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    #48 - Mambo LaReina and Halloween Eve Shenanigans!

    in Entertainment

    We are closing the Month of October with a BANG!

    Our Scare a Thon concludes this Thursday 10/30 LIVE at 9PM with Voodoo Priestess, Psychic Medium, and budding Knife Thrower Mambo LaReina returning to our show!

    We are going be discussing what she has been up to, along with all the things that make up Halloween and its importance. 

    Check out Mambo LaReina on Facebook!

    Not only that, we have more scary stories and news that fits perfectly into our theme all month long!

    Call us up at (619) 924-0762 to ask Mambo LaReina a question, or share a scary story of your own!

    All this on a special THURSDAY edition 10/30 LIVE 9PM EST

    Check our our Mothership Site The Intestinal Fortitude to see interesting stories, and updates to this show as well as others!

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    Mambo Asogwe LaReina

    in Entertainment

    Mambo LaReina,Artist, Seer, Paranormal Investigator and Radio Host for Tenacity Radio is the Spiritual Creator of Divine Dolls - Voodoo/Spirit Dolls.
    Mambo artistically creates and ritually prepares these divine dolls and other Voodoo, Santeria inspired folk art, which is popular with entertainers, artists, magicians, witches and folk art collectors.
    Learn more about this artist who is 80 percent Roman Catholic, 15 percent Protestant, and 100 percent Vodou,on this episode of Wicce Women.

    Visit Mambo's website:

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    7 Ways to Improve Your #Sex Life (Sex XVI)

    in Romance

    A lot of us go through life stuck in our own little bubble.  We don't consider a lot of what goes on around us yet we still seem puzzled at why life is so hard for us.  Well, I'm going to help you in one area that is important in relationships, especially marriages.  I'm going to help you improve your life in the bedroom.

    I have a list of 7 things that you can do that will improve your sex life.  Will they make you better in bed?  No.  Will they make you longer or stronger?  Absolutely not.  But they will give you more opportunities for the horizontal mambo if you incorporate as many of these as you can in your life.

    And you know that I can't have a show about sex without Show Legend, Marrie Lobel, stopping by!

    Let's Talk About Sex returns for Part XVI on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 473

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


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    #39 - Guarding the Galaxy, and Voodoo Priestess Mambo LaReina!

    in Radio

    This Friday 8/15 we talk Guardians of the Galaxy as well as other news items from the entertainment world this week. We also have Voodoo Priestess Mambo LaReina in to talk about our past lives and future along with anything else is on her mind!

    Have a question for her? Call us (619) 924-0762 9PM EST this Friday to get in on it! 

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    Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/AndroidVirusSeanShow



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    Radio Tun Tun Preview : Guest today Christopher Bolanos

    in Entertainment

    Earl Rush Tak show will soon be syndicated on the  New  the DC Bachata Congress Radio Station: Radio Tun Tun : starting Thursday Feb 26, 2015 8pm unti 9 pm www.radiotuntun.com

    Guest today wil be Chris Bolanos a Latin Events Promoter

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    My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship Network with Evangelist Montell Fields

    in Religion

    Tyson's Bio: The Life and Times Of Mr Tyson C. Since the 4th grade, Tyson has been playing and experimenting with music. He is known in his area of Greensboro, NC for playing the Alto Saxophone. 

    From elementary to middle school he continued to play in a school band. During his middle school year, he experienced reading more sheet music. 

    During his high school year, musically he was shaped in a way that would make him an all- around musician he is today. 

    By the end of his junior year, he had performed in the concert band, marching band, and jazz band with the Alto and Baritone Saxophone. 

    After high school, he went on to college to work towards a degree in recording engineering

    Tyson C has also ventured different genre in a genre. For example, he played with a Latin Jazz based group by the name of West In Mambo(Out Of Winston Salem

    Music to him is like a relationship. Sometimes you just need space away from it and miss it enough to keep doing it. There was a time in his life where he honestly believes that he wanted to give it up for good. 

    These days while performing, he liked to add some uniqueness during the performances. F

    In regardless to interacting with people, Tyson likes to interact with people. He gets a “kick outta seeing people make it in life”

    Tyson’s future projects include making a few albums, making a music video, writing playwright, and hosting events. 

    Ultimately, Tyson C. wants to reach the world and masses with the many gifts and talents that God has bestowed inside of him. He steps towards that dream includes using the networking vehicles like Youtube, Soundcloud, Linked In, and radio/ television interviews. 

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    RNN - Dr Fred Mosely - Return of the Judiciary

    in Politