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    Running on Empty, The Marathon Curse!

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    Every runner fears hitting the wall as they reach the 20 mile mark in a marathon. They also fear gastric distress if they consume too much or too little energy on the course.  Listen as Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs interview Anthony Almada, an expert in evidence based performance nutrition as he shares some exciting news of a product that has proven to pack energy back into the working muscles without the bloat commonly associated with typical sports drinks and gels and does it in a fraction of the time of other products on the market.

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    224 Marathon Running Icons

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    Reno Stirrat and Gary Allen are two of the most remarkable marathon runners in the world.  They're members of a small, elite group of runners who have run sub 3:00 marathons in each of the last 5 decades.  Beginning in the 70's and all the way through the current day, they've run marathons in the sub 3:00 hour category.  It's a fascinating discussion.  We'll cover their journey into marathon running, how they've stayed in shape, what it was like when women entered the sport, how they feel about race fields increasing in size and diversity of talents, the 2013 Boston Marathon, the future of America in the sport of marathon running and what it's like to line up in corral #1 for over 35 years.  All that plus their reflection on Joan Benoit Samuelson's win at the LA Olympics and much, much more.  

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    Marathon Running Tips for those who Struggle to Break 5 Hours

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    Running a Marathon is tough, when it takes 5 hours, even tougher. Richard Diaz shares tips with a runner who struggles to break the 5 hour barrier. Marathon Running Tips that focus on what to do and how to feed when the race takes longer than planned.

    Look at any major Marathon and you’ll see that greater than half of the participants run within the 5 hour range.  This may be because more and more people are meeting the challenge than ever before.  Unfortunately, there is little information provided for these runners.  Most of what is written on training focuses on runners who hope to run in the sub-4 hour finish time.  One of our listeners asked that we address this problem and serve up some running tips.  If you are running a marathon for the first time, or have struggled when you are beyond 20 miles, this show is for you!

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    174 Running a Marathon for Dummies

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    Author Dr. Jason Karp is on to talk about his new book, "Running a Marathon for Dummies."  It won't matter if you're just getting started or you've been at this a really long time.  You'll find useful information in this interview.  It's good to challenge your comfort zone and Jason talks about training, equipment, injury prevention and the state of marathon running.  His opinion on the sport is edgy, it catches Joe off guard and the two trade opinions with respect to their points of view.  

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    Chi Running and the women's Olympic Marathon

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    If you've ever wondered if you're running form can improve your performance you'll want to hear from Danny Dreyer.  Danny founded Chi Running 12 years ago.  Chi Running has been a huge difference maker with runners around the world.  You'll learn about the importance of balance, core strength and gravity.   Leah Thorvilson, 2012 Olympic Trials qualifier, comes on after Danny to talk about what she saw in the Olympic women's marathon.  Leah will also talk about her recent result in a 50 mile race where she clocked the 4th fastest women's time in American history.

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    A woman's view on marathon running

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    Dawna Stone is the president and publisher of Women's Running Magazine. She's on the show to talk about how marketers view us, the explosion of women in marathon running, things she likes in races, the Women's Running Half marathon series and much more.

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    Running to Stay Young, Fact or Fiction?

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    Will running keep you young?  As we get older should we walk instead?  Many people assume they need to quit running as they get older, fearful of causing injury.  Is it healthier to walk and does walking spare our joints?  Are you too old to run a marathon? 

    We’ll give you some insight into these questions and you’ll be surprised to learn the scientific facts. This is an interesting topic for anyone who is running over the age of 45 and has experienced running related injuries.

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    Women Entrepreneurs of Marathon Running

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    You see them at expos and if you talk with them you will be inspired. We visit with three amazing women who pursued their dreams of starting a business around marathon running. They have now built brands that we all recognize. We will interview Christy Baker of Running Skirts, Donna Browning of Sweaty Bands and Maria Millsap of Banana Blossom Press. You'll hear about where their ideas came from to start their business, the challenges of starting their business and what they've learned about marketing.

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    Running Shoe Selection and Running Form

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    The Running Shoe Industry does not design shoes that help us perform better and safer; they make shoes based on market research and fashion trends.  Listen as Jay Dicharry PT and gait analyst helps us sort through the confusion of running shoe selection.  The industry served up high heels, heavy cushioned shoes for nearly 30 years. They then did an about face and went minimalist to chase the trend.  Now they have turned back to heavily cushioned shoes.  Clearly we, they or both are sorely confused!  Nothing could be worse for a marathon runner than to shift from one extreme to the other and back again.  Jay Dicharry is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of running mechanics today.  This is a great show for all runners to hear.

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    #162 Running Rules, Ross Marathon and ARC14

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    Do use "Running Rules" to guide your training and racing?

    A popular article from Runners World Online outlines 25 "Running Rules" and in our feature topic of the day we explore some of these rules and add our comments.

    The first Australian Running COnvention took place on September 6th and we went along to interview a sample of the exhibiotrs and check out the crowd.

    The first week of September is time for our annual trip to the Ross Marathon in Tasmania, Australia and in this episode of the Partnerunning Show we report on the 2014 event.

    Also on the show:

    Over the shoulder
    Ask Sue
    The road ahead

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    Can Changing Running Form reduce injury and improve my Performance?

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    Many runners are afraid to change the way they run even though they are plagued with running injuries. Richard Diaz and guest Peter Faletto, PT, gait correction expert, explain how a runner would change the way they run to reduce injury and improve performance.

    Both Richard and Peter are highly experienced in the practice of neuromuscular re-education through a very unique system of unweighting and passively correcting poor gait mechanics while in motion. Any runner who is engaged in marathon training, half marathon training or even high intensity sprint speed athletics should tune into this episode.

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