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    Hall Pass

    in Comedy

    If you had a hall pass would you use it

    Also we have Chef TC with the recipie of the week, And playing some of Baddlucc's off the porch album

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    Love & Relationships with P&P Talk to the Twins

    in Romance

    Love & Relationships with P&P Talk to the Twins



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    P&P Talk to the Twins Live with Karlton T. Clay "Karma" (webseries)

    in Entertainment

    Karlton Clay's bio,  KARMA .webseries. Hi newest one being filmed now called "Lovers and Friends". Karlton's web series "KARMA" has been nominated for 15 awards in the 2015 ROME WEB AWARDS. 

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Angry "Manly Men" Part 2

    in Fitness

    What it means to be a 'MANLY MAN'

    Men are angry about any number of things, to start with, the rules of being a man in today's culture doesn't seem to apply anymore.  The models of being a 'MANLY MAN' are out of date.  It used to be if we learned a skill or trained for a profession, worked hard, became strong and self-sufficient, took care of our family we knew things would work out.  We were taught if we did good enough everything would fall into place.  None of that seems to be true anymore.  The skill or profession we mastered may be outmoded or in over-supply. Even though we worked hard we still are not guaranteed a raise, promotion or even a JOB.

    We're asked to be more open, to share our innermost thoughts and feelings.  Now, we're supposed to be best friends to our wives, nuturers to our children and yes, we're expected to be caretakers!


    Angry men do...etc.

    Angry men are more scared than...etc.

    Confess thay you can't do...etc.

    Just be who you are...etc.

    Let your VOICE BE HEARD...etc.


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    P&P Talk to the Twins with Author/Motivational Speaker Nicole Red

    in Relationships

    P&P Talk to the Twins with Author/Motivational Speaker Nicole Red

    Motivational Speaker and Author Nicole Red. Nicole Red is the author of Free To Fly: After The Love is Gone. Free To Fly is a novel inspired by actual events. It is geared to encourage and empower victims of domestic violence. Nicole, spent her childhood watching her father verbally, mentally, and physically abuse her mother. Free to Fly: After The Love is Gone tells a chilling story how the affects of the abusive relationship between her parents transcended into her very own marriage.


    Being a victim of domestic violence, Nicole shares how she escaped her abuser and became determined to reclaim her dignity, reconstruct her life, and rediscover what it is to live a life of peace.


    Domestic violence is real. It happens to women all over the world from all walks of life. Everyone's journey is different, but the story is the same. Nicole hopes Free To Fly will make a difference. It is her hope that this book will help encourage women to take the steps needed to stop being a victim, see their worth, break out of the cage, and gain the courage to be free to fly. 


    Nicole Red has had the opportunity to speak to at WWAVF ( Women With A Vision Foundation)- Love Doesn't Hurt Production

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    Sexual Assault Awareness Month w/ Laquisha Hall!

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox" w/ National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! We are recognizing SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH!

    My special guest is Award Winning Philanthropist, Speaker, Beauty Queen, Entrepeneur and Sexual Assault Awareness Advocate Laquisha Hall!

    and NEW MUSIC from Recording Artist Cheneta Jones and D.C.'s own Lindsay Slaton!

    PLUS!  [as always--like, FOR REAL-FOR REAL!] the BEST in gospel music by artists that you ACTUALLY know [wowsa!], news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! 

    C’mon, hang out with your sis---you know, your OTHER sis, the one you are too embarrassed to tell everyone that you have because she's straight up CRAZY? Yep, that's meeee! I love to laugh, and there will be plenty of laughter [as always] on this here show right here! I'll bring the candy!!!!

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist


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    P&P Talk to the Twins Live with Ted McLyman

    in Hip Hop Music

    P&P Talk to the Twins Live with Ted McLyman

    About Ted McLyman CEO of The Apexx Group:??

