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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Heidi Neumark

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    Hidden Inheritance: Family Secrets, Memory, and Faith~

      Heidi Neumark’s life changed when a few computer keystrokes exposed a generation of family secrets. Late one night while her family slept, Neumark discovered her hidden Jewish heritage—and uncovered hundreds of questions: Did her grandfather really die in a concentration camp? How did she never know her grandmother was a death-camp survivor? Why had the family history and faith been rejected and hidden?
      Heidi’s search for the truth quickly became more than a personal journey; it also became spiritual. It caused profound ponderings on her thirty-year vocation as a Lutheran pastor. It was a shocking revelation that her Jewish roots and successive family loss and trauma now suddenly and inherently connected her to the multi-ethnic, marginalized community she had been ministering to for three decades.
      Hidden Inheritance takes the reader on a journey that seamlessly weaves personal narrative, social history, and biblical reflection to challenge readers to explore their own identity, vocation, and theology. Neumark boldly calls readers to explore the harsh places of the past, uncover the possible buried secrets, ask new questions, forge new understanding, and discover new hope for transformation that is only possible when what has been hidden is finally brought to light.

  • On Sacred Ground w/ Khi Armand (Ep. 26): Ritual & Ceremony

    in Spirituality

    Join host Khi Armand of Conjure in the City for a talk on the power and necessity of ritual and ceremony.

    "Broadcasting the voices of the land and the deceased, host Khi Armand weaves together history, ethnography, and spiritual experience to explore the unique promises and challenges of our time."

    Connect with the stories, people, and landscapes that make us human in this unique, interdisciplinary show featuring guests from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds sharing their expertise on topics of biography, history, and places that matter.

    Culture worker and spiritworker Khi Armand channels marginalized voices from deep within the recesses of our world toward the resolution and reconciliation that we need now.

    Tune in every Wednesday to On Sacred Ground at 5pm PT, 8pm ET, online, call in to listen by phone 657-383-0525, or 'Click-to-Talk' via a computer interface. Join in chat using a registered BlogTalkRadio account.

  • Historical Fiction Author Patricia Kullberg Joins Kori on the Back Porch

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    A family physician, Patricia Kullberg, MD, MPH, devoted her career to serving persons living with physical, mental and addiction disorders at a clinic for the homeless. She has written many award-winning articles about health and medicine, but Girl in the River is her first novel. Kullberg and her husband live in Portland, Oregon, where she facilitates writing workshops for marginalized women and tends a large garden.

    Book blurb:

    On the eve of World War II, Portland, Oregon, battles corruption as the city falls into the hands of gangsters. Newly orphaned, Mae Rose wanders the rain-stained streets alone, on the lam from a knife-wielding pimp and mustering her own worst impulses to survive. As Mae rises to power in Portland’s gritty sex industry, she’s pursued by a district attorney who seeks to snare her for more personal reasons.  In the city’s smoky nightspots, the glamorous Dr. Ruth Barnett turns heads, but by day she operates a wildly successful abortion service. At war’s end, both Mae and Ruth are caught in the crosshairs of Portland’s anti-vice crusade. The women’s survival, as well as any chance at lasting love, depends on their allegiance to each other and their abilities to outsmart the cops and politicians who no longer protect them.


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    Daily forms of oppression we fight alongside our loved ones - Podcast 7 - Day...

    in Lifestyle

    In Podcast 7 of Day in the life of the happiest guy - "Daily forms of oppression we fight alongside our loved ones" - We explore how you and your loved ones can fight the fight good fight against the daily forms of oppression that you face, that you benefit from, and that you are marginalized by? Also ensuring that love and liberation are the guiding lights in our relationship, as we participate in each other's health and healing...

    My name is Sri. I'm a healer and writer surrounded by loved ones, both human and non-human, as well as a lot of joy and healing in my life. I truly do believe that I'm one of the happiest guys on earth. I also can't stop talking...

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (book of the sun) THE BLACK SUN

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    To start it is important to mention that the symbolism that can be found within secret societies, is mainly Egyptian symbolism. The most obvious example is the pyramid on the one dollar bill. Egyptian symbolism was the basis of Babylonian symbolism. This symbolism is for example reflected in the Catholic Church, but also in Islam.The eye in the point of the dollar bill on top of the pyramid represents the eye of Aton-RA. Aton-Ra was the “God” who was worshipped by Pharaoh Akhenaton and Nefertiti in the Aton-Ra worship.Nefertiti worshipped the dark side of the Sun. With which he brings a nice story that in fact tells that this in fact represents the emerging light from the East. Then he gives a twist to this emerging light in the East that it represents Lucifer and that Lucifer has been misinterpreted over the years. He calls Jesus the true Lucifer.In reality, the Aton-Ra cult is based on Saturn worship. The Ra Akhenaton and Nefertiti’s worship is actually the worship of the “dark Sun”, also called “the Black Sun” . And the Black Sun is another name for Saturn. Why is Saturn called the Black Sun? Well, this refers to the so-called ‘Golden Age of Saturn’ or the age of Saturn, where there would have been a period in which Saturn was the Central Sun of a solar system.There would have been a great collision of two solar systems, where our current Sun would have taken its current position. By this “big clash of solar systems” would Saturn have been marginalized to a planet.The Pharaohs were possible the Regents over humanity which were appointed by these Nephilim. It’s possible they knew the actual high-dimensional energetic forces that are behind these “gods”The Pope is also often presented with the Sun on a staff in his hand . The Black Sun Saturn is often symbolised as the black cube, or the black box.

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    Black Lives Matter, So What?

    in Politics Progressive

    In this episode,  we will be talking about Black Lives Matter, Economic Boycotts, and the importance of civic engagement for marginalized groups of people. 

