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    Beth and Dagny Discuss a Favorite Marianne Williamson Quote

    in Self Help

    Join Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant, today on I AM U Radio brought to you by the I AM NOW Group University, as they discuss a favorite Marianne Williamson quote from "A Return To Love": Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles".   It is the quote that begins with "Our deepest fear is..."  You may recognize it!   So, tune in to Beth and Dagny's discussion, and then call in to the show for an exchange of thoughts.  It should be a fun and enlightening hour. 

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    "Invoking the Romantic Mysteries" with Spiritual Icon Marianne Williamson

    in Romance

    This week I'll be talking with Marianne Williamson, internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer, about her February 13-15 weekend workshop "Invoking the Romantic Mysteries: A Weekend on Relationships and Spirituality" to be held in Los Angeles and livestreamed at http://marianne.com/romantic_mysteries/.

    Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose. Six of her eleven published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. A Return to Love is considered a must-read of The New Spirituality. A paragraph from that book, beginning "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers.

    Marianne's other books include The Law of Divine Compensation, The Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman's Worth, Illuminata, Healing the Soul of America, A Course in Weight Loss, The Gift of Change, and A Year of Miracles.

    Marianne is a native of Houston, Texas. In 1989, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily. Marianne also co-founded the Peace Alliance. And she serves on the Board of Directors of the RESULTS organization, working to end the worst ravages of hunger and poverty throughout the world.

    According to Time magazine, "Yoga, the Cabala and Marianne Williamson have been taken up by those seeking a relationship with God that is not strictly tethered to Christianity."

    Join me for a fascinating and heart opening discussion with spiritual icon Marianne Williamson!

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    Marianne Williamson Goes to Washington!

    in Lifestyle

    Join Jewels as she talks about politics with International Spiritual Leader and Bestselling author Marianne Williamson about her decision to run for US Congress for District 33 in California.




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    Marianne Williamson Shifts Your Thinking

    in Lifestyle

    Marianne Williamson is the author of Return to Love, The Gift of Change, Woman's Worth and the latest novel A Year Of Miracles. This woman is one of the world's leading transformational voices that has altered the way that we see the world and ourselves. Join us as we talk all about her latest novel and her decision to run for congress. Visit her website here. 

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    How to make a miracle with Marianne Williamson

    in Spirituality

    Surrender to the higher power and create a life of miracles. Marianne Williamson,  A Course in Miracles interpreter, and candidate for congress in California,  has some simple  words to change your life right now.

    Do you have the power to heal?  Energy Healer Suzy Meszoly has a year long course that  starts soon to ignite the power within you.  

    Oh....what a year this will be...


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    RealitySpirituality Radio - Guest Marianne Williamson for Congress

    in Spirituality

    WE NEED YOUR VOTE! Marianne Williamson is running for Congress as an Independent in District 33 in Los Angeles County. The primary elections are being held on TUESDAY, JUNE 3RD.




    Marianne Williamson, an internationally acclaimed New York Times Best Selling author, lecturer and women's advocate. In 1997, Marianne published Healing the Soul of America, calling for a holistic perspective on America’s political system. For the past thirty years, Marianne has been a formidable activist for social justice. In 1990, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. She also co-founded The Peace Alliance, promoting legislation to establish a United States Department of Peace. Marianne serves on the Board of Directors of the RESULTS organization, working to end the worst ravages of hunger and poverty throughout the world.

    In November 2012, Marianne produced a conference in Los Angeles called SISTER GIANT: Women, Non-Violence and Birthing a New American Politics, attended by almost 2,000 women representing all fifty states.

    Williamson has been seen on Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Charlie Rose and Piers Morgan. She was referred to in a 2006 Newsweek Magazine poll as on one of the 50 most influential baby boomers.

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    Million Mamas Rising- MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

    in Spirituality

    MARIANNE WILLIAMSON is Wendy's very special guest for this edition of Million Mamas Rising! 

    For more information about Marianne, her bid for Congress, or to DONATE to her campaign, please visit:  http://www.mariannewilliamson.com

    For more info about Wendy, and the Million Mamas Movement, please visit:  www.MillionMamasMovement.org





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    Two Wise Latinas Interview Marianne Williamson.

    in Motivation

    For decades Marianne has been a leader in the Movement to Empower Women. Her Course in Mircles gained tractor worldwide. In this episode she will be discussing her quest for a U.S. Congressional seat.

