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  • #210 Embodying Divine Wisdom & The Sensual Life with Marja West

    in Spirituality

    Waking Gods & Goddesses: Embodying Divine Wisdom & the Sensual Life with Marja West

    Marja West will share the following topics from her new book, F'd Wide Open:

    F'd - Pick an F word, any F word...
    Waking Up
    The Illusion of Separation
    Your Purpose
    Our Sexual Wounding as Food for the God-Goddess Eaters
    Remembering and Reclaiming Unity Consciousness
    Invitation to Divine Love
    Divine Love Agent Provocateur
    The Spiritual Practice of Love
    The Totality of Human Experience

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    #215 - Waking Gods & Goddesses: "The True Nature of Reality" with Marja West

    in Spirituality

    This Episode #215 ~ "The True Nature of Reality" from Marja's new book, F'd Wide Open

    Topics explored:

    Formless and Form
    Absolute Balanced Mastery
    One Man, One Woman
    Another Puppet of the Patriarchy: the false New Age
    Big Fat Lies
    Masculine-Feminine 101
    The Seven Senses of Our Sensual-Sensorial World
    Our Core Essence is Feminine or Masculine
    You are the Divine-In-The-Flesh
    The Nature of Reality and Perception
    Duality into Oneness
    Our Emotional-Energetic Blueprint and Energy Mastery
    Our Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings
    The Time is Now
    Chapter 1 Journaling Exercises

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    #196 More Deep Dark Goddess Talk with Marja West & Rashmi Khilnani

    in Spirituality

    Waking Gods & Goddesses—
    Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life
    Episode #33, #196 HSRN
    3 October 2014 2PM Pacific
    More Deep Dark Goddess Talk with Spiritual Teacher and Filmmaker/Executive Producer for the movie *iGod*—Rashmi Khilnani

    Join me in welcoming the return of spiritual teacher/filmmaker Rashmi Khilnani. Rashmi was our beloved guest last year for October and we had a beautiful time together. This year she shares more of her deep dark Goddess wisdom through her encounters with Babaji and her manifestation of and triumph with breast cancer--debunking the false New Age tenet that one who is spiritual awake would never manifest a life threatening illness. Her cocreative movie venture, iGod is due this fall.

    Rashmi Khilnani is a modern mystic. She teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and people from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. She is the author of three books: The Divine Mother Speaks, Buddha Speaks, and Shiva Speaks.

    She is also a Spiritual film maker, and is the executive producer for the IGod A documentary film on God, a collabration with Producers Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, Director Jonathan Friedman,  Executive producer Rashmi Khilnani, Rashmi Khilnani is one of the speakers in this film which will feature spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying.

    Rashmi Khilnani


    Marja West

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    #190 Embodying Divine Wisdom with Marja West - "Spilt Milk with Mater X"

    in Spirituality

    Waking Gods & Goddesses— Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life with Marja West
    Episode #32, #190 HSRN 5 September 2014 2PM Pacific
    Spilt Milk with Mater X

    *Divisiveness* seems to plague all individuals, relationships, movements, groups, and institutions great and small-- preventing us from unifying our forces and enabling us to further be enslaved in some form, shape, or fashion. We're still stuck in he-said-she-said and us versus them... blah blah blah. The Truth and Freedom Movement has its share of warring factions, sexism and misogyny, moral relativism, and often embodies another *good ole boys club*. Join me in a spicy conversation with Truth Seeker Goddess, Mater X -- Friday 5 September 2PM Pacific. Mater X will *out* and distill some of her Truth medicine and get us all fired up!

    Mater X is wife and co-conspirator of Frater X, of The Middle Chamber internet radio show, formerly on American Freedom Radio Network. Poetess. Barista and Bread Baking Reluctant Culinary Savant. Goofy geek girl, fluent in Pig Latin, and a Spaniard in her own right. Mother of 5 amazing, intelligent, beautiful, artistic and loving people, and guide for their own journeys to awakening. A Whirling Dervish and a spirited wild soulful woman whose believes that all the issues that divide us are there to keep us from realizing that we are all one race: HUMAN.

    Check her out: blog: Spilt Milk at materx369.blogspot.com and the show's website and station links: http://thesyncbook.com/middlechamber   http://middlechamberfx.wordpress.com/  and of course facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fraterx.materx

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    Mountain West quarterback race

    in Sports

    The quarterback situation for the Mountain West schools is up in the air for nearly every school. So far during spring practices and only a few of the jobs have been settled with the most being decided in fall camp. Jeremy and Chris are back to discuss these quarterback battles and other spring musings.

    Is it quite possible that New Mexico has the best quarterback situation, at least with returning talent and experience. Utah State has an argument for that as well but that only matters if Chuckie Keeton can stay healthy and that is not likely going off of his history. Maybe it is Air Force who has Nate Romine under center and while he didn't start last year, he did see time in nine games in 2013.

    As of now Boise State, San Diego State, San Jose State, UNLV (but they are close), Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado State and Fresno State have not officially announced who their starting quarterback will be.

    Quarterback play will be a key issue in deciding the Mountain West next year, which is an obvious statement but this year it is important due to the amount of turnover.

