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    How to Manage Through Influence

    in Business

    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, from 1-2 pm ET (10-11 am PT).

    Last week we talked about how HR leaders achieve talent brand dominance, and this week we’re going to talk about how to manage through influence.

    Organizations are becoming more matrixed and less hierarchical every day. Command-and-control corporate structures are relics of the past. 

    Like most managers today, dealing with flatter organizational structures, outsourcing, and virtual teams are all quite challenging. Because of this, more and more managers need to get things done through their peers inside and outside their organizations. 

    However, because the world of work has gotten so complex, the very act of change has grown increasingly difficult. Today’s flatter organizations actually give employees and managers much more flexibility in deciding how work gets done, but they also require greater levels of collaboration than ever before. This means that success is often dependent on persuading other individuals and teams to support your projects, even if they’re not direct reports. 

    This skill is called “managing through influence” and is as critical to success in today’s world as a sterling resume or a tireless work ethic. 

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as they talk about how to manage through influence with this week’s guest: Jim Fields, Vice President of Customer Experience Marketing at SAP, a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

    Thank you to all the TalentCulture sponsors, partners and supporters!

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    Time-Management with Galit Lazar: How to Manage Your Time Effectively

    in Self Help

    Do you want to have more Freedom and more time? This show is about Time-Management  : How to manage your Time more effectively with your host Galit Lazar. Galit Lazar is a certified life Coach, Bestselling co-author, Life teacher, guide and a Speaker. She is also the owner of Flourish& Bloom Coaching for 7 years now. Did you know that your emotions affect how you track time? Galit will be sharing with you how you can clear those emotions to reduce overwhelm and say goodby to procarstinatio. 




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    Life Coaching: Helping Your Child Manage Stress

    in Self Help

    Teaching your child to manage stress is a crucial life skill for future well-being.  Life Coaches Shawn Marie Cichowski & Munni Visco discuss how to help your child understand, manage and cope with stress. Listen in to the coaching crew from WNY Life Coaching Center. Reach us directly at wnylifecoaching.com or 716-560-6552.

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    Empowering Mindset Series - Manage Stress, Restore Balance

    in Motivation

    Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch will be joined on the Empowering Mindset Series by Kara Melendy, Registered Professional Counsellor, as she discusses, "Manage Stress, Restore Balance." We have all heard of the importance of life balance but we don't always know how to put it into action. Kara is going to discuss the different stress management techniques as well as ways to create balance in your life.  Call in at (949) 203-4763 or chat in at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST on 1/19 and join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2016/01/20/empowering-mindset-series--manage-stress-restore-balance

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    PMBOK 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work and 4.4 Monitor and Control Project Wor

    in Business

    This episode of Project Management Mondays will cover PMBOK 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work and 4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work episodes. 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work leads and performs the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve their project’s objectives. 4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work tracks, reviews, and reports the progress to meet the performance objectives in the project management plan.




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    Using awareness to manage our triggers

    in Self Help

    We are all triggered. It is part of life. But for the adult survivor of childhood trauma, triggers can control an entire life. Practicing awareness is the path to setting yourself free from a past full of memories. Host Susan Jacbi is talking about tools and practices we can use to increase our awarenss and find our freedom to triggers.

    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, is the author of How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse. She shares her healing journey… and her FREE ebook. CLICK here for a FREE copy of 11 Tools for Happiness. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.

    CLICK Here to learn more about The Lecture Workshop Series beginning March 6, 2016.

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    How to Properly Manage Your Vehicles

    in Business

    David Bentson founder of Precision Automotive Group joins DEMA Live on the first espisode of 2016.  Dave will be disucssing some of the finer points of vehicle maintenance.  One of the most important statments to remember is, "You don't know what you dont know".  Dave is going to be discussing best practices regarding selling, purchasing, and maintenance programs for large collections of vehicles.  

    A lifelong, incurable petrol head, David’s involvement in the auto industry spans over 20 years. With extensive background in retail sales, auctions, detailing, collision repair, service repair, and restoration, David uses this expertise to achieve his ultimate goal — eliminating the hassle of automotive transactions so his clients can enjoy their vehicles. 

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    BUSINESS SUCCESS: Manage Your Money on TimetoPlay.com's Empower Half Hour

    in Motivation

    Call in at 646-200-0848 and join the discussion with business coaches and experts and Members of the LI Strategic Alliance Coalition Jerry Siegel, John Hill, Murray Kleiner, Jim McGowan and members of the Time to Play Foundation Doreen Guma and Gina Lollo to discuss important BUSINESS SUCCESS STRATEGIES!

    This week's topic:  Manage your money:  Knowing when to spend money and when not to spend it. For example, you can save money by doing something yourself (e.g., build your own website). Conversely, even if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you need to stay focused on your business, and it may pay to hire someone else to do it.

    During Empower Half Hour we'll talk about proactive things each of us can easily do to make our businesses, and -- in general -- every day better.  We'll motivate and empower ourselves and each other. The whole idea in this podcast is people helping people and collaboration equals success. We're all in this together!

    Empower Half Hour is made possible by the Time to Play Foundation, Inc., a not for profit 501c3 corporation with the mission and purpose to enrich the lives of others through programs, public awareness outreach activities, events and learning opportunities that further the concept of enjoying life. See more ways to create "LIFE BALANCE AND CAREER" at www.TheEnjoyLifeProject.org

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    Essential Oils for Well-Being: Manage Stress, Improve Mood, Sleep and Energy!

    in Self Help

    Come and learn how quality essential oils improved my mood, stress, and energy levels.  

    Natural supplements can be a crucial part of achieving true well-being.  I believe in being a concious consumer and making choices for well-being based on quality information.

    Join me today as I talk about how quality essential oils have helped my stress levels, improved my energy levels, and improved my mood.   Knowledge is power!

    Free essential oils for qualified individuals!  Listen to the end to find out details!



    The host, Edie Summers, is an author, executive, and wellness advocate! I am passionate about holistic living!

    I am a wellness professional with over 20 years experience. I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Health Psychology and certification in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

    Check out my book due out in early 2016 on mindfulness and conscious consumerism!  The Memory of Health


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    How to Manage Your Company's Search Marketing Reputation

    in Marketing

    You won’t really know when someone from your company may write or share something questionable online that could impact your business. Or when your company makes a blunder and it goes public. Or when you have an irate customer who decides to go public instead of giving you a call to sort it out.

    You won’t really know when you’re going to get bad reputation in the search engines. What you need to know is what to do when this happens.

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    How to Manage Your Funny Money

    in Comedy

    Funnay Monnaaaayyy !!!

    Thanks to all who tuned into last week's premiere of the "Funny Money" series. It was a great time. Go back and listen anytime if you like.

    You will certainly discover whether or not your money is funny; and this week in our second "Funny Money" installment", Lead Consultant for Primera Financial, Bill Brown, will tell you exactly what to do about it.

    How do you make sure your money goes into the correct places in order to invest in your future? How do you turn a bad financial situation around? Get the answer to these questions and learn all the "Basics to Budgeting" this week with..

    "How to Manage Your Money" on The Erik Terrell Show !