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    Eddy Mansfield gets a Buddah special on Turnbuckle Turmoil

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    Turnbuckle Turmoil brings to you, an exclusive interview. Rocky Classic is joining us and he will be bringing with him some huge news from Everywhere Legends and The Continental Lover Eddy Mansfield. Mansfield may go down as the most controversial person in wrestling history. What does he have to say? Join us as we find out together.

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    Velora Mansfield Anderson-A Breast Cancer Survivor

    in Women

    During the month of October, we will be focusing on Women; whether in a former domestic violence situation or a breast cancer survivor!  Thank God for our strong Women of God and what God is still able to do through them!

    Velora Mansfield Anderson resides in Indianapolis, IN and attended Tech High School.  She is an Adjunct Chaplain at the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital and Owner of Visions Ministries, Inc. sponsor of the Visions Summer Beauty Camp.  She is studying Mental Health Counseling at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN.

    Visions Summer Beauty Camp is a program designed to position youth to be positive community role models. This is accomplished through God-inspired workshops designed to empower youth to make wise life decisions, teach effective coping skills, build self-confidence and esteem, sharpen communication skills, and provide direction and motivation.

    Company Overview

    Visions Summer Beauty Camp was established in 1992 in an effort to introduce young inner city girls to concepts of poise, modeling, outer beauty and grooming, and positive social interaction. Approximately 150 girls ages 10 - 17 attended the first V.S.B.C Summer Program. Mrs. Anderson and a few area professionals provided instructions for the girls in a classroom setting. Since then, V.S.B.C. has added classes to address the total individual growth for each participant. Classes such as public speaking, written communication, interviewing skills, skin care, nutrition, critical thinking & problem solving, goal setting, etc., have been added to the curriculum each year to further enhance the personal growth of each girl. Since its inception, over 1400 girls have enrolled and participated in the program. In 1998, Visions Summer Beauty Camp was incorporated under the name Visions Ministries, Inc.

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    Thriving after trauma: Julie Mansfield radiates light despite horrific abuse

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    One in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually violated before they reach adulthood. And those stats are based on what is reported. Many women and men suffer in silence - never revealing their childhood trauma. Many women who struggle with drug addictions and who are involved with prostitution were sexually abused as children

    Julie Mansfield suffered incest, molestation and sexual violations from religious figures - people in whose presence she should have been safe in her native Jamaica. She chronicles her journey from constant abuse to living a vibrant, well-traveled, courageous and joyful life in her book, "Maybe God Was Busy."

    Join The Sisterhood Exchange host, Michelle Hollinger, also a sexual abuse survivor, as she interviews Julie about her book, being able to move forward from childhood trauma and how other women can reclaim their power.

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    Guest Speaker-Rev. Clara Mansfield-Hogue, M.A. PCC

    in Christianity

    Rev. Clara Mansfield-Hogue is a licensed and ordained minister on the ministerial staff at the Grace Apostolic Church in Indianapolis, IN where District Elder Kevin Harrison is the pastor.  She received her Master's degree in Pastoral Care & Counseling from the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN.

    In light of the current rise in suicides where so many are dealing with depression, and the loss of Michael Brown in St. Louis, I have asked Rev. Mansfield-Hogue to minister to us on ways to cope with hurt and pain from personal experiences and dealing with the loss of love ones.  She will also share scripture(s) for reference purposes.


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    Chris Dedman's Dead Time Radio LIVE from Mansfield

    in Paranormal

    Chris Dedman's Dead Time Radio LIVE From Mansfield

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    Dave Mansfield - MindWideOpen.net

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dave Mansfield of MindWideOpen.net. Dave is a good friend of mine, and has been making some excellent videos on the Realist Report YouTube channel. We'll be talking about a variety of subjects, including media deception and propaganda.

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    RADIO SOAPBOX S2 E11: country before country was cool: Guest, Kevin Mansfield

    in Entertainment

    Join Host, Jason Brain, and the Soapbox Danger Team for Radio Soapbox; our weekly BlogTalkRadio program where creative arts and conversation connect.  We’ll be coming to you LIVE from the Elbow Room (Encino, CA) and would love to see you there for the live broadcast.

    THE GUEST: Kevin Mansfield is living proof that everybody can learn guitar.  At the age of 48 he purchased his first guitar and within 6 months was performing at open mics.  Kevin combines the fun loving spirit of Jimmy Buffet, with 3 chord honesty of John Prine, and a dash of Warren Zevon's alcohol fueled sarcasm.  His songs are simple, but his messages are clear: laugh, enjoy and be thankful. Kevin has performed on the streets of New York and at open mics from coast to coast.  

    During the daytime he gathers song material from his career as an industrial real estate investor.   As Kevin has said about his songwriting        "I feel I'm in my infancy, moving from that stage where the baby spits up on himself, to the next stage, where folks say 'hey, can you shut that thing up?"

    Join us every Tuesday night, 8pm for KSBX Radio Soapbox, brought to you by Soapbox International / Call In # (805) 727-7108



    P.S. Submit your music and poetry (in mp3 form) to ksbx@spreadthesoap.com to possibly hear yourself on the KSBX airwaves!


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    Episode 63: Host Peter Lamont Interviews Bestselling Author Stephen Mansfield

    in Legal

    On this Episode Host and Business Attorney, Peter Lamont, Esq. speaks with New York Times bestselling author STEPHEN MANSFIELD about the current business culture, the greater social good, his books, the importance of having virtue in business and more. 

    We encourage listeners to call in with their legal questions about the topics being discussed.  However, we are also happy to answer legal questions that are unrelated to that week's topic. To call into the show during the live brodcast please dial (347) 855-8831. To speak with us off the air, please dial (973) 949-3770.

     The show is hosted by New Jersey business and personal law attorney Peter J. Lamont.  This weekly program is a service of the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont. 

    For more information about the firm please visit www.peterlamontesq.com. 

    For more informaiton about Understanding the Law Radio please visit www.understandingthelawradio.com

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    The Mansfield Report

    in News

    Current edge news from the War on Terror

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    MC APRIL 17, 2013 Eddy Mansfield

    in Sports

    APRIL 17, 2013 with Special Guest, Eddy Mansfield... Wether you were a fan of wrestling in the 1980s or not, you probably remember the name. Eddy has been around the block and through many alleys to get to where he is today. He has an amazing story and history in this business. So don't miss hearing it from the man himself! 
    So tune in TONIGHT at 9pm CST via this showpage and chat or call in & listen LIVE at 1-917-889-3845. I encourage callers, so press #1 to be put in the call-in que! If you miss tonights show or want to listen to any of the past episodes (& there are some doosies) listen to the Archives via the showpage as well! 

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    Mansfield @ Franklin Panthers

    in Basketball

    PLAYOFFS HOME Round 2! Listen Live at 2 PM EST as your Franklin Panthers take on Mansfield

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