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    Can You Have It All? How Busy Fathers Can Create A REAL Work/Life Balance

    in Romance

    This week's show will we help busy fathers strike a better balance between hard work and being an active father in their child's life. Our guest this week is Kevin Bullard of Mariage Works!, Inc. Kevin is one-half the duo behind Marriage Works!, Inc. a ministry that creates Christ-Centered resources & experiences to help couples have better & more enjoyable marriages. Kevin has been married to his wife Cetelia since 2000, and are parents to three great children; Max, Caitlin, and Kuria Joy. Through Marriage Works! Kevin & Cetelia provide coaching, weekend events, and resources that strengthen couples' commitment to God and one another.

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    When Jealousy Wrecks A Good Thing

    in Motivation

    Join Dr. Karlene Richardson week nights and weekends at 11 PM on The Dr. Karlene Richardson Show. Go with Dr. Richardson as she explore topics many seek to avoid or 'sweep under the rug'. Listen in as she debates, discusses, or interviews with others their perspectives on issues and current trends.

    The Title of tonight's discussion is: When Jealousy Wrecks A Good Thing

    Call In and Listen In . . . (347) 855-8214.

    Or send your questions and comments to theshow@drkarlenerichardson.com

    For a list of upcoming shows go to www.drkarlenerichardson.com 

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    in Relationships

    FIVE-MINUTE RELATIONSHIP REPAIR:Quickly Heal Upsets, Deepen Intimacy, and Use Differences to Strengthen Love

    My guest today is Susan Campell. Long-term happiness in love depends on a couple’s ability to repair the inevitable rifts and differences, large and small, that occur in any relationship.  6:00pm (eastern)

    Neuroscience suggests that relationship upsets are best mended quickly, or they accumulate in long-term memory, increase reactive communication, and become harder to repair successfully. And good repair takes five minutes or less! This book offers practical tools and suggested scripts for resolving problems and having your needs met. Following its guidance, you can turn difficulties into opportunities to foster love, trust, and thriving intimacy.

    A show you won't want to miss. For more information please visit www.susancampbell.com 

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    JOUR du SEIGNEUR avec Jeannette Dick/ Docteur MULANGO

    in Christianity

    THEME: LA FAMILLE (le mariage, le divorce, le remariage, les enfants, l'heritage......) 




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    KMnm/marital preperation info/1/11/2015RA 21-1436

    in Religion

    The marital preparation info is going to be about how young ones should be to marry. young men, are you ready? get your gear together. the gear is hearing, sight, feeling, and thinking. the intelect is searching for good information. there is a prevelance of ill social behavior. we are social beings by nature, created to bond. unfortunately, our bonding has lead to a disfunctional human family.

  • Dating and Sex

    in Romance

    Dating and sex can be a deal breaker for some people. 90 day rule, 5 date rule and no sex before marriage rules will be talked about and explored deeply.

  • Tell us what you think?

    in Family

    We are excited to began this year hosting this community show with various guest. Persons that call in must keep it simole and to   the point. Tell me what you think is FAITH -BASED on the Word of GOD. Yet, when the community call in its up to them to converste based on there personal experince,statics,fact findings. The show engage such topics: mariage,dating,parenting,bullying,social media, family,music,(ieg). Many of the concerns that plague  the world ...are now in the church. Why are there so many programs and there are more teen mothers,single parent homes, child abuse, low morals then ever. Every time you turn on the telivision someone just killed another teen. What is going on? Mega churches , have Maga Problems.... Realty T.V. in the church world? Is this realty, too? Tell Us what you Think?  Do you think this is biblical? What king of ill effects, or positve  message these everyday show are sending the world? Tell us what you think?

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    Red Maryland Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    It's an all new episode of  Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    We'll unveil the results of the Red Maryland November Poll and announce the nominees for the 2014 Red Maryland Awards.
    There's a movement afoot to convince churches to go green for tax breaks in Prince George's County.
    And in Rome, an interfaith gathering called Humanum is happening to discuss marriage in our modern society.

    This is why you can't afford to miss this special episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.


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    Family Marriage and Ministry

    in Spirituality

    Today we will talk about the relationship between family, mariage and ministry.  There is an order which God wants us to live in which includes the family, marriage and ministry.  There are so many people who are out of God's order and that is one of the reasons the divorce rate in the church is higher than it is in the world.  We will discuss how this can change and bring God's order back to the family, marriage and ministry.

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    Le mariage dans la société foutanien. Est ce qu'on se comporte bien?

    in Fun

    Est ce que c'est les hommes qui ne savent pas comment s'amuser avec leurs femme ou bien c'est sont les femmes? Pourquoi on préfère s'amuser avec nos copines or copain plus que avec nos femmes or hommes? Pour quel raison. I think we just need to rethink and understand more because our companion in marriage are the one for us. Why acting like a cat and rat? 

    We share the same bed, I mean everything, why not be happy together and enjoy your life while you're together. Love need to be show inside and outside, not just inside.