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    #168 Dissolving Sexual Trauma of the Divine Feminine and Masculine w/Marja West

    in Spirituality

    Waking Gods & Goddesses—Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life

    Facing Our Darkness Series—The Totality of Human Experience

    Episode #28, #168 HSRN

    4 April 2014 2-330PM

    Yoni and Phallus—Sword and Chalice

    An Energy Medicine Healing Ritual

    Dissolving Sexual Trauma of the Divine Feminine and Masculine…

    With Host, Spiritual Mentor & Way-Show-er--Marja West

    All revelation is born in the dark. The darkness contains the Formless (Masculine Creative Potential) that manifests as Form (Feminine Creative Potential made physical) that can bring forth more suffering or at its most Divine expression can bring forth a kind of Redemptive Love that transforms and restores our Innocence and Purity from even the most egregious acts and violations upon our bodies and souls.

    Join me in this intimate call--this is my most loving invitation to all my beloved brothers and sea*stars and bring your deepest, darkest, and perhaps most evil, brutal, terrifying memories and traumas from your past lives, your childhood, your current life—as *Victim or Perpetrator.* You are all welcome. I will be facilitating and Way-Show-ing A Healing Ritual: Yoni and Phallus-Sword and Chalice: An Energy Medicine Healing Ritual Dissolving Sexual Trauma Patterns of the Divine Feminine and Masculine… Please join me in this very dark and healing episode. We will also address the astrological energies of the upcoming potent and very rare Cosmic Cross with Uranus Square Pluto at the heart of this Cosmic Cross…

    Marja West: www.AbsoluteBalancedMastery.com


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    #200 Embodying Divine Wisdom w/Marja West & Katherine Buckalew

    in Spirituality

    Join me for a fiery and spicy conversation with Truth Goddess and Truth Connections Radio Host and Co-Founder—Katherine Buckalew. We will be talking frankly about Katherine’s vision, her awakening, her conviction as woman, mother, lover of Truth, the latest with Truth Connections Radio, the Truth & Freedom Movement, and the challenges we are all currently facing. Katherine is fiercely wise, articulate, and a force of Nature, and is also co-organizing the upcoming 2015 Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia.

    Civically minded since a young age, Katherine’s experience in both the Arts and Investment Banking (more specifically holding Series 7 and Series 63 Licenses) has given her equal footing in both the creative side of society and the financial workings behind the scenes. A devoted mother who strongly follows news and events that don’t make mainstream headlines, Katherine spends the majority of her free time making connections with those of like mind, and sharing the information she finds using all manner of sources. Discernment and a little intuitive faith has enabled Katherine to bring others into the ‘truth’ arena, and helped to educate while allowing personal freedom, regardless of situation or circumstance. Katherine shows an open love for all beings and is happy to listen to opposing views with respect for each individual opinion, religious upbringing, or experience. Katherine’s genuine understanding that we are all unique, yet wish for the same happiness is what makes her a pleasantly unique individual and an informative presenter for the show she co-founded: the ideal mix of successfully hosting at Truth Connections Radio.



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    Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou

    in Current Events

    Always an interesting perspective on everyday issues.

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    #163 Thriving in Intimacy w/ Max J. Van Praag of Private Matters TV & Marja West

    in Spirituality

    Waking Gods & Goddesses—Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life with Marja West

    Episode #27 -- Max J. Van Praag of Private Matters TV -- Thriving in Intimacy: Awakening Millions to Healthy Relationships

    7 March 2014 2pm-4pm

    Join us for an intimate afternoon talking with Private Matters TV host Max J. Van Praag. Max J. Van Praag is a force for fulfilling intimate relationships. Everyone can achieve bliss in their own way, regardless of their history. He created the TV program/web channel "Private Matters" with the intention to raise global awareness in the area of love, intimacy, sex and full self expression for men and women. Max has studied performing arts, psychology, personal transformation, and is fluent in five languages. He has done lifelong research on the topics presented on Private Matters. Using his unique perspective and life experience, Max has also been a teacher and group leader for almost thirty years. Born and raised in Holland, a citizen of the world, he brings his cross cultural and multi-lingual skills to this project. Max has lived in Marin County since 1995.

    Private Matters TV

    Marja West: http://www.heartbasednewhumanity.com/

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    Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou

    in Current Events

    An iteresting perspective on everyday issues.

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    Previewing the Mountain West in the NCAA tournament

    in Sports

    Jeremy and Chris are back to preview the Mountain West teams in the tournament with our latest show. We will for sure talk about Wyoming taking on a possible under seeded Northern Iowa team and a St. John's team which San Diego State will face.

    We also will discuss Boise State's game that may or may not be in progress at the time of this show for their game against Dayton in the First Four, and if they win a look ahead to their game against Providence.

    Wyoming and San Diego State play on Friday with the Cowboys tipping at the very early hour of 10:40 a.m. local time in Seattle. The Aztecs get a reasonable tip at 9:40 p.m. local time.

    Also, to make everything 100 percent clear, we are biased against your team. Well not this time as we want the Mountain West to do as good as possible.

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