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    Margery Pabst Speaks about her New Book, "Words of Care"

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to caregiving expert and author, Margery Pabst about her book, "Words of Care: A Reference Tool for the Busy Caregiver", a caregiver support book that offers advice, information and affirmation about the emotions and obstacles that caregivers might be facing in their journey.

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    Lets Talk Andrew Martineau/Margery Walshaw

    in Entertainment

    On Lets Talk Today, Huffinbgton Post columnist Rachel Thompson and writer/Critic  Bennet Pomerantz host two media Guests 


    Today's guest are .Evatopia's Margery Walshaw and Andrew Martineau, The author of Daddy Monster


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    Teach Back: Examples of a Critical Tool for Caregivers

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    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to Dr. Kesavan Kutty from the American College of Physicians about the Teach Back resource for patients and physicians.

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    Caregiver and Physicians - Margery Pabst and Edward Leigh

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    Caregiver and Physician Conversations – eCareDiary is thrilled to continue our monthly series with Margery Pabst, a leading voice in the field of eldercare. Each month Margery hosts a new segment for “Caregiver and Physician Conversations,” providing a forum for caregivers and physicians to discuss the challenging situations that confront patients and families, providing a model for family and professional caregivers to discuss critical issues, family stress points and options for providing the best care to patients, especially when a family member is in a care facility such as a hospital or nursing home.

    This month's guest will be Edward Leigh, MA, and Founder of The Center for Healthcare Communication. The Center for Healthcare Communication focuses on  improving communication between healthcare professionals and patients; the Center also works to enhance communication between healthcare professionals.  Effective communication results in increased patient safety and a lower risk of medical errors. They also offer high-impact training, consulting and one-on-one coaching.
    Ms. Pabst is an author, facilitator and national speaker. She is the co-author of “Enrich Your Caregiving Journey,” a book selected by Today’s Caregiver Magazine for the 2010 Caregiver Friendly Award. Her work has expanded to collaborating with physicians on identifying patient/caregiver emotional needs and values, a critical part of the healing process.

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    Dealing with the First Holiday after Losing a Parent

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    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margert Pabst will speak to Dr. John Guarneri, Chairman of Healthcare and Spirituality, Florida Hospital and a caregiver panel about managing the holidays while grappling with emotions and memories after losing a parent.

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    Handling Relationship Dynamics Among Caregiver Siblings

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to Dr. Barry J.Jacobs, clinical psychologist and author of "Emotional Survival Guide for the Caregiver" about challenges of sibling relationships during the caregiving journey.

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    NLPI RADIO USA with Kurt and Moe present the Lemp Mansion St. Louis , Missouri

    in Paranormal

    By the middle 1890s, the Lemp Brewery gained a national presence after introducing the popular "Falstaff” beer, which is still brewed today by another company. The Lemp Western Brewery was the first brewer to establish coast-to-coast distribution of its beer. At the same time he was building his own business empire, William, Sr. also helped Pabst, Anheuser and Busche get started.n the midst of this success, the Lemp family experienced the first of many tragedies when Frederick Lemp, William Sr’s favorite son and heir apparent died in 1901 at the age of 28. Frederick, who had never been in extremely good health, died of heart failure. The devastated William Lemp was never the same, beginning a slow withdrawal; he was rarely seen in public after his son’s death. On January 1, 1904, William’s closest friend, Frederick Pabst, also died, leaving William indifferent to the details of running the brewery. Though he still arrived at the office each day, he was nervous and unsettled. His physical and mental health began to decline and on February 13, 1904, he shot himself in the head with a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson.

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    How Families Can Use the Arts for Loved Ones with Dementia

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Margery Pabst, President of the Pabst Foundation and President-Elect for The Center of Creative Aging about why the arts are so special as we age and groundbreaking creative programs for caregivers and loves ones.

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    The Healing Room - A Prayer for our Veterans and Help for PTSD

    in Military

    The Healing Room Radio Show will run a very special episode for veterans, Tuesday, November 11th at 7pm Eastern. Join me in offering appreciation and prayer. Janiece C. Andrews, M.D. and Margery Phelps will share tips on overcoming PTSD.

    We still love our country and we love, love, love our veterans. Join us in honoring those who offered their very lives for us.

    America The Beautiful, performed by Christopher French and provided by Rhythm On The Rock Productions.



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    How We Age: Perspectives for a Positive & Creative Future

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to Dr. Marc Agronin, Medical Director of Mental Health at the Miami Jewish Health Systems and author of "How We Age", about his perspectives on aging, caregiving and quality of life for a positive and creative future.

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    ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE with Bennet Pomerantz

    in Pop Culture

    Welcome to The World of Ink Network show on Blog Talk Radio. Our goal is to bring informative and entertaining shows to our listners.The mission of the World of Ink Network is to share resources that introduce tips, products and services to help strengthen, support and challenge those who love writing and the written word. The World of Ink Network hopes not only to bring authors, illustrators and publishers together, but also help them reach their readership.

    Noted writer and critic Bennet Pomerantz talks to media guests on the World of Ink Network's ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE this Saturday at 9pm Eastern - 8pm Central - 7pm Mountain - 6pm Pacific.

    Tonight's guests include Brooklyn Ann, Kathleen Ball, Margery Walshaw and SPECIAL GUEST Marsha Casper Cook

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