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    Women Who Marry Prisoners Like Charles Manson

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    Charles Manson is getting married to Afton “Star” Burton, age 26. With over 2 million people incarcerated, it's not surprising that thousands of American men and women have spouses or romantic partners in prison. What is surprising is that some people are getting involved with prisoners who are already behind bars. Men serving time for some of the most notoriously heinous crimes apparently have enough sex appeal to turn death row into a dater’s delight. Prison weddings in California are a regular occurrence. About 20 inmates get married on the first Friday of even-numbered months at San Quentin. Hybristophilia is a sexual perversion in which people are attracted to someone who commits horrible crimes like rape, murder, or armed robbery. This phenomenon is also known as Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome. Some women believe they can change a man as cruel and powerful as a serial killer. Some hope to share in the media spotlight or get a book or movie deal. Mental health experts view such women as insecure females who cannot find love in normal ways or as love-avoidant females who seek romantic relationships that cannot be consummated. We’re not judging, but since Charles Manson is a lifer, he and his new bride won’t have the opportunity for consummation. Ever. Join Life Coach Jenn A Nocera and me for this timely topic. After the show, check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Think Out Loud Conversation With The Motivational King & DJ Manson Miller

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    An open dialogue about business, and life with one of our growing clients  DJ Manson Miller President of  Entertainment To Remember Inc. Is Thinking Forward Inc, coaching and consulting really working or are we blowing a bunch of hot air. We will be pulling some highlights out of chapter Ten of the Best Selling Book "Becoming Who You Should Be Despite Who You Are" Join us for tonight's show and find out first hand what one of our partners are doing to change there 2015 into an explosive year! 

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    Michael Manson is tremendously excited about the Thumpin' CD/DVD release.  He is equally as excited about the possibility to walk the same path as his mentor and friend, the late, George Duke.  In his words,"it is now my responsibility to use all that I have learned from George, to do all that I can, to make the best music I can, so that I continue the legacy and lineage that he has invested in me. So we move forward.  As George would say, "we were there, and now we're here" so here we go".

    My 1st live record. It features some new tracks and some reworking of some other tracks.  On this recording, no special guests from my friends, but just a showcase of my band and I "getting it in".  Most importantly and personally, for me is a tribute to my friend and mentor George Duke who I dedicate this project to. 

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    Hot Country Newcomer: Clark Manson

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    Packing the bars of several Universities, 23-year-old, Clark Manson decided his passion for the music industry couldn’t be broken. In the summer of 2013, Clark Manson became officially sponsored by Jagermeister USA. He released his first debut album in November 2013, Running with the Night, which quickly climbed the iTunes charts, peaking at number thirty on the day of its release. Running with the Night, also checked in at number five on the Billboard “Heatseekers” chart in November 2013, and has received much recognition all around the world by some of Manson’s thirty-three thousand Twitter followers and fans. Since the album release, Manson has swamped the ticket-booths, selling out a number of shows and quickly becoming a notable country vision in states ranging from Wisconsin, all the way to Texas. While in between many late night shows and road tours, Mansonheads to Nashville as he undertakes a new summer EP, which will be released this June.


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    Jennifer Manson

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    Jennifer Manson is an author and business woman. She has six novels currently published and is about to release her first non-fiction book Easy - Stories from an effortlessly created life, about her experience of making the practical aspects of life easy so that she can concentrate on the important things: connection, living a life of purpose and helping others to live their dreams.    As well as writing, Jennifer is fascinated by the lives and ideas of others, and combines these two things in her work as The Flow Writer, working with professional speakers and other experts to get their inspiring spoken words onto the page in book form.   Originally from New Zealand, Jennifer lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Brittany, living out her long time dream of being a writer in France. She works mainly with clients in England, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.   You can find Jennifer's books and ebooks on amazon.com, and all major online booksellers, as well as available for order from bookshops.   www.theflowwriter.com, www.jennifermanson.co.nz, www.facebook.com/theflowwriter

