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    MLP Special Manga and Anime Pt 2 - 8/11/2014

    in Hobbies

    We are going to be taking and doing a special episode off topic.  We will be discussing Anime and Manga tonight.  Most of those whom collect ponies also enjoy these two things as well.  So we decided to take and do a whole special episode devoted to them.  Join us as we start to explore these imports from Japan and other countries.  We will discuss their origin and their history.  As well as the fan base it has created.  Tonights focus will be on the custom's made from these stories.

    Join us for our special show.

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    MLP Special Manga and Anime Pt 1 - 8/4/2014

    in Hobbies

    We are going to be taking and doing a special episode off topic.  We will be discussing Anime and Manga tonight.  Most of those whom collect ponies also enjoy these two things as well.  So we decided to take and do a whole special episode devoted to them.  Join us as we start to explore these imports from Japan and other countries.  We will discuss their origin and their history.  As well as the fan base it has created.

    Join us for our special show.

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    150th Episode! Anime/Manga Special!

    in Entertainment

    We will be celebrating by bringing you everything we love about Anime and Manga! 
    From shows and books of the passed, present and a few that have not even come out yet!
    Tonight is going to be Awesome and fun, hopefully you guys will stick around with us for number 200!

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    this is me just a little bit more me ...can you handle all thisssss

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 3/21/2015: The Coronation of King Kendrick!

    in Entertainment

    On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews Kendrick Lamar’s third album, ‘To Pimp a Butterfly.’  Is it the album of the year?  Has Kendrick set an impossibly high bar that his peers can never hope to reach?  Is it a genre bending masterpiece, or is it woefully overrated?  Are people judging the album based solely on its own merits?  Does the largely positive response to this album signal a new direction for mainstream rap music?  Why do people insist on drawing comparisons between K-Dot and Drake?

    We’ll also be having yet another of our penchant freestyle sessions!  Any and every topic will be up for debate and discussion.  Is Damon Dash a misunderstood visionary, or a snake oil selling windbag?  Have we truly seen the last of Suge Knight?  Will the live-action Attack on Titan films be as good as either the manga or the anime?  Are superhero comics hopelessly sexist and misogynistic?  How many of the aforementioned topics will we be able to discuss in the space of 120 minutes?  Tune in to find out!

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    Author Park Cooper visits Reverie Radio

    in Books

    Park Cooper was born in Texas, where he currently resides, after a period of time living in Kent, Ohio, where he got his Ph.D. in literature. He writes with his wife Barbara Lien-Cooper at their creative studio Wicker Man Studios, and together they have written comic books and graphic novels, including HALF DEAD, a creator-owned vampire graphic novel that was published jointly by Marvel Comics and Dabel Brothers Productions. He also helped write one very short tale for his wife's digital comic, GUN STREET GIRL, drawn by Ryan Howe. While co-writing a manga project for Tokyopop shortly before that company's exit from the field, he and Barbara switched to also editing and adapting manga, such as V.B. ROSE for Tokyopop, NORA for Viz Media, and many, many more. Most recently, Park and Barbara started writing prose novels, such as PICARESQUE, a comedic fantasy novel about a court jester forced to live by his wits in a dangerous world. Park teaches English classes at a college in Austin, Texas, and is the editor-in-chief of the independent comic book company Septagon Studios. A comic book project he wrote, SWIPE, illustrated by Bryan Randall, came out last year from Angry Viking Press.


    Find Park here!





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    OGT UnNerfed Playground Ep. 2

    in Entertainment

    Going for the next stage to get to the final boss is Dr. Phil-O-Mac and Robertron.  This week the two hosts of UnNerfed Playground asked the question: "What happened to the Arcade days?" 

    Channin Tatum into the Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe (sound familiar?). The star's presence as Gambit of the X-men and lot more with guess callers, up coming games Anime choice from your favorite productions such as Funamation, Gonzo and Manga. The Hosts of the Omni Game Terminal look foward to the opinions and feedback from others after all its about gamers from age 9-92 and BEYOND! Only here on Tru Radio Network.


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    in Movies

    Robotech is a science fiction franchise. The franchise began with an 85-episode science fiction anime TV series produced by Harmony Gold USA in association with Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd. and first released in the United States in 1985. And now Warner Bros. wants to Rape this along with Akira!!! 

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    63 - Zack's Musical Celeb Tales and Live Action Anime

    in Pop Culture

    Zack Bateman returns with more awesome stories for us to geek out about the famous musical folks he's met while working at Yoshi's in Oakland. We'll also learn more about his latest productions, fundraisers and awesomeness. 

    And Danimator wanted to chat about Live Action Anime Movies ... remember the segment on Animaniacs called "Good Idea Bad Idea?" Yeah, some live action anime movies might apply here. ARE there any good ones? 

    Check these links for more Zack-ness!

    Zack's Music

    Zack's Production Company

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    Episode 258 - How About Them Boys

    in Comedy

    Think out loud! This week Tony and Maris discuss the NFL playoffs, Impact Wrestling ratings, and some of our favorite anime and manga we'd like to see on the big screen.  

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    in Entertainment

    Embracing numerous musical genres and a fresh blend of traditional Turkish and Western rock music, hard rock quartet maNga are ready to storm the U.S. Feat singer Ferman Akgül, guitarist Yagmur Sarigül (aka “Yamyam”), drummer Özgür Can Öney and bassist Cem Bahtiyar, the Turkish group have drawn Int'l acclaim for the infectious sounds on their three albums, which one could compare in spirit to Linkin Park or System Of A Down. They made a big noise representing their from home country in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, have over 3M Facebook followers and have drawn the attention of Billboard, the Huffington Post and MTV Europe. The band name maNga possesses a dual meaning. In Turkish, it refers to a unit of ten men in the army, and in Japanese, which was their chief inspiration for using the word, it means graphic novel. "The name was Yagmur's idea, and from that moment 12 years ago we were dreaming about having connections to other countries," declares Özgür. The foursome finally got to play before a NA audience at the SXSW festival in TX in March, and they play CMJ on Oct 18th. 3 months after they formed in 2001, the group competed on the TV show Sing Your Song, which is the Turkish version of Star Search.  Their 2nd place showing ignited a creative spark that lead to numerous gigs in Turkey while writing the original tunes that comprised their self-titled debut album, which was released via Sony Epic in Turkey in December 2004. The album and its videos spotlighted an amalgam of heavy rock, hip-hop, pop and Turkish music.The album sold more than 180,000 copies in Turkey, making maNga the 1st band there to get gold certification on their debut album. The song “Bir Kadin Çizeceksin” appeared in the EA Sports FIFA 2006 computer game soundtrack, which exposed them to European audiences who loved their music even if they did not understand the words.

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