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    Where is the placebo effect in medical marijuana?

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    The true believers in medical marijuana think it can cure any disease or at least make it a lot better.  Total skeptics say the effects are all simply a result of the placebo effect. What is the middle ground?

    There needs to be a way or recording when it does not work or when it causes serious side effects. We're not there yet. Until the ##*%$@ schedule 1 listing is removed, we will have to replly on anecdotes.

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    District of Columbia LEGALIZATION of MARIJUANA


    War on Marijuana Still has Hooks

    The regulation and taxation of marijuana sales in Washington, DC. TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION

    Washington, D.C. Voted to Legalize Recreational Marijuana



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    Can anyone else watch this video and tell me what it's about. I can't even stand to listen the the lying bitch. How could anyone with a brain vote for her?

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    Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

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    Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

    Your legal right to use medical marijuana protects you from criminal prosecution, but not from employer drug testing programs. If you were taking a different legally prescribed drug for your condition, you would most likely be protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). However, this protection hasn't been extended to medical marijuana.

    Join Bill, Rick and Steve for an interesting discussion regarding the employment issues surrounding this new hot-button topic.




    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com

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    Weedsday Wednesday-A Live, Cannabis Radio Show-Marijuana News Hour!

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    Welcome to Weedsday Wednesday!

    Everything you ever wanted to know about medical marijuana, cbd, thc, cannabis, hash, weed, pot and anything else you want to call this beautiful plant!

    Join us as we talk about all things Medical Marijuana!!!

    Cannabis Interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news and information about anything and everything medical marijuana related in Tucson, Arizona and the world at large!

    Get up to date, live information about Marijuana News!

    We'll share what's happening with all of the marijuana laws of our state, the dispensaries, and everything happening in our exciting little trail dust town!

    Call or blog and join us as we chat live!

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    she never lies to me. I truly appreciate her mind and her spirit. I love her with all my heart and soul. She had been and always truly connected to me. She's my soul sister and always a part of me. Never far from my heart.

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    Legalization Threatens Medical Marijuana & How to Win an Initiative

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    The consequence of marijuana legalization can be a disaster for medical marijuana patients and the power of targeted voter contact as a mechanism to win elections for marijuana initiatives are the subjects of this episode of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.

    Washington passed a marijuana legalization measure in 2012 with provisions protecting medical marijuana patients but legislators are folding patients into the legalization with such possible negative consequences of no longer being able to grow their own medicine and being forced to pay the same exorbitant taxes as recreational users. Kari Boiter, Washington State Coordinator for Americans for Safe Access explains how the marijuana legalization initiative has impacted medical marijuana patients and how patients are fighting back to preserve their rights under Washington's exisiting medical marijuana laws.

    Yucca Valley. a small California desert town in San Bernardino County, is vying to become the first muncipality in what is the largest county in the United States to allow for the sale of medical marijuana. Jim Stewart, Campaign Coordinator for Measure X, reveals their plans for getting voters to pass their initiative using volunteers to undertake a program of target voter contact.

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    marijuana happy hour

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    weed n stuff

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    Why Marijuana Legislation Is Winning in U.S. Congress and Skullduggery in Upland

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    A candid look at the surprising gains marijuana law reform has made in the U.S. Congress plus an insider’s look as Upland medical marijuana patients refuse to let the city get away with skullduggery are found on the latest installment of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.


    Veterans getting medical marijuana recommendations, preventing the DEA from interfering in a state’s medical marijuana laws and protecting states with marijuana legalization laws have all made major progress in the U.S. Congress.


    Dan Riffle, Director of Federal Policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, will discuss these newest and astonishing developments, tracing their history, explaining what they will do, why progress is being made and the unexpected switch by some Representatives and Senators from opposing marijuana law reform to supporting it.


    When Upland residents submitted an initiative petition with enough signatures to require a special election on allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to operate, the Upland City Council refused to hold a special election and put it off until 2016. Although the refusal by the city to hold a special election is tied up in court, the backers of the initiative are not going to wait for the slower-than-molasses court challenges to decide the issue.


    They have filed a new initiative that will overcome the problems that are being challenged in court. Craig Beresh, one of the initiative proponents, will explain how the Upland City Council was able to derail the original initiative and how the new initiative differs from the old one and why this time they are very confident of success.


    News, views, humor and more are the features of every Internet podcast of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense and you can hear it right now.

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    The Universal Laws - Working for You

    in Paranormal

    Our Universe appears to us to be a complex arena of cause and effect, synchronistic happenings, and a mass of what might look like confusing disconnected events which might make one think that this world bears no structure, no harmony - just a constant state of random experiences. Yet, we've all heard of the Universal Lwas, the Laws of Attraction, for instance, from countless people over the years.

    To show how intricately woven we are into the fabric of this reality, the mind, brain and heart emit a tremendous magnetic energy field that steadly flows through each of us, influencing our environment, as well as each other. This energy is conscious and unconscious, and it is united by these same universal principles that were somehow put in place to help navigate our lives.

    So, do we in fact have more control over our world than we realize, or wish to admit? Join co-hosts, Rev. Maria D'Andrea & Mimi as they explore our energetic connections to this reality. Visit www.MQuestMedia.com for more provocative segments on these and other topics, & www.Mariadandrea.com to get further information on Maria's expertise. You can also call @ Maria @ 631 - 559 - 1248.