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    Ghosts, Apparitions and Orbs! Oh my!!! with Gracie DeBrock

    in Spirituality

    Call in and share your ghost story tonight. I have many. Have you had a clearing of ghosts in your home? Did you know them? tell us all about it.

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    Join us for another fascinating discussion exploring the nature of consciousness.

    Mary at Fatima – The Divine Feminine

    Apparition – ‘A supernatural appearance’


    Where have they occurred
    What is the evidence
    Multi Faith Reconciliation
    Fatima - Message to priests

    The Emerald Alignment
    A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment, Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field.


    Rainbow Light; Rainbow Light Studio; Carol Lamb's Blog

    Paranormal Matters Radio Shows

    Rainbow Light Forum

    Epiphany Press

    Rainbow Light Foundation; Rainbow Light Foundation YouTube; Rainbow Light Foundation Radio

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    I'm going to speak about this.

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    Oct. 28, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Paranormal Apparitions with Stan and Jan Hecker

    in Paranormal

    According to my mother (now deceased 1998)  the first few years of my life were spent in what was termed a "haunted house".    I can only recall one odd event,  while her description of activity was what I would term as classic (expected) activity in a stigmatized structure. Some activity was however poltergeist which is rare to investigators.  

     In 2000 when I purchased the home that I currently live in.  Unknown to me the previous owners husband was a suicide victim on the property. The second floor level was highly active.   The home is two story and I spent the first three months living on the ground floor because of activity on the upper floor.  I did not know how to deal with it.  After about a year and half, I got the activity to vacate and it has not returned for thirteen years now.

    Because of actions like this, I began to analyze the data and try to apply specific scientific known facts. Following these hypothesis I began to formulate a theory and saw that the scientific properties tied into what is known as a "Langmuir wave".  I now believe that whatever composition an apparition is composed of follows the properties of a Langmuir wave in frequency response.  That will be the format of our dialogue for the show.

      In conclusion, whereas other "ghost hunters"  begin their investigation focusing on why this "ghost" is here, asking questions like "can you see me?", "what is your name?", "who is the president right now?", "did you eat Tofu on Tuesdays?" I really couldn't care less.  I want to know what they are made of, how they do what they do.

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    The Paranormal 101 Roundtable with Jenny, Kenny,Cindie, & Chuck

    in Paranormal

    A weekly discussion among paranormal investigators pertaining to different subjects in the field


    Trolls, haters, wannabes, and a variety of other outlandish things that many do to hurt others in the Paranormal field.

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    Metaphysical, Historical and Modern Day Miracles

    in Spirituality

    A Miracle "is not explicable by natural or scientific laws...". Do you believe in Miracles? Do you feel they are the work of God? Unbelievable miracles around the world have been documented throughout history as well as modern day. Historical events, including Marian apparitions and The Miracle of The Sun, Miracles in the news today and Medical Miracles. Listen to some amazing and uplifting, real life miracle stories! Call in # 347-633-9648

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Tina Marian of Medicine My Way

    in Health

    Northborough, MA – Everybody wants good things in life. We’re born to be successful, happy, prosperous, but, as we grow, we develop negative feelings or limiting beliefs about ourselves. These devaluing belief systems prevent us from achieving the joy and abundance we deserve.

    Tina Marian is the founder of Medicine My Way, a holistic health counseling practice. Tina seamlessly integrates her experience in both traditional and non-traditional healthcare with her Life Transition Coaching program to guide and support her clients through their own life changes.

    “I like to describe myself as a stress management coach,” says Tina. “When we take an emotion we’re feeling and pretend it isn’t there, that creates conflict. Medicine My Way shines a light on what we try so hard to ignore. It allows the body to release the negative energy that we carry around, and we feel lighter as a result."

    A registered nurse for over 40 years, Tina Marian is uniquely qualified to pick up where our current healthcare leaves off,  bridging the gap between symptom control and optimal health. Tina’s guidance allows her clients to participate more fully and knowledgeably in their own healing, health and well-being.

    “I try to inspire, teach and support my clients to get them to a place where they believe they have a purpose,” says Tina. “Heartfelt compassionate care. That’s what my business is. I’m truly invested in helping people.”

    For more information on Medicine My Way, visit www.medicinemyway.us

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    Deepertruth: The Virgin Mary Appearing At Vinay France 1649 Miracle

    in Religion

    John Carpenter presents two interesting Marian apparitions in France that are lesser known (Veney and Qurian France) which should be very interesting.  

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    Marian Hollingsworth: Medical Abuse of My Father & becoming a patient advocate

    in Parents

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    My father, Keith Blair, went into the hospital in July of 2009 for diagnosis of back pain. Without our knowledge or consent, he was given a cocktail of Risperdal, Haldol, Ativan, Tylenol with codeine, and Morphine. When I asked the doctor about this, he said it was just "hospital delirium,"  Sent to a  nursing home, my father was given more antipsychotic drugs, along with double doses of AmbienCR, the long acting version of the drug. He ended up with the bad side effects of these black box drugs such as heart trouble, severe dehydration and kidney trouble, and sudden diabetes. He also contracted a MRSA eye infection which spread to his lungs, fell 7 times in 12 days and developed a bedsore. (He was only in the nursing home 18 days.) He ended up a second hospital due to heart and kidney problems, where the same nursing home doctor treated him.) At the second hospital, he was given daily Risperdal, and we were told to prepare for his death. When I went through the records later, I discovered that a cardiologist said he was improving and that he could be released to the nursing home in a few days.

    2. How to get ALL the records.

    3. Your rights in a hospital or nursing home as a patient or family member. Know the codes in your state so you can use them. if needed, if facilities try to violate these rights.

    3. Dealing with the health department for complaints. Your rights in a complaint. The complaint in my father's case resulted in a new policy from the health department, AFL 1108. It mandates that nursing homes must verify that patients on antipsychotic drugs being transferred from hospitals have informed consent forms in their records, and if not, that informed consent must be obtained before the drugs can be given.

    4. Dealing with the medical board for complaints.



    in Spirituality

    I'm going to speak about this!

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    Your Best Life w/Jann Jaffe: Music Icon, Anne Phillips

    in Music

    Jann Jaffe (Northwestern University, BA,MA) is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP, and a COR.E Dynamics Specialist. Traumatic brain injuries cut short her successful career as an international opera/concert singer, and master class teacher, and drastically altered her life. Jann is dedicated to helping professional women and opera singers achieve optimal success, realization of their potential, and passion, purpose, life balance and wellbeing in every aspect of their lives. Contact Jann at info@forwardtosuccess.com

    Anne Phillips, singer, composer, arranger, conductor, producer has had a career that has covered almost every area of the music business, and has worked with Carole King, Neil Diamond, Burt Bacharach, contracting and singing on hundreds of recording sessions, composing, arranging and producing the music for commercials such as Pepsi and Sheraton Hotels and, as a solo singer: her classic album “Born to be Blue,”  “Ballet Time” with various old friends including Dave Brubeck and Marian McPartland. Her jazz opera, “Bending Towards the Light … A Jazz Nativity” has been called “a new New York tradition" by NY Magazine. It has been performed at venues all over the country, including the famed Birdland Jazz Club and B.B. King's Blues Club in NYC.  She also composed ten minute Operas for Opera Shorts presented at Weill Hall.

    On 12/1 her concert of short operas entitled “That Certain Age” (SMARTTIX 212-868-4444 ) about aging w/ grace & humor will be presented at Opera America. And on 12/20 "A Jazz Nativity" (https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/952525) will be performed at Christ and St. Stephen's Church on W. 69th St. in NYC.