• Manifest 29

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    Manifest 29

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    Manifest Now!

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    From The Series - It's Your Season...Run With It!

    The Laws are attraction are real! Inasmuch, they are just that, laws. They're no respecter of persons. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no miracles. "ALL" manifestation is a direct result of applying these laws. It’s not a coincidence you’re reading this, God is ready to deliver. The question is are you ready to receive... Listen right now and learn how to Permanently change your life for the better.  

    There is an art to manifestation. Get unstuck. If you, or someone you know, is stuck in the middle, if you're between a curse and a blessing, you cannot afford to this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young!

    Join Dr. D as he teaches you how to properly position yourself to get everything you want, and that you deserve, from any, and every set of circumstances set before you.

    Instantly start benefitting from what’s happening in and around your life!

    Know that everything is working for your good.

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    Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life

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    Humans learn through play. We start as babies and we play with our very own hands. We then are introduced to toys. We discover, we learn and we easily manifest. We’re not instructed HOW – we’re just playing and things occur.

    Adults learn, but we make it hard. We forget the PLAY part. Manifesting a meaningful life can be done easily if we allow ourselves to be like a child. Play, in a different way than how we played as a child, but still play.

    Through playful tools, you really can create a whole lot more than you’re doing right now. Less struggle, less stress, less anxiety – GAME ON – PLAY!Through playful tools, you really can create a whole lot more than you’re doing right now. Less struggle, less stress, less anxiety – GAME ON – PLAY!

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    How to Set a Powerful Intention to Create and Manifest Love

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    Join Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D., the Elite SoulMate Coach, in a variety of exercises to develop and support your intention to manifest the love of your life.  Intention is everything when it comes to manifesting...well....anything!  

    One of the common and almost universal things I've noticed is that singles often don't believe that there is someone out there for them.  Without this hope and belief, they won't take inspired action to manifest a SoulMate.

    This program includes

    a guided imagery experience of abundance of love right now
    a discussion of assumptions that underlie my work as a SoulMate Coach
    an EFT tapping demonstration to

    instill hope
    remove discouragement
    remove the fear that there is something wrong with you 
    install a positive expectation

    Click here to get the chart >>EFT Tapping Points<<

    EXCLUSIVE GIFT for my EFT Radio Listeners -

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    Principle of Vibrations & How you can Manifest What you Desire & Psychic Questio

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    I will discuss the principle of vibrations and how you can manifest what you desire by raising these vibrations.  It's along the line of Universal Law of Attraction regarding what you put out to the universe is what you get back. Well, with these vibrations you can raise the mental level of communcation or mental telepathy with someone you love.  You might already do this and not even realize this. However, there are many who don't and I will discuss how they can get love into their life, money and so forth. This is not a spell.  

    I will also take your psychic questions about anything in this episode. If you want a detailed reading by email or by phone you can reach me at Kasamba.com and under psychics just type in my screen name or i.d. name which is, Mia0899cs. 

    http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs  This is the official url to connect with me. Just Google this in and you will find me. I will take live phone sessions and email readings. Prices vary for an email reading based on questions/circumstances requested.  

    Love and Light, 




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    Manifest Your Dreams

    in Entrepreneur

          I would love to welcome our special guest
                             ~Sandra D Sabatini~
    As we will be chatting about Manifestation. 
    When our feeling nature and our thinking nature are in harmony, our conscious desires will be fulfilled. The challenge for many conscious creators is maintaining the habitual thoughts and corresponding feelings long enough for our 'wishes' to manifest. There are many techniques we can use to accomplish this habitual state of harmonious alignment.
      Connect With ~Sandra D. Sabatini~https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mind-Sciences-Institute/305425639517718  https://www.facebook.com/events/181923528582924/?ref=22 Mind Sciences Institute "Explorations Beyo

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    Are You Ready to Manifest Your SoulMate?

    in Self Help

    Are you ready for love?

    Where are you on the SoulMate journey? 
    Have you hit an unexpected bump in the road?
    Are you lost and don’t know which direction to take? 

    Join Dr. Annette Vaillancourt,  author of “How to Manifest Your SoulMate with EFT,” for this week’s provocative SoulMate discussion and EFT demonstration.  Annette and her guest will demonstrate how to use the SoulMate Readiness Assessment as your map on the journey. 

    Get out your EFT Tapping Points chart and be ready to take notes because we will demonstrate how to:

    Figure out where you are lost
    Create SetUp Statements to get you on your way
    Demonstrate how to use EFT to overcome the bump in the road

     BONUS:  Get a FREE PDF of "How to Manifest Your SoulMate with EFT: Relationship as a Spiritual Path" by signing up at my website for my FREE email newsletter, "The Love Nest."  Not only will you get INSTANT ACCESS to my book, but you will receive regular SoulMate Success Tips and much more!

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    Words Manifest Into Flesh

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    What does "Words Manifest Into Flesh" mean? What is the process of it? What is the power of words? Where do words originate? What are the positive and negatives to words manifesting into flesh? Join us as we address the power of words, action, and the ingredients of productivity. With Host (Kevin), Co-Host (Michael) and Chatroom Facilitator (Jamillah); we will be delving into the moves of a movement.......Universal School Of Thought ! Call-in (323) 323-3897 press the # 1 on the touchpad of your phone to speak live with us on the air or Log-in at www.blogtalkradio.com/usot and type out your questions, answers and/or comments. Your calls and texts will be answered in the order they are received. See and Hear you there !

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    Bryant Lee Phillips – Reconnect and Manifest Your Dream

    in Self Help

    Bryant Lee Phillips is know as the DREAMAKER.  He is an author,  an entrepreneur, author, strategist and a high performance leader.  He will be sharing about how to reconnect,, embrace and manifest your dream.  You will learn about the 5 building blocks for the dreamaker effect, steps for overcoming your obstacles, the power of ideas and execution, how to live your dream from your divinity, tapping into the flow of God to create your dreams, how to find relationships that feed your dream and how to live your life in the zone.   http://www.bryantleephillips.com.


  • Manifest Your Highest Intention: Remove Blocks & Blind Spots: Jen Ward

    in Spirituality

    Manifest Your Highest Intention for absolute success this year with Medical Intuitive Jen Ward of Jenuine Healing..

    A profound experience in getting out of your own way to align with the Universe's intention for you  How to work beyond the mind to shift those blindspots that have been keeping you stuck!  

    You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Albert Einstein

    Jen Ward is a gifted healer on the cutting edge of energy work, uniquely combining a number of revolutionary techniques & practices from around the globe. Including Sangoma, which uses sounds and vocalizations to bring immediate emotional release.  Clients include celebrities, exeuctives & professional athletes and people just like you and me.

    Join Jen's upcoming MasterMind - MasterHeart class register at:  http://www.JenuineHealing.com

    An 8 week class of intensive energy work to remove all obstacles between yourself and your Goal  Includes an initial private session with Jen: 2 consultations within the 8 week period and a follow-up seesion. Experience transformational Taps with the synergy of this mastermind group, the power of the Universe, and Jen's unique healing abilities to help you realize your highest potential 

    Connect with Deb at :http://ww.DebScott.com 

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    How To Manifest Money Effortlessly

    in Lifestyle

    Author Dr. Bruno Cignacco goes Online With Andrea live from the UK to discuss his book How To Manifest Money Effortlessly - Techniques to be more prosperous. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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