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    Mariel Hemingway; Actress, Author

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Mariel talks about growing up as the granddaughter of the illustrious author, Ernest Hemingway. At the age of 13, Mariel became famous when she made her silver screen debut in; Lipstick. Four years later her work in Woody Allen’s; Manhattan earned her an Oscar nomination. She has since made 30 films and numerous television appearances. In 2003, she published her powerful bestselling memoir, Finding My Balance. Mariel’s second book called; Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living from the Inside out. It is a how-to guide to finding ones balance and health through self-empowering lifestyle techniques. Her latest book is titled Mariel’s Kitchen. You can find Mariel on line at: marielhemingway, thewillingway and on Twitter or Facebook.

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    Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams; Running With Nature

    in Health

    Mariel Hemingway and her boyfriend Bobby Williams are back to share their experience with us. They say their latest endeavor; Running with Nature is unlimited potential, a movement, a force. It is the Natural Way to live your life on your terms for your greatest health and happiness. Both Mariel and Bobby are passionate about becoming younger, happier, and healthier. They both believe that age is more about your habits, choices, and lifestyle than the reality of years gone by. Running with Nature is a journey about discovering the greatest YOU that you can be. Now they take the opportunity to share their experience to inspire you to find your own unique ways of living an amazing life. We are all extraordinary. No matter where you are on this earth you have the opportunity to live your life to the fullest and reveal who you truly are, a powerful being! Follow Mariel on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Mariel Hemingway

    in Entertainment

    Mariel Hemingway is an actress, model, author, mother, and a leading voice for holistic and balanced living. As the author of three books: Finding My Balance, Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living From the Inside Out, and her recently released, Mariel’s Kitchen, she has established herself as one of the most knowledgeable and articulate voices in the Body, Mind, Spirit movement. She speaks comprehensively about greening yourself through living a healthy life style, eating well, slowing down, and creating sacred space.

    Mariel is the granddaughter of author, Ernest Hemingway. She’s best known for her roles in “Lipstick” and Woody Allen’s “Manhattan. She has made 30 films, numerous television series appearances and has hosted several environmental and humanitarian documentaries.

    We will also talk about Charles new radio show coming and his wellness convention.

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    Mariel Hemingway

    in Spirituality

    As the granddaughter of illustrious author, Ernest Hemingway, Mariel was always destined to be well-known and publicly recognized. However, at the young age of 13, Mariel became famous in her own right when she made her silver screen debut in “Lipstick”. Four years later her work in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” earned her an Oscar nomination. She has since made 30 films and numerous television appearances in series and as a host of several environmental and humanitarian documentaries.
    Mariel will be talking about her new book called "Mariel's Kitchen"

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    Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams: Running With Nature

    in Self Help

    VividLife Radio's Edie Weinstein welcomes guests  Iconic Academy Award Nominated Actor, Author and Activist Mariel Hemingway and Eco Adventurist Bobby Williams to chat about their new book Running With Nature.

    Renaissance woman Mariel Hemingway is not only an iconic Academy Award nominated actor from a celebrated family (she is the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway), she is a prolific author, adventurist, eco activist, healthy lifestyle advocate, entrepreneur, much sought after speaker, slake line walker, and a devoted mother.

    Bobby Williams is a nutrition expert, world-class adventure-athlete, stuntman, actor and practicing intuitive healer, with deep ties to the earth’s world of traditional medicine as well as the raw food movement. He has been in the world of health and wellness for twenty-five years and his beliefs are simplicity and nature. http://www.runningwithnature.com/

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    The Final Say - with Mark Hemingway

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say each Monday to Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    Mark Hemingway, Author & Senior Writer at The Weekly Standard, joins the show to discuss Obama and his dealings with current international situations.

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    A Religion of One's Own-Thomas Moore & Mariel Hemingway-Mariel's Kitchen

    in Spirituality

    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK 

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    Scott Cluthe interviews Thomas Moore on his new book, A Religion of One's Own:A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World. 

    Then Mariel Hemingway shares her journey to a natural kitchen and the difference it made in her Life, & can in yours.
    Thomas Moore is the author of the bestselling book Care of the Soul and ?fteen other books on deepening spirituality and cultivating soul in every aspect of life. He has been a monk, a musician, a university professor, and a psychotherapist, and today he lectures widely on holistic medicine, spirituality, psychotherapy, and the arts. He lectures frequently in Ireland and has a special love of Irish culture. He has a Ph. D. in religion from Syracuse University and has won several awards for his work, including an honorary doctorate from Lesley University and the Humanitarian Award from Einstein Medical School of Yeshiva University. Much of his recent work has focused on the world of medicine, speaking to nurses and doctors about the soul and spirit of medical practice

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    Poetry in Just SIx Words...It Can be Done

    in Poetry

    Welcome to Life From all Sides. This show is about exploring life from every angle. You can't examine anything by looking at one side.

    Today's show is about poetry.  We create what we love and this artform is called 6 words.

    http://lit.genius.com/Ernest-hemingway-six-word-story-annotated  From thie website:

    There’s been a craze in the poetry world over the six word story.

    Hemingway receives credit as the inventor of the six word story.

    Let's examine this form of poetry.   

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    Happy Holidays: Out 2014 In 2015

    in Entertainment

    It has been long year!!!!  A lot has happened!  On the next House of Harley Talk Radio join us as we reflect on the year and spread Christmas cheer.  We will have full line up of guests that I'm sure that you all will enjoy!  We will have Dr. Germon Miller-Bey, Fitness Expert and Nutritionist Michele Reid our featured business owner Thomas Anderson of Potter's Computer Systems.  We will also have our Featured Artist Sunshyne P with guest appearances from Walter Hemingway of the Root Doctors Band, and Arischa.  We will also have a chance for you as a listener to win $50 from House of Harley Talk Radio by calling to sing your favorite Christmas Song.  Don't Be Scurred!!!!  Finally we will have Battle of the Sexes Christmas Edition.

    Call the show 347-884-9373

    Sponsor: www.ladysusieqfashions.com

    Twitter @hohtalkradio


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    Sacred Walk with the Archangels with Eddie Mullins

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday December 3rd 10:30a est/7:30a pst on Sacred Walk with the Archangels with Eddie Mullins ...The show that is all about sacred alignments, walking the pathway of the heart with the Archangels, Angelic Shamanic Healing and more.  Today's Show:   ...Soul Loss & Reconnect to the Inner Child with Archangel Mariel, Rebirthing - body reactions and more. Also taking your calls on healing through this very powerful time. (Now taking more healing calls).  

    Join Angel Way Walker, Angelic-Shaman, Spiritual Healing Strategist- Eddie Mullins for a journey of Sacred Exploration.  Archangel teachings of the illuminating sacred soul!

    Angelic-Shamanic Healing with Eddie  VIEW

    Eddie's Website VIEW

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    In the Kitchen with Mariel Hemingway

    in Business

    If you want your business or career to be in shape, you need to be in shape as well. Productivity, creativity, loving and evolving all start with the foundation of your kitchen. Your relationship with food. As the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, Mariel seems destined to be in the public eye. As an actress, model, yoga instructor, mother of two teenage girls, Mariel combines her no-nonsense attitude with wholesome eating. Join me as I step into Mariel's kitchen.

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