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    Road Map 4 Seeker's And Searcher's Road Map with Guests MICKEY AND MIKAYA HEART

    in Spirituality

    ROAD MAP 4 SEEKER'S: MICKEY the expert of ANDARA MAGIC  www.andaramagic.com


    SEARCHER'S ROAD MAP: Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author, a shamanic practitioner and a spiritual counselor.  All her writing, teaching, and mentoring are about encouraging the individual to be fully in her/his power and learn how to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Her favorite tool is the shamanic journey and her ultimate desire is to bring more compassion and joy to this planet. Mikaya grew up in Scotland and is now based in northern California, but travels a great deal.   www.mikayaheart.org

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    in Dads and Family

    The president and founder of The League of DADs and host of The League of DADs talk radio Christopher Smith is bringing this topic home. How can a man clear a warrant out for his arreast will this is the show for you 

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    Road Map 4 Seeker's And Searcher's Road Map with Guests STEVEN GANS AND LEE&SHER

    in Spirituality

    ROAD MAP 4 SEEKER'S: Steven Gans Phd.: Relationship Marketing Expert, Lifestyle Coach, and known as an industry leader, and network marketing professional. For the past 30 years he has been a relationship coach and counselor helping entrepreneurs develop winning strategies on how to grow their businesses and prosper. He combines many years of successful business experience, invaluable skills in relationship building and collaboration, and his specialty...the use of state-of-the-art communication tools with social media. Leading business professionals into victory!  Email: stevengans7777@gmail.com Skype: stevengans7777 www.stevengans.com


    SEARCHER'S ROAD MAP:Lee & Sherry Patterson: Founders at Relationship Reinvented: Certified Life and Relationship Coaching Couple! Certified Intervention Specialists

    Lee and Sherry are living a Twin Flame Union, this very spiritual connection they share is quite unique and extraordinary. Relationship Reinvented was created to assist ALL relationships to include the relationship to self, Parent/Child, Romantic Relationships, Marriages and Pre Marriage. In addition to those struggling in a Twin Flame Union, or those interested in learning more about this exceptional dynamic.  Email: relationshipreinvent@me.com Website: http://relationshipreinvented.com


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    Road Map 4 Seeker's And Searcher's Road Map with Guests Matthew Miglin and Mark

    in Spirituality

    Road Map 4 Seeker's: 

    Mathew Miglin: Marine to Business and Money Strategist! CEO of Voice of Prosperity & President of Chapelwood Home Services, as well as a Speaker, Coach, Author, and Contractor, helping individuals and contractors with their lives, incomes, businesses, and walk with God.
    Matthew is the CEO of Voice of Prosperity - a business and wealth building, consulting, and educational resources company that specializes in helping individuals and businesses to grow, prosper, build wealth, and lead more fulfilling lives. He is a Certified Seminar Leader through American Seminar Leaders Association, and a licensed counselor and coach with NCCA. 
    Website: http://matthewdavidmiglin.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewmiglin

    Searcher's Road Map: Mark Duin: Business Expert-Director of Networking Services at Sirius Computer Solutions, Founder at Business Without Limits, Speaker, and Author.
    Mark Duin is the Director of Networking Services at Sirius Computer Solutions, Founder at Business Without Limits, Corporate Speaker, Published Author, and participates on an Advisory Council for the Salvation Army Website: http://www.businesswithoutlimits.com

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    Ep 513 It Khan Not Be | Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan BOXiNG Preview

    in Sports

    The Pound4Pound Kings of Boxing Broadcast Journalism. ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG is the world's number 1 boxing podcast, and blogtalkradio's original boxing program.

    Many boxing observers are accusing Amir Khan's father, Shah Khan of signing his own son's death warrant by negotiation for an agreeing to a fight with lineal middleweight title-holder, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. The jump up in weight is widely considered too great for Khan who moves up a full weight class and a pound, to what has become known as "Canelo weight."

    Even as "middleweight champion," Canelo is back to doing what he does best, facing smaller challengers nobody in his weight class is worried about.

    ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG breaks down the fight in the aftermath along with the latest boxing news, commentary, predictions and analysis from around the boxing world.

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    Drew Kuhn

    in Environment

    Drew Kuhn with the Missouri Accountability Project is with us to discuss the goals of MAP and provide updates on the progress being made in St. Louis to get the Army Corp of Engineers  to take over remediation of the West Lake Landfill from the EPA.

