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    Project Empowerment - Mario Hostios

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    Project Empowerment is excited to have on Mario Hostios.

    Mario Hostios has over 25 years experience in the field of fitness and holistic health. He holds credentials from the Russian Kettlebell Certification, Functional Movement Screen, Chek Institute, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and others. Unique and different from others in his field; Mario’s consistent message and method of  natural hormone optimization and functional fascial integration guarantees life changing, transformational results for his clients! And yes, it works for both men & women!

    Hailed by experts as a breakthrough in the management of chronically slowed metabolism and painful joints, Mario’s proprietary approach to addressing issues such as thyroid, diabetes, inflammation, and arthritis with exercise, organic food, and natural means yields results where others fall short. As hormonal and joint problems are becoming more common, Mario’s methodologies are the missing link to real success in your efforts to get in shape…and stay in shape!

    Mario also works with select fitness professionals to teach his system of Functional Fascial Integration on a monthly basis. Functional Fascial Integration represents Mario’s innovations on the work of Ida Rolf (Rolfing), Paul St John (neuromuscular therapy), Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains) to create a system of bodywork that seamlessly integrates with corrective exercise to approximate the benefits of care by elite level body therapists in a way you can reproduce yourself!

    Visit him on the web at mariohostios.com

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    Talking with Margaret - Why YOU need to be on YouTube with Mario Fachini

    in Lifestyle

    Are you on YouTube?

    No, why not?  or Yes, but I don't use it much.

    Today I will be talking with Mario Fachini aka "Super" Mario about the importance of using YouTube for marketing your business. Mario is the author of the "best seller," Video Marketing for Business Owners. He is a certified Power Marketing Consultant and Certified Cross Channel Marketer knows how to make both business and personal life easy, fun. and lucrative.  - - - Contact Mario: http://www.videomarketingforbusinessowners.com

    Why you will want to tune in, Mario will share with you and you will learn:

    - a proven strategy that has been used by celebrities for the last 100 years and isn't going anywhere anytime soon
    - how you can quickly and easily make your life easier and more lucrative while having fun in the process.
    - the best way to attract quality leads and win the sale before your competition has a chance.

    Take your business success to an even higher level using the tips you will learn from Mario.

    Your host: Margaret Martin - "Helping people make positive change in their lives."
    http://www.margaretmartin.com YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MargaretMartinFL
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/MargaretMartin
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MargaretMartin
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MargaretMartinFL/  

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    TRUNEWS 11/11/14: Mario Murillo

    in News

    Topic: Rick discusses the Polar Vortex over North America and the arrival of a mini-ice age this year. He also talks about the Deagel.com projection of a 78% reduction in the U.S. population over the next 10 years. His guest today is evangelist Mario Murillo who talks about the silence of church leaders as the nation slides into Nazism and tyranny.

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Power Talk with Guest Mario Ballesteros and Robbie Motter

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    Mario Ballesteros serves as a Director of CFO Management for Willis Group Consulting. Mr. Ballesteros is a CPA with over 30 years of business experience, including over 20 years as a senior executive in energy services, manufacturing, construction, and transportation & logistics industries. He began his financial career with Ernst and Young serving middle market clients in the audit and business advisory services sector. Mr. Ballesteros provides interim and fractional CFO/Controller services emphasizing financial and project management and reporting, improving cash flow and maximizing return on shareholder value. Additionally he is a practice leader in the WGC Technology area offering ERP systems selection, design and implementation services to rapidly growing middle market companies. Prior to WGC, Ballesteros founded and led his consulting practice for 13 years providing interim and fractional CFO/Controller services and special project management. From 2003 to 2010 Mr. Ballesteros was Houston Chapter Chair of the Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG) the nation’s largest networking organization for senior financial executives where he helped grow the chapter to over 1,000+ members providing networking, mentoring, educational and career information forums for chapter members. Robbie Motter spent 25+ years in Corporate America and in 1985 became an Entrepreneur. I am a Marketing/PR Consultant, Certified National Speaker/Coach, Author and Radio Show

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Morning Coffee With Mario

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    Magnificent Monday Our guest Darren Edward & Robert Everett

    in Christianity







    Here is his facebook page:



    Robert Everett  

    https://www.facebook.com/robert.everett.1694?fref=ts This is the managers name and Facebook page.

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