    The "Two Wise Latinas" are honored to welcome this amazing trailblazer.

    The Two Wise Latinas of The Wise Latina Network is here to empower and inspire the women of the Latino community with practical tools for a successful life.

    The Wise Latina Network is a multigenerational group of diverse successful Latinas empowering the Latino community.

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    Everything w/KathyB, Chef Oliver, Dr. Julissa, Avery & LaShawn Williamson

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for our Healthy Cooking & Living Segments.

    At 6, Chef Oliver is back in the kitchen preparing 2 amazing dishes of, lemon herb chicken breast with a caprese salad. Not only budget friendly, but easy to make and nutritious.

    At 7, Dr Julissa is back in the studio to discuss another important topic, Prostate Health & The Best Foods To Incorporate Into Your Diet.

    Prostate problems among men today use to usually begin after age 33. Now more and more younger men are experiencing prostate disorders, suffering with everything from enlarged prostate, to low sexual desire (low libido) and decreased potency. But men are able to help themselves naturally and manage prostate problems, without the use of drugs that have sadly many adverse side effects. Tune in as Dr Julissa shares foods that men can eat to strengthen prostate, lower cholesterol (which has been proven to naturally to lower PSA levels), and promote healing.

    At 7:30, Join us for Total Life Changes with Kathy B as she welcomes back Executive Directors, Avery & LaShawn Williamson into the studio to discuss, Sexual Enhancement: How to Heighten Your Intimate & Sexual Life Naturally  If you haven't heard about 2 of Total Life Changes products, IASO Strike Up For Men & IASO Love For Women, you are in for a treat. Call in to listen at 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

    Executive Directors - Avery and LaShawn Williamson are Independent Business Owners with Total Life Changes, a Health and Wellness Company that is changing the lives of people across the globe. Avery and LaShawn have joined the mission of Total Life Changes to help people find natural alternatives to improve their quality of health and life.

  • Universal Energy Radio ~ "Let Go and Know" with Marianne McGuire

    in Spirituality

    Join UER Founder, Anna Banguilan as she talks with Marianne McGuire, the creator of Let Go and Know; How to Let Go of Struggle and Know Who You Really Are.

    Marianne invites seekers to discover who they really are; their Deeper Destiny™ by connecting to and living from the Light, from Awareness, so that they can stand in their own power and express their truth and finally live the fulfilling life they long to live.

    Marianne's work comes from a direct experience of "being" Awareness; a connected state of Oneness with all. When she was six years of age, she received certain fundamental universal truths about this reality; about how life works, the nature of time and polarity; that there existed something so far beyond this physical reality, so inexplicably beautiful, even beyond our idea of heaven, and that it is all around us and within us. She knew that this physical reality where we live our everyday lives was only the tiniest part of what is true (this is why the key to an amazing life of freedom is to place your attention on this truth-on your light, and no longer on the struggle that you have been experiencing).

    This pure “information” is facilitating her mission; to nudge you into remembrance of the magnificence of who you really are, so that you can live from freedom, ease, peace, and joy…be yourself and live the life you were born to live.

    For more information on Marianne and to receive your FREE gifts, visit www.letgoandknow.com

    LIKE Universal Energy Radio/Media on Facebook and Now on Instagram (get a daily dose of Universal FUN!!)


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    in Spirituality

    Internationally acclaimed spiritual leader and lecturer, Marianne Williamson is the author of ten published books, six which have been New York Times bestsellers, four of them reaching the coveted number #1 spot, including A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles, The Age of Miracles, A Women’s Worth? Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs including Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose. In December 2006, a NEWSWEEK magazine poll named Marianne Williamson one of the fifty most influential baby boomers. Marianne comes to The Halli Casser-Jayne Show to talk about her laest book, which will allow her readers to discover the transforming power of love, A YEAR OF MIRACLES, DAILY DEVOTIONS AND REFLECTIONS, and her run for election to the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s Congressional District 33. 

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