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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    Be sure to join us at 4:00 PM EDT for the next installment of The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc.  We will cover the winter meetings of the MLB, preview the huge UFC card, make our arguments for the winner of the Heisman, and preview the biggest bowl matchups coming up in the NCAA!  #MLB, #NCAA, #UFC.

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    It's Wild Card Weekend and Championship Monday!  Can you say Christmas weekend all over again for the Football Fan!

    On this weeks show we will be breaking down the Wild Card matchups and previewing the National Championship game Monday night!!!  Who is your pick Clemson or Bama?

    We will get into the latest news in Major League Baseball, let you know what's going on in the NBA (did the Spur's get to 30 straight home wins?) and what happened this past week in the NHL.

    Can't wait for the show!  Lets get Offensive!!!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

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    On this week’s show we will be talking about the hot topics around the sports world this past week, including the state of the Dallas Cowboy’s locker room that is in complete disarray!

    Marc and I will then give you our expert analysis on Sunday’s NFL games along with a recap about the College Football games from the day before.

    The NHL and NBA are in full swing, and we will recap the week.  P.S. Steph Curry is already going off!!!

    Did anyone mention College Basketball has returned!  Marc and I will give you a look at the preseason polls and who to watch out for!

    It’s Time to get OFFENSIVE!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

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    On this weeks show we will go into full detail of the firing of Chip Kelly in Philadelphia and what happens next for Chip and the Birds.

    We will then go into full College Football playoff preview including our pics for each playoff game!  Let's not forget about the bowls we already highlighted as some of the best of the College Football Bowl Season.

    Don't forget its week 17 of the NFL, Playoffs are upon us!

    Let's get into some MLB, NHL,NBA and some College Basketball action too!

    It's New Years Eve....Let's get OFFENSIVE!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    It's the 5 o'clock East Coast Rush Hour / Rocky Mountain Happy Hour Special! 

    On today's special episode we will be talking about the Broncos win and discussing some key games and injuries in the NFL this past week.  Look out the end of the College Football regular season is almost here!  We will give you are picks for the Championship games and the Final Four Playoff.

    How about Kobe Bryant and some NHL Hockey too!

    Don't worry we did not forget about some key MLB moves and million dollar deal's!

    Let's get OFFENSIVE!!!!!

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    Beyond the Door Radio presents Marc Diez

    in Paranormal

    Tonight Karissa Fleck and Jackie Barrett interview Marc Diez from the New Orleans Paranormal Society.   He has some great stories of the ghosts that haunt the Crescent City. 

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    Author and Biker Marc Teatum

    in Lifestyle

    Marc Teatum is an author of contemporary motorcycle fiction. In 2011, Marc co-authored his first novel, One Light Coming with Edward Winterhalder. He’s just released his latest novel with Ed, The Blue & Silver Shark, Book 5 in A Biker Story series available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble as well as retail outlets and as eBooks. An avid motorcycle enthusiast for more than twenty-five years, Marc is active in motorcycle rights organizations in the Boston area, having served on the Board of Directors of both the Massachusetts Motorcyclist Association and the Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivors Fund.

    Check out Marc Teatum's website

    Also on the show:  "It is the mission of Hoagy's Heroes, Inc. to organize and operate exclusively to sponsor motorcycle events for the purpose of raising money for the benefit of selected charitable causes. It's work is guided by the common desire of its members and supporters to help the afflicted or less fortunate so they may enjoy the generosity of all who care. It's also their goal to promote safe motorcycle riding activities while participating in what they enjoy most ......motorcycle riding." "How often do you get to do something in life that you love and at the same time, go for a world's record while raising monies for worthwhile charities?" - Robert "Hoagy" Carmichael

    Check out Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

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    in Football

    ERIC BURCH and MARC B. LEE join forces to create the weirdest SUPER BOWL PARTY known to man.

    With our computers, webcam and personal appearances, the participants will enjoy attendence from around the world as we log in and watch what is sure to be one of the most fantastic Super Bowls in recent history.

    Notify Eric and I of your appearance and we will add you to the party via Facebook Messenger. Casa Burch-Sanchez will have a webcam link so anyone can peek in on their shananigans, chewing wings in our faces and taking off multiple layers of clothing due to the acoholic beverages lying around. Prizes goes to "Best Butt Tattos" and "Longest Beer Pong Shot". Grand prize goes to "Best Group of Drunkards by Halftime".

    Join us as we cheer on our favorite team (Broncos) and rate every single SUPER BOWL commerrcial from 0-10. (I'm sure they'll be a couple of zeroes.)


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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    It's Gameday!  We will look at the matchups and give you are pics. College Football had some big games yesterday!

    Who knows what else were going with the show.  We are open to callers too!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    Live for the East Coast Drive at 5 and the Rocky Mountain Grid lock at 3!

    On this afternoon's show we will be recaping the World Series, this week in the NFL, 1st Set of College Football Rankings are out, major NHL news and well check in on the NBA!

    It's time to get OFFENSIVE!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    On this Episode on Sunday the 25th of October, we will be previewing the World Series, the NFL Weekend, NCAA Football Recap, NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball.

    Did anyonoe mention the PGA Tour is already started.

    Whats the latest with your Fantasy Football on Draft Kings and Fan Duel?

    It's time to get OFFENSIVE!