    St. Louis has been contaminated by nuclear pollution from the illegally sold and dumped Manhattan Project waste since the early 70s.  Legislation is sitting in Congress to speed up the process.  MAP has been working to get their elected officials to act quickly.

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    Faith/Media What Do They Have in Common with the fight on HIV/AIDS?

    in Medicine

    Joining “CAN WE TALK FOR REAL”, cohosts Teresa Jackson and Michelle E. Brown on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 to address the Asian/Pacific HIV/AIDS awareness strategy and [Prep] will be Jens Tamang from the Minnesota Aids Project who before joining MAP he provided care coordination for individuals living with HIV in adult foster care and served as a Projects Administrator for several LGBTQ youth programs funded by the Minnesota Regional Arts Council. Joining him will be also be Kayden Hoang Bui he will discuss his vision on how to expand the MAP’s work into hard-to-reach populations to promote HIV/STI education, awareness, and testing through increased outreach and media presence.In recognition of Feb.7th National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, joining CWT4R, will be Pastor Anthony Sullivan Jr. a Pastor-Leader, Preacher, Challenger, Trainer, Teacher, Resource, Initiator, Counselor, Guide and a justice advocate committed to the liberation of persons and groups who suffer from all forms of oppression. He is a graduate of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University having earned the Master of Divinity degree. He is especially concerned about those impacted and affected by the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.  He will talk about, “What does faith has to do with the mobilization initiative aimed at Blacks to help reduce the HIV/AIDS spread and to bring more awareness”.

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    The GPS Girl

    in Books

    Karen Jacobsen, author of "The GPS Girl" is joining us to discuss her book, and so much more.

    In her book, Karen Jacobsen  gives directions for life in The GPS Girl's Road Map for Your Future. If you have not heard about Karen Jacobsen yet, this is your big opportunity to enjoy her gift. 

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    in Religion

    1. Having said that as Christians we are... a. "a chosen generation" b. "a royal priesthood" c. "a holy nation" d. God's "own special people" ...Peter makes a heart-felt plea concerning our conduct before those in the world - 1Pe 2:9-12

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    Road Map 4 Seeker's And Searcher's Road Map with Guests Holley Kelley and Gary M

    in Spirituality

    ROAD MAP 4 SEEKER'S:                 Holley Kelley, M.S., C.P.G.
    Founder, Latter-Life Planning Institute; The Ultimate Guidance for Life's Inevitable Destiny!
    Individuals, Groups & Businesses: Consulting, Seminars, Workshops, Guidance, and Guest Speaking. 
    To learn more, visit: www.latterlifeplanninginstitute.com New Book Release: Sunrises and Sunsets; To learn more or order your copy, visit:  www.sunrisesandsunsetsbook.com  
    Tributations; custom eulogy authoring service.  Learn more at:www.tributationstoremember.com  
    Searcher's Road Map: Gary is the first, and to date, only Lawyer Coach in Canada to have a book published on Business Development for Lawyers. 'Raindance: The Business Development Guidebook for Lawyers'? was published in August of 2012 by Carswell. His second book was published in September (2014), from Carswell, entitled: Raindance Two: A Blueprint for growing your practice.Gary's second book has two editions, one for small firms and solo practice, and the other for regional and large firms. Website: www.ontraccoach.com 

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    Out of the Fog: The Art of Good Habits with Nathalie W. Herrman

    in Spirituality

    What if there was a road map to a happier and more fulfilled life? Nathalie W. Herrman believes that when you change your approach to health, love, presence, and prosperity, you can achieve your goals and maintain them. Tune in to gain wisdom about gaining more empowerment and control over life's challenges. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

    Nathalie W. Herrman works with those who want to master the art of good habits in order to maximize personal power, productivity, and well-being. She teaches from the heart, leads by example, and brings authenticity and enthusiasm to the realm of personal growth. She is the top trainer at Reston Sport & Health in Reston, VA, writes a practical and inspirational daily blog, has a recently published book entitled Daily Enlightenments: 365 Days of Spiritual Reflection, and a second book, The Art of Good Habits: Health, Love, Presence, and Prosperity which is hot off the press. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University and has spent her life accumulating experience in the pursuit of optimal health and wellness in herself and others. Find out more about Nathalie and her work at pragmaticaction.com.