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    Outthinking The Media Manipulators

    in Politics

    This is the podcast you've longed for!

    Listen in for perspective and analysis of unfolding world events and the overall changes taking place in society that will help you clarify uncertainty as well as help you grow personally.

    Co-hosts Carole Gold and Steve Clark bring a wealth of personal aand professional experience which makes for thought-provoking conversation. Their diverse backgrounds provide a rich persepctive on life's challenges and the many ways we can approach rising above them.

    Carole Gold is a lawyer, Mediator, Life Coach, Author and lifelong  intuitive. Her daughter currently serves in the Israeli Defense Forces.

    Steve Clark is a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and Bond Trader who currently works in the technology field in lead generation. Steve and his wife have 6 children.

    Our only agenda is to empower you to be the autonomus, creative, joyful and successful individual you were meant to be.

    Its all about energy and it's rightful use. We call it "rightuseness." When we each approach challenges with the intention to resolve them in the highest good for all concerned, we use energy the way in which... and for the purpose...it was designed.

    No one has all the answers but each of us has our own, unique contribution to make in solving the challenges we face. When we come together, sharing ideas and co-creating solutions we change the world.

    Join us and call in to bring your part to this exciting conversation!


    Carole and Steve

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    Cyber Mental Manipulators

    in Entertainment

    Special Series Segment
    Teen Series
    The cyber world along with mental manipulators have a much easier access to the teens. What does that mean for them? Well it could mean a lot...
    Their safety,  privacy, freedom and in general exposure.
    Well you know how we do, join us on this closing segment for support of our teens and young adolescents right here with ya girl Shantae... on Let's Talk With Shantae!

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    Spiritual Husbands and Wives; Incubus and Succubus; How Can You Know Pt. 2

    in Religion

    Genesis 6:4..4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    Just because people don't talk about this it doesn't mean it's not happen. The Church must wake up. This should not be happen to us.

    There are 3 categories of relationship: those who have this relationship on a constant, basis; those who have it on and off, and those who have it but don't know they do because immediately after, it is wiped off their memory by demonic manipulation. The spirit husbands or wives are not human beings, they are demonic entities or agents of darkness sent into lives, homes or households by satan to serve as demons husbands or wives, evil lords, evil governors, demonic manipulators, ancestral curse executor, robbers of glory and blessings of their victims.

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    Bougie Girl Radio: Dealing With Manipulators

    in Relationships

    Manipulators sell us a dream. Actually, they exploit the ones which we already carry deep wthin us. They see how much we crave acceptance from our families and society at large. They reassure us that we are safe with them. Manipulators promise to never ever  hurt us and in return we give them our total devotion.
    We never question their motives for being so nice to us. We just assume that they truly care about our well-being...and they do whenever it serves their purpose.
    Read More

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    How to Deal with Manipulators | K7225

    in Health

    Roy discussed how the Democratic Party has been overrun by Communists.   Callers: A gentleman loves Roy's show but does not like the political talk. A lady caller has had great revelations! Another gentleman asks, " What is the light I see when I close my eyes?"

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    in Lifestyle

    Controversial, thought-provoking debates, lectures and authors going beyond the Sunday sport spectacles and religious services.

    A rumor exists there will be more “debates.” Maybe by then people won’t be forced to buy carnival tickets to witness what should be accessible and in the public domain.

    Take a quick poll of your neighbors; ask if any listened to the gubernatorial and senatorial candidates’ “debates” as staged at the Kansas state fair last Saturday.

    We live in a time where every distracted electronic screen grazing person should have access from portable telephones, homes and public libraries to these “debates.”

    Yet, every election cycle, as shameless gangsters the manipulators of public opinion put in the "fix." The ringmasters can be seen shoveling stupidity, handing out tee-shirts with pulled pork sandwiches, the better to produce imbeciles.

    Rumor of more “debates” do not allow for less gaseous innuendo belching from the mouths of Gov. Sam Brownback and Sen. Pat Roberts, as heard in Hutchison.

    Brownback and Roberts blame the black president or Harry Reid at every opportunity, and yell “Big Government” when the numbers don’t work out.

    They and a majority in the state legislature are using what Bush #41 called “voodoo economics” to drive the Great Cornpone Revolution.


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    jeff and j.w. are talking...

    in Energy

    how is Latin America doing since they declared their freedom May 17, from the economic/on world plans of the Money Manipulators and the Imperialist Nations?  also, 'six big lies about the Ukraine. "Washingtons Narative is Pure Propagada"...?   also,  reduce work days to two days per week??  can we... how does this work?   join into the  conversation, anytime.  347-215-6731  your opinion counts!

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    Triple Lutz Report--Gold Breaks 1300 Yet Again And No Cupcakes For You-- Episode 359

    in Finance

    It seems no matter how the manipulators try they just can't keep gold under $1300 an ounce. Or maybe they aren't trying very hard. They've got silver just under $20, but how long can they keep it there? And Jerry Robinson's put out a buy on Gold. So What's Next? And now they're banning bake sales and soon cupcakes and brownies from schools across America. When will the indignities cease? Oh the humanity! All in the name of healthy meals for our undeserving children. And there's lots more. So listen on. 

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    Refinancing in Today's Market

    in News

    WSJ's Tyrone Johnson with tips for refinancing in today's housing market and how to deal with office manipulators.

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    Peter Grandich--It's All A Dream-Gold Is Up $35 An Ounce 19.Jun.14

    in Finance

    Peter Grandich believes that this short covering rally is the beginning of the end for the precious metals manipulators. The old adage of never short a dull market has once again proven its wisdom. All of the weak sellers are out. The mining sector has been decimated and inflation is picking up. Add to that the emerging international desire for a dollar replacement and gold can't help but go higher. It's just a matter of timing.  

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