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    Blacksplanations, Sooey Pork, and MANATEES!!!!!*

    in Comedy

    In everyone's mind, they are justified and rational for their beliefs.  We, however, are different.  We KNOW we are justified and irrational.  Maybe.  Or it could just be that we are the lone voice of reason in an increasing cacophany of craziness.  Today's episode of The Questionable Intelligence Report will feature the first edition of an exciting new feature called "Blacksplanations with Kristy P".  Our resident lovely lady and fine black woman Kristy Peterson, as the Spokesperson for Black America and Owners of Ladybits Everywhere, will attempt to explain to her honkerrific cohosts the appeal of Nick Cannon.  We will also continue our discussion of Miss Sooey Pork, the main voice of offended righteousness against the White Supremacy of the Colbert Report.  We'll also maybe mention some other stuff, so JOIN US!

    *also, there will be no Manatees whatsoever, stupid.

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    Shark Dropper Episode 51 (Mermaid)

    in Comedy

    This week we talk dodgeball, Xmas presents, dead manatees, mermaid school, Predators, favorite directors, Room 237,  and we review The Interview. Was it worth the hype?

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    Crystal River - Home of Manatees, Triathlons

    in Fitness

    Crystal River, Florida is famous for attracting manatees to its warm waters in the winter months. It's the only place in the world where you can swim legally with the friendly sea cows. It's also a great place to do a triathlon. Chris Mohling of DRC Sports joins us this week to talk about two of his upcoming events: the Twilight Triathlon on July 24 and the Crystal River Sprint on Sept. 4.

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    Southern Stlyes Variety Show

    in Entertainment

    We will be discussing Date Battlefield  Historical Site .We will be giving out some of the souths best kept recipes.Our" Secret Southern Recipe" .This week's recipe  is how to deep fry gator tale and keep it tender.The recipe can be found on our web site .Our special guest will be Captain Sammy James to give us a manatee and fishing report.Captain Sam is a local boat captain who takes people on his glass bottom boat to swim with the manatees . Lindsay Evans will be joining us for "Lindsay's Lowdown" what's new in country music this week. This time the year our" Sweet Secluded Spot" has to be on a beach Where else? Our "Suite Secluded Spots" are places that most tourists don't even know about but can be found by any local person.  We will reveal that spot to you at the end of the show.Check out our web site for todays recipes http://talktotammylynn.wix.com/southernstylesradioYou can listen to a great southern song on You Tube called Southern Sunday In The South.http://youtu.be/o2DWcBudRZI 

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    Migration of The Florida Manatee

    in Travel

    Captain Sam James discusses the dangers facing the Florida Manatee.He wil be giving us first hand reports on the movement and migrations and any updates on any recent manatee rescues that he has assisted on in the Crystal River Florida area.He can also advise callers on the correct way to interact with the manatees.To book a Manatee boat tour and swim with the manatees.Call PARADISE BOAT TOURS 1-888-514-5328 

     Watch our You Tube video of the view of manatess from the deck of our boat 'THE PARAGON" http://youtu.be/ZUzA3wlZpKE

     Follow us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/imcaptainsam

     Like us onFacebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/paradise-boat-tours/1417955171799856?ref=hl

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    December 2013 Week #4 in Review (The Year in Review)

    in Current Events

    On this final weekly episode for the concluding year of 2013, we bring you the major stories for week #4 of December 2013. Such headlines as COMPUTERIZING PEOPLE with Google calling for MICROPHONES IN EVERY HOME and MICROCHIPS IN EVERY HEAD! Also Google becomes the BIGDOG OF ROBOTICS companies, now owning Petman and Atlas, among many other futuristic robots in their ROBO-GOOGLE arsenal of GOOGLE DROIDS. Will a BAD GOOGLE MARK be what ushers in the MARK OF THE BEAST? Will it come with the OBAMACARE program? We also talk about SWORDS robots of Revelations 8:7-8. We also give other ROBOT and DRONE headlines! Then we talk about 2013 THE YEAR OF SURVEILLANCE and other BIG BROTHER topics. We also talk about HOLIDAY HOOCH, HAGGAI DROUGHT PROPHECIES, NEW DISEASES & PESTILENCES, ABORTION ISSUES, FUKUSHIMA FAILURES, FRANKEN FOODS, FRANKEN FEATS, HOSEA 4: MASS WILDLIFE DEATHS OF 20 BALD EAGLES DIED AND RECORD 800+ MANATEES, PERILOUS TIMES & DESPERATE ACTS, HOLIDAY-RELATED CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION, LGBTQ AGENDAS, COMING FINANCIAL COLLAPSE, MAGOG & MIDDLE EAST NEWS, ASIAN KINGS OF THE EAST NEWS, RECORD YEAR OF VOLCANO ERUPTIONS, AND FLASH FLOOD EVENTS, AS DAYS OF NOAH, and more. On this episode of Understanding the Final Endtimes, as we wish all of you Happy Holidays and Blessed New Year in 2014...



