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    Quantum Healing with Candace - The Mandela Effect - Open Lines

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    The Mandela Effect and Shifting Timelines is the topic for tonight's show. What memories do YOU have about popular culture and "facts" of recent history? 

    We will explore some common "Mandela Effect" subject matter and I am happy to take calls to see what you remember about topics such as- how many times have humans actually LANDED on the moon? Have a number in mind? Are you SURE of that number? I was, and in our current reality my number is so wrong as to be laughable!

    Mis-remembering masses? Dimentional Shifts? Holodeck glitches? What do YOU think?

    I'll discuss a couple of QHHT sessions where this topic is also explored.

    Feel free to join the discussion in the chat room or call in! 

    You can find out more about Candace at http://newearthjourney.com

    You can find out more about Dolores Cannon at http://dolorescannonqhht.com

    Thank you to In5d and Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling always for their incredible support http://in5d.com

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    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm, EST. for our Think About It Thursday show, sip a cup of CONSCIOUS tea and get ready for the Curiosity Quenching 2 HOURS of your life! Call in to the Goddess Suite 516-453-9075 PRESS 1 if you have questions or comments or click link to listen online!! Tonight we welcome back our lovely sister Fluerbrun to the show, to discuss if you are indeed operating on a different timeline. Have you heard of THE MANDELA EFFECT: Groups of  complete strangers remember the exact same events with the exact same details. However, our memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on.  These can also be considered Parallel Realities for instance Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his loss on December 5th, 2013. Many people — perhaps thousands — seem to believe that. Many thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  Also, remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow. Hence The Mandela Effect. That is not all how many remember Proctor & Gamble, well it never existed look it up it is Procter & Gamble. Sex in the City is now Sex and the City, The Berenstien Bears (Which I had the books as a child) is now The Berenstain Bears. The list goes on and on!!!! Tonight Fluerbrun will tell us how we can disconnect from the MATRIX and live outside of TIME. You don't want to miss tonight's show!!!!!!

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    Nelson Mandela International Day

    in Current Events

    It is Nelson Mandela International Day, a day of service celebrated on July 18, Mandela's birthday.  Mandela, the former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, died at 95 on December 5, 2013.  This is the first time the day has been celebrated since his death.

    The day was created to honor Mandela and inspire others to carry on his efforts to "take responsibility for making the world a better place, one small step at a time," according to a statement from the Nelson Mandela Foundation initiative.

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    Nelson Mandela

    in Radio

     Welcome to Our Own Voices Live with your hosts: Angela Thomas and Rodney Smith

    Our topic today is, The transition of President Nelson Rolihlahla (Madiba) Mandela


    Nelson Mandela

    It is amazing that the first Black president of South Africa lived the life that he lived. He has been an ICON for South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world for a long time. He suffered after fighting for the freedoms of his people similar to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King, slain still in his youth and the other living to be almost 100 years old and became the first Black President of South Africa. Both men leaving a mark that maybe none other could have and maybe no one else will do later.

    "For now, let us pause and give thanks for the fact that
    Nelson Mandela lived -- a man who took history in his hands,
    and bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice."
    President Barack Obama
    Let’s take a moment to reflect on the live and times of President Mandela.


    Let's discuss a question.  With President Mandela’s transition, are we nearing the end  of the old guard that helped usher in so many changes across the globe and who will step up to continue the dream and the legacy?


    Our Own Voices Live is a radio show featuring people and stories from our community in Las Vegas, the surrounding area and some place near you. America is the greatest country on earth due to its cultural diversity and not in spite of it. Our mission is to help bridge the cultural and ethnic divide in America by working together to build the greatest bridge in history to unite us

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    Nelson Mandela -

    in Health

    " The Revolution that Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to achieving so many years ago has not yet been completed!  Nelson Mandela was nothing less than the pre-eminent strategist, moral guide and military commander of the forces that attempted to carry out that Revolution.  He played his role - and what a tremendous role he played! Let us honor his memory by striving to complete that sacred Revolution"

    David A. Comissiong

    President, Clement Payne Movement

    Chairman, Caribbean Pan-American Network

    Aluta Continua Victoria Acerta: The Struggle Continues

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    Reflecting on Mandela

    in Entertainment

    Let us all pay homage to a great Man that influenced and changed the world.  Tonight on House of Harley Talk Radio we will be discussing the memory of Nelson Mandela, and we will be expressing what he ment to us.  What did Mandela mean to you? Feel free to join in on the conversation!!!!  Call us tonight 347-884-9373 @930  House of Harley Talk Radio!!!!!!

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    in Culture


    Black South Africans & the Pan African Congress (PAC) fought for land, so why did Mandela make the Raw Deal to surrender land to the APARTHIED government?

    Why is Nelson Mandela celebrated and not Robert Sobukwe (South African political dissident, who founded the Pan Africanist Congress in opposition to Apartheid)?

    Let The Truth Be Told!

    People are screaming "Mandela is a Sell Out"!


    Mandela was more focused on reconciliation than improving the lives of Black South Africans!

    Sun., DEC. 22, 2013…CALL IN- 347-637-3074 ….7P EST, 6P CST, 4P PST  OR CHAT ONLINE




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    Nelson Mandela Dead at 95

    in Politics


    Mr Mandela, 95, led South Africa's transition from white-minority rule in the 1990s, after 27 years in prison.He had been receiving intense home-based medical care for a lung infection after three months in hospital.

    In a statement on South African national TV, Mr Zuma said Mr Mandela had "departed" and was at peace. BBC

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    Food Innovation Districts

    in Food

    Welcome to Flavor Living Radio @flavorliving for our first show in 2016..On today's show we listen to the experts on how to start a food innovational district from the start to finish. Our guest Jessica from the Local Roots out of Wooster, Ohio, Have you heard of the Union Kitchen, from Washington,D.C. tune in and hear Mary Beth explain this appreciable idea in the Capital..Go West and you will see Mandela Marketplace in West Oakland, California and a honor to have a chance to talk with Mariela Cedeno..This concepts brings together growers,producers,distrubutors and entrepreneurs. @mandelamarket @localrootsfarms @UnionKitchenDC


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    Nelson Mandela: Paragon of Leadership

    in Self Help

    This week, the world lost a great leader in Nelson Mandela. Winning Karma will look at this paragon of leadership and phone lines will also be open so please do call in and share your thoughts.