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    For the past forty years, Charles Manson has languished in prison for his participation in the Manson family murders of 1969. He is America’s icon of evil, the one who brought down the curtain on the 1960s. He has never been a quiet inmate, however. From his unbridled outbursts of rage to his tender acts of generosity, he makes his presence felt to everyone around him.
    He inspires awe in other inmates, he cozies up to prison guards who are eager to do him favors, and he is responsible for countless staff transfers within and outside of the institution.
    This book details the dramatic journey of Willie Mendez, a troubled inmate, housed next to the serial killer for more than a year. Willie became institutionalized after repeated violations of the law, including attempted murder and armed robbery. He is serving a sixty-eight year prison sentence.
    From his initial feelings of contempt toward the aging killer, Willie, nicknamed, “Boxcar,” by Manson, traveled to a place of openness and acceptance of the old man’s ideas. Over time, he began to defer more and more to Manson without reservation.
    This is a tale of growth and maturity that contains intimate details and shocking jailhouse secrets. Willie shares an insider’s view of Charles Manson, his crazy behavior, his whispered confessions, and his sometimes profound wisdom.
    “Charlie” speaks openly about his sexuality, shares some details of the Tate and LaBianca murders, and relates his childhood experience of being forced to wear a dress to school. CHARLES MANSON BEHIND BARS: The Crazy Antics and Amazing Revelations of America's Icon of Evil-Mark Hewit

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    "Up Close & Personal" with Bassist Mr. "Michael Manson"

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    Join us as if we feature one amazing bassist taking his music to what I thought to be impossible to do and take his new release to an all new level...Michael Manson's latest release "Thumpin" is one of, if not the best release of the summer!! Here is what some have to say!!...
    If you like "LIVE" music albums, you'll love this set. It's rockin' from the first to the last song. MM and his band are some of the most talented smooth jazz artists that I've ever experienced. Khari Parker on the drums is the man. He's sets a strong groove and everybody else just lays in the "cut" so to speak. Your head and feet will move the entire concert. That's what it feels like on a good stereo or surround setup. You won't be disappointed. The recording quality is top notch and you can hear ALL of the musicians and background singers. Just Superb. W. Harrison- Fan 

     "One of Smooth Jazz's most creative and explosive bassists, Chicago-based Michael Manson has put out some great studio discs - but nothing tops the wild abandon and all-out joy of his live performances. So it's exciting that he's giving us his unfiltered, hard groovin' best on THUMPIN' LIVE, a 16-track set CD/DVD of the multi-talented artist at his best. In addition to expansive romps through his popular tunes like "Outer Drive," key tracks include the soulful, swaying "Just One Touch" and the brassy, heavy bottom way out rockin' funk of "The Bottom Line," fashioned as a tribute to his late hero George Duke, whom Manson first played with on Kirk Whalum's "The Gospel According To Jazz" in 1997. Nobody does THUMPIN' LIVE better than Manson!" ~JONATHAN WIDRAN Smooth Jazz.com 

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    WE ARE HATE RADIO - Your Number One Source Of Manson Family Music

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    Nobody plays Charles Manson like we do.


    Lebal Drocer, Inc.

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    Talking Terror Presents: Charles Manson Special (Helter Skelter And Snuff)

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    Join Us This Week As We Discuss The One And Only Charles Manson! The Talking Terror Crew Will Discuss Manson, His Life And The Associated Heinous Acts That Landed Him Corcoran State Prison! Also We Will Discuss "Helter Skelter" (1976), The T.V. Film Based On Vincent Bugliosi's Best Selling Book! Following That We Will Discuss The Film "Snuff" (1976), A Film Also Loosely Based On The "Manson Family"! So Be Sure To Take The Brown Acid And Be Ready To Have Your Mind Wiped! Stay Scared!!!

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 123: Remembering BB King

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    Main Topic:  Remembering BB King

    Side Topics:  Dzhokar Tsarnaev is sentenced.  Landscaper goes complete psycho on a family of ducks as children watch.  Spiders rain from the sky in Australia.  Remembering Charles Manson.... NOT!  Gov't tries to combat Michelle Obama school lunch pics with their own social media campaign.  Zuckerberg's predictions about the recently Facebook acquired Oculus Rift.  Survey shows that school bullying is down.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    Sasquatch Watch Radio: Guest Johnny Manson

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    Join us Tuesday night December 17, 2013 at 9pm Eastern as we invite Johnny Manson to the show!  Johnny is the organizer for the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores, Washington.  Johnny saw a bigfoot on a family camping trip when he was two although he doesn’t remember the encounter.  Manson is a DJ for a radio station in Aberdeen. He’s the father of three.  Manson is an amateur Bigfoot enthusiast.  He attributes his interest in the legendary beast to his mother. “My mom has always had a passion for it,” says Manson. “I grew up around that passion.”

    Tune in with us to hear Manson's story and personal experiences.