areas in which the moral rulebook and the legal one overlap each other quite neatly. Fraud is defined as an intentional falsehood on which another relies to his detriment. A fraud is a lie writ large, often in a financial context, where the damage to me is quantifiable in money. Even those lies which the law does not define as fraud tend to fit the same definition: a knowing false utterance which the mark is intended to rely on to his harm, and does. The only differences are of degree, for example, when we cannot assess the loss in money.

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    WWE Summerslam 2011 PPV Breakdown & Prediction Show

    in Sports

    It's the biggest party of the summer and WGS Radio is getting your party started with a breakdown of the card, where you can also give your thoughts on the matches.
    - Undisputed WWE Championship - CM Punk vs. John Cena
    - World Heavyweight Championship - Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton
    - Divas Championship - Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix
    - Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
    - Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

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    in Music

    ON STAGE :Reggae recording artist,FUTUREMAN,(ZEMROY THOMAS) MERCHADO Stewartson :
    Mechado christened as Mechado Stewartson is an athletic built Jamaican hailing from Boscobel, St. Mary and is aspiring to make his mark as a lover’s rock singer.He is creatively working on materials to be unleashed on a market hungry for fresh talent and intends to do so by aiming straight at the heart of the females. The debut single “It’s In The Morning”. Is burning up the airways in Jamaica , the United States Europe and beyond.
    SHUNTAI (MARK TOMLINSON):Shuntai has a passion for people and considers himself a soldier for Christ.Promotes the upliftment of the oppressed, the poor and the needy, promotes peace, not war, love and not hate. Musical inspiration and aspirations is derived from the work and dedication of Bob Marley, keeping that vibe and mission alive is very important for the younger generation.Shuntai has a passion for people and considers himself a soldier for Christ.

    caribbeantalkshow Sunday @ 8:00pm call-in 661-467-2407

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