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    Je veux que mon mari change !

    in Christianity

    Vous avez prié et rien ne s'est passé? Votre mari ne change toujours pas ?


    Rejoignez-nous Ce samedi à partir de 21 heures ! pour un temps de pafrtage de qualité 

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    Mari Smith: Facebook Marketing Expert

    in Marketing

    Mari Smith is one of the world’s top social media thought leaders, widely recognized for her Facebook marketing expertise.

    She is the author of The New Relationship Marketing and co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

    Fast Company described Mari as, “A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and Pied Piper of the Online World.”

    Forbes named Mari one of the top ten Social Media Power Influencers several years in a row, and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility named Mari one of the top ten Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter. 

    Mari’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of relationships, marketing and Internet technology.

    As a passionate social media leader, Mari travels the US and internationally to provide engaging social media keynotes and in-depth training to entrepreneurs and corporations.

    A self described “bubbly Scottish-Canadian,” Mari lives in San Diego, California.


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    "Light Lunch" with Eleyne-Mari

    in Self Help

    (Pre-recorded.  Sorry, no chatroom.)

    Need some fast food for the soul?  Join host Eleyne-Mari for a half hour of spiritual nourishment to help raise your frequencies of light!   


    Today’s LIGHT LUNCH Special:  Green Gaia Power Salad, infused with zesty insight about the environment, fairy gardens and a "Colorful Planet” meditation.  Music by Guardian Mind Mix, Marc Enfroy and Chouli Patches.


    Eleyne-Mari is the host of "Light Lunch" and the producer of the Within Radio channel.  She is a professional writer, color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist, crystal worker and muse. For a free mp3 for writers, join her mailing list at www.writelighter.com.


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    Guests Lisa Marie Jenkins on "Wake Up Beauty" & Eleyne-Mari, Color Therapy Month

    in Spirituality

    Lisa Marie Jenkins ultimate discovered that it wasn't being loved by a man that created a happy and fulfilling life-it was being loved by oneself and made foremost above all others that led to the fairy tale life of dreams! Her new book Wake Up, Beauty! It's Not About the Prince is a manual for the woman disempowered by her own fantasy of the fairy tale. The woman who sacrifices her dignity, desire, independence, self-esteem and self-love in pursuit of a love that can never truly satisfy.

    Lisa Marie found great success in the corporate world, stepping up and "acting as if" she was confident, in control and possessed all the knowledge she needed to succeed-and ultimately she stepped fully into the role she was portraying. Yet, she never fully inhabited her authentic self at home. The role she played there was one that lacked the self-confidence, self-worth and courage to be the best version of herself-like many women of the recent past generations. But her journey--in which she credits all the key relationships in her life as her greatest teachers and mirrors of what she needed to change--became a quest for redemption. For redeeming the truly vibrant, self-actuated, empowered, happy woman that she has become today. Her book "Wake Up Beauty: It's Not About the Prince" shows us the process. www.lisamariejenkins.com

    Frequent guest Eleyne-Mari presents every March "Color Therapy Month". She is a Lightmover dedicated to awakening your spirit through the power of color and creative energies. In her continuing mission to promote color healing awareness, she founded Aura House School of Color and Light in 2003. Eleyne-Mari is a certified color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist and Lightworker Crystal Practitioner with over 20 years of study and experience in Color Therapy, Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy. www.aurahouse.com

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    Somos Mari Pepa

    in Entrepreneur

    La historia agridulce de cuatro adolescentes de Guadalajara que forman un grupo punk, "Somos Mari Pepa", ha seducido a festivales de cine como Cannes, la sección Generation en el Festival de Berlín, los premios Ariel y el Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara.

    Samuel Kishi Leopo, director de este film, es egresado de la carrera de Artes Audiovisuales de la Universidad de Guadalajara. Sus trabajos han participado en distintos festivales como Clermont Ferrand, la semana de la critica de Cannes, Morelia. Es ganador del Ariel por el cortometraje "Mari Pepa", del cual se derivo el largometraje.

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    Secrets of a Social Media Expert with Mari Smith

    in Women

    Mari Smith is hailed as the premier Facebook marketing expert and one of the most influential and knowledgeable new media thought leaders in the world. She is author of The New Relationship Marketing and co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

    Forbes named Mari as one of the top social media power influencers several years in a row. Fast Company described Mari as 'a veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz, and the Pied Piper of the Online World.'  

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    Change Your Layers.. Change Your Life with Mari Rose

    in Spirituality

    Change Your Layers.. Change Your Life with Mari Rose

    Mari Rose is a Life Intuitive. At an early age she began to understand human nature and the desire for all humans to be happy. We all want to obtain a measure of peace in our lives. This innate desire is one thread of commonality that every member of our species shares. Mari recently wrote a book: Change your Layers…Change your Life . This book was written to help others understand how consciousness works. By re-disciplining the mind to experience a new perception and see anything less than love, the message in Change your Layers...Change Your Life will stick with you. The tools will allow the emotional body to create the space for something new. A rebirth on the emotional level.

    We will discuss her book during the first half of the show then take callers during the second halk of the show when you can call in and ask Mari one question and have her 'tune in' for you.

    For more information about Mari visit: http://mari-rose.com/

    For more information about Mari's book visit: www.changeyourlayerschangeyourlife.com


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    LUMINARIES Color Conference ~ Eleyne-Mari

    in Self Help

    Rainbow Blessings

    Presentor:  Eleyne-Mari


    Do you remember the story of Pollyanna and the crystal chandelier? After hanging dozens of crystal pendants against a sunny window and watching rainbows dance upon the walls, she realized that the significance of her discovery could only be fully appreciated if it was shared with others.

    Like one of Pollyanna’s prisms, Color Therapy Month is a multi-faceted wonder of joy. Not only does it celebrate the healing power of color, it inspires us to express our own sparkling brilliance! Want to be a Rainbow Maker? Eleyne-Mari talks about the colors of the rainbow and shares tips on how you can lighten someone’s burden and be a rainbow blessing in their cloud.


    Eleyne-Mari is the director of Aura House School of Color and Light and the founder of Color Therapy Month and Color Healing Radio.  A professional writer for 34 years, Eleyne-Mari is dedicated to awakening your clarity through the healing power of color and creative energies.  www.aurahouse.com


    *Music for Eleyne-Mari's "Garden Labyrinth Meditation" courtesy of Kerri and Guardian Mind Mix


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    SMARTASSES RADIO: Madison Mari Gesiotto & Lisa Song Sutton

    in Comedy

    Aug 18, 2014 - Guest: Miss Ohio USA 2014 Madison Mari Gesiotto & Miss Nevada United States 2014 Lisa Song Sutton

    Smartasses Radio - “Hot Chicks, Geek Culture and Unbridled Smartassery.” With your host, the creator of Smartasses Magazine, voice actor Johnny Video of Johnny Video Celebrity Voice Impersonations!

    Smartasses Radio airs every Monday night at 7 PM ET – 4PM PT, featuring cutting edge humor and an eclectic mix of guests. To interact with the hosts, follow @SmartassesNet on Twitter and use the hashtag #HailJackie.

    Smartasses Radio Archives


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    inHALE*exHALE radio | Ep8 | Mari Hamill

    in Paranormal

    inHALE*exHALE radio | Ep8 | Mari Hamill

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