    Ted McLyman has over 25 years experience as a leader, educator, financial advisor, business owner, and triathlon competitor. He is the author of the bestselling book Money Makes Me Crazy, and the creator of the industry-renowned Quick Scan System (www.iPlan.com)? ?of behavioral finance resources—a suite of tools that helps financial 
    professionals and their clients make better decisions in planning for their financial future. 

    This system includes the highly-regarded Money? Temperament™ assessments which uncover how clients’
    predispositions influence money decision making.

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    Laura P. Jones, Author, Educator, Entreprenuer

    in Education

    Laura P. Jones was born in Jamaica, West Indies.  Education is a family value that was passed down to Laura.  She holds a PhD in Global Leadership and a MS in Human Resources Development and Administration.  Laura P. Jones is and Educator with a special interest in Adult Learners.  Laura is married and has two sons.  Laura P. Jones always has a story to tell locked away in her mind.  She decided to become an Author and tell a few of her stories.  Laura has written several books.  They are:  CROSSROADS TO AVALON, WHISPERS OF HOPE, and a book of POEMS, DANCING IN THE RAIN. You can reach Laura P. Jones as well as purchase her books on her website  www.lpjones.com   

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    The Hall of Shame (SHOWcase of the Mortals Edition)

    in Comedy

    Last episode the boys from the FAT Universe inducted their first class into "The Jim Varney Memorial Fuzzz and Travis Hall of Fame"! This week the guys return to let you know who they think should be in their Hall of Shame. None of you dared to call in and dispute our choices. The challenge remains the same! Call into the FATline and give us your Hall of Shame inductees. You never know, we might just throw you a bone, if you are nice.

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    Authors Supporting Authors with Cynthia P. Carr

    in Self Help

    This week's featured artist: Cynthia P Carr: Multi-Talented Artist as Vocalist, Actress, and Director.

    Cynthia is an Ohio native and has been performing before audiences for many years as a Vocalist, Actress and Director. She is excited about her big screen debut portraying Mrs. Lucille Clayton in an upcoming independent film, Fallen Eagle, produced by Kenneth Sewell and directed by Otis Winston. 

     Her acting credits include Columbus Ohio's own Center Stage Theatre productions of Ain’t Misbehavin’, Tambourines to Glory, and New Harvest Urban Arts Center Cafe and Gallery productions, I Be Watchin' You, Old Folks Own, written by Playwright IsSaid.

    Cynthia's love of music has allowed her to realize her childhood dream of performing on the stage of the world-famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York.

    In 2005 Cynthia introduced her debut CD, The Essence of Love, a collection of smooth jazz numbers. Many have enjoyed her musical talents as lead vocalist with the bands, Soul Deep and 1996 Bands respectively.

    In her spare time Cynthia enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, writing song lyrics, listening to music, meeting people, and offering life-changing opportunities through her businesses.

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    Manly P. Hall -- The Master and The Mystery

    in Radio

    The Hermetic Hour for Thursday June 7th, 2012 will feature a discussion by host Poke Runyon on the life and work of Hermetic philosopher Manly Palmer Hall. We will trace his life through the early years on the east coast where he became interested with the esoteric at very early age, his remarkable capacity for learning and teaching, his 1920s-1930s Southern California success, his steadfast adherence to the principals of ancient and classical philosophy in contrast to the New Thought Movement so popular in esoteric circles at the time. His support of Theosophy and the esoteric Freemasonry of Albert Pike. We will look at some of his stranger adventures with friends such as Houdini, Bela Lugosi, and others. Like Houdini, Hall was a crusader against occult fraud and helped bring down a very powerful cult, even at the risk of his own life. And yet, in later years he was apparently the victim of a sinister plot by a trusted business manager. He died a horrible death which the LAPD investigated as a homicide. Our reference book for this report is "Master of the Mysteries" by Louis Sahagun, and my own Masonic association with Ill. Bro.Manly P.Hall, 33 -- Tune in and we will review the life of "The Maestro."

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