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    Michael Lusk - Refuge Manager - Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

    in Environment

    Michael Lusk, an 18-year veteran of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is the new project leader of Okefenokee and Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuges. He begins his new duties on September 22, 2013.

    “Michael has worked for the National Wildlife Refuge System during most of his Service career,” said David Viker, Chief of the Services Southeast National Wildlife Refuge System. “He has successfully dealt with many controversial projects throughout the country, including managing manatees at the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Florida and border issues at Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona. His varied experiences prepared him for the challenge of managing the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Complex, our largest in the eastern United States.”

    In his previous position, Lusk managed the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge Complex in central Florida. As manager, he facilitated the purchase of Three Sisters Springs, part of the Kings Bay manatee sanctuary, and coordinated with local businesses and organizations to create a management plan. Lusk and his staff also educated visitors about the proper way to interact with manatees in Kings Bay through a Manatee Manners video and kiosks at each entrance to Kings Bay. In cooperation with the Tampa Bay Refuge Friends Group, Lusk also led an ongoing Save the Egmont Key initiative supported by more than 20 local groups. Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge is a small, barrier island, situated at the entrance to Tampa Bay, which is threatened by erosion.

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    Turning "Social Injustice" on its Head

    in Radio

    Why do we continue to assume that the problems of social and economic “injustice” and “inequality” will be solved from Washington DC… can anyone share any evidence of that happening in the past?

    Is possible that we continue to spend billions of dollars from Washington DC to fix problems that are “unsolvable” from inside the beltway?  Is it possible that our only achievements are the good feeling that we get for “trying” and are simply used for padding our politicians’ campaign fodder?

    Why can’t we start asking the members of the lower socio-economic class to stand up and make positive change for themselves and their neighborhoods?  Is this so reasonable?  They are not endangered Manatees . . . they are thoughtful, talented, and resourceful people. . . are the obstacles and injustices that they face really worth surrendering to?

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    The Important Report - 4/10/13 Edition

    in Comedy

    This week on the Important Report, Chris & Jeff take on Target labeling their customers as Manatees, riding down crocodile rivers for free liquor, Russians blowing up their ex-wives in the name of love, laser pointer terrorism, and the sordid past of two-time National Championship winning coach, Rick Pitino.

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    Interview: Naomi Rose, Humane Society International

    in Environment

    Naomi Rose is senior scientist for Humane Society International (HSI), specializing in international marine mammal protection issues. Her areas of expertise include whaling, whale and dolphin watching and marine ecotourism, the dolphin-safe tuna label, marine sanctuaries, acoustic harassment, captive marine mammals (including swim-with-the-dolphin programs), the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and the sport hunting of polar bears, as well as the protection of walruses, seals, sea lions, manatees, dugongs and sea otters.
    A member of the International Whaling Commission's Scientific Committee, Rose has been invited to participate in subcommittees on environmental concerns and whale watching since 2000. She has co-edited the State of the Cetacean Environment Report since 2003 and is a member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy and Sigma Xi, the scientific research society. 
    Rose received a doctorate in biology—with a dissertation on the social dynamics of male orcas in British Columbia—from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a bachelor's degree in biology

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    Comedian Forrest Shaw

    in Entertainment

    Born in Miami and raised as an only child by a single hippie mother, Forrest Shaw got into stand-up comedy after a decade of life as a marine biologist. Saving manatees and counting seagrass by day, at night, Forrest dedicated himself to comedy, quickly working his way into regular club work. The influence of his former life as a biologist is evident in his material. Forrest delivers witty and clever anecdotes of his unorthodox life with a wry smile. He shares his own faults and failures with the audience in hopes that they too can find the lighter side of those things in life, which sometimes seem too much to bear. He also isn’t fond of stupid people. Life is complicated and it shouldn’t be. We have created all of this stress and aggravation so the healthiest thing to do is make fun of ourselves and laugh about it. He was in the 2012/2011/2010 South Beach Comedy Festival, the 2011 Laugh Detroit festival, the 2010 New York Underground Comedy Festival, the 2010 World Series of Comedy, the 2009 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival showcase, and Sleepless Night 2009. Forrest was a finalist for the 2007 Comedy Central Open Mic Fight and the 2007 Las Vegas Comedy Festival Lucky 21 showcase. He was a finalist for the 2007 Carnival Comedy Challenge and the winner of the 2006 South Florida New Faces Comedy Contest. Forrest is a member of The All Organic Comedy Tour. Forrest was featured in a commercial for the Florida Marlins 2009 campaign. He has also appeared in several other television ads, radio ads, on CBS4 news, and WSVN (Deco Drive).website: Forrestshaw.net, twitter: @forrest_shaw