    OUr guests this evening are: 

    Anson Asaka -  Attorney,  -  writes at his blog  New Possibilities 

    Anoah J. Changa -  Attorney - writes at her blog: Momma  Justice 

    Ellen Gee - host of online radio show  Evolution of Perspective 

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    Our Killing Fields: Murder In The Black Community

    in Current Events

    We're in the midst of a late summer spike in violent crime in several predominately Black and poor areas of US cities.  While we're talking about systematic racism, policies at every level of government that perpetuated the wholesale disenfranchisement of African Americans, and the need to assert that our lives that have been marginalized and minimized by that system in so many ways do matter, we have to talk about what is going on in our own house,too.

    What is behind this spike in violence in the Black community, and what are we going to do to about it?

    Were going to have a real discussion about a real problem, and we'll try to come up with some real solutions.

    We've got plenty of strong coffee, bring a big cup,


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    You’ve experienced violence from your partner, and everyone is telling you to get a protection order. Sounds right. The legal aid representative tells you how to proceed, it might help, and it doesn’t cost anything. Or does it? 

            Two researchers looked at whether getting a protection order had any impact on women’s earnings, and their findings may be a shock. And those findings covered six years of women’s earnings. Free to get a protection order? Think again.

    Melanie M. Hughes and Lisa D. Brush join us to look at their research and what it told them about women’s financial picture after getting a protection order. Hughes is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. She uses quantitative approaches to study women’s empowerment, often focusing on groups of women who are particularly marginalized. She is coauthor of Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective (3rd Edition forthcoming with CQ Press). Her research has been published in journals such as American Sociological Review, American Political Science Review, and Social Forces. 

    Brush is Professor of Sociology and of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Her first book was Gender and Governance (Rowman and Littlefield 2003), and her second book was Poverty, Battered Women, and Work in U.S. Public Policy (Oxford University Press 2011). Her current research looks at preventing adolescent relationship abuse and teen dating violence by engaging high school and middle school boys in coached athletic programs to change masculinities.

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    I was just thinking...forgotten and marginalized stories in the news.

    in Politics

    When I listen to mainstream news I am appalled at the lack of information and the preponderance of emotionally racist commentary in the guise of network news. 

    The press [media, print and digital] is called the fourth estate.  The office is there to critique and call into question and scrutinize the government, politicians, and corporations on behalf of the people, although that was not the original meaning.

    “The Fourth Estate (or fourth power) is a societal or political force or institution...”Fourth Estate" most commonly refers to the news media, especially print journalism or "the press".” Earlier writers have applied the term to lawyers, to the British queens consort (acting as a free agent, independent of the king), and to the proletariat.

    The common man like me and you should scrutinize what we are being force fed and cry out about injustices. That’s what the internet has become a way in which ordinary people can voice their opinions and objects.  But, now the media alone is called the fourth estate-- the ones who are a societal or political force, but they rarely work on behalf of the people.

    Come talk and listen!

    661-467-2407 and press 1

    Friday March 13, 2015 @ 5pm pacific time or 8pm eastern time.

  • Dying with Dignity: Starting the Conversation to Close the Healthcare Gap

    in Health

    What constitutes a ‘good death’? How and where are people dying? Are the needs of the dying being met? How can we advocate for a “good death”? Considering we are all going to die and lose loved ones at some point in time in our journey through life, these are all important questions to explore. Recently there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of addressing healthcare disparities in end of life care. This increased emphasis is mostly as a result of a bountiful of research on how dying patients are invisible in many acute healthcare settings in the United States and are victims of healthcare disparities. That is, certain groups receive lower quality of care than others. Worse than being a dying patient, is being a dying patient who is perceived by medical personnel as belonging to a different race, culture or ethnicity. These biases that lead to disparate treatment are often present at a subconscious level.

    Dr. Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán is associate professor at the Werner Institute at Creighton University. She is a certified mediator and arbitrator by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court.  She is a Fulbright Scholar who has actively participated in the field of conflict studies through national and international conferences and workshops, and has conducted a wide variety of trainings and seminars in the field. 

    Dr. Font-Guzmán conducts qualitative research with a focus on the fields of healthcare disparities, law, and conflict engagement. Specifically, how people construct meaning at critical points in their lives about their identity (e.g., professional and community), reflective learning/practice, and end of life to explore the manners in which meaning-making leads them to productively engage with conflict. She also explores how marginalized individuals create alternate stories and counter-narratives to address institutional injustices.

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    The Furiously Fabulous Super Gay Celebration

    in Politics

    Last Friday, [most of] the Supreme Court ruled on the right side of history. Since this country was founded, an entire group of people have been marginalized and disenfranchised. Loved ones were barred from visiting their ill partners in hospitals. Basic tax and social benefits were denied. Appeals fell on deaf ears or were held up in the bureaucracy indefinitely. Today, The Fruit is proud to say that America has taken a giant leap toward equality for all. Friday's 5-4 decision to legalize marriage in all states and territories, did not come without it's share of criticism, however. Opponents decried that five unelected lawyers do not have the authority to decide the will of the American people, while others slammed the Justices for rewriting the Constitution. Some Republican hopefuls [*cough* Huckabee *cough*] even said that the Supreme Court “cannot overrule [g]od” on gay marriage. Many have lambasted the Court's ruling with warnings of [g]od's wrath or the coming persecution of Christians. To those grumbling about marriage equality, The Forbidden Fruit crew has one thing to say to you. Love wins! You lose! Get over it! Call in and tell us how you celebrated the ruling or why you think it was a mistake.

    347-202-0492 or Skype

    Email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

    Twitter: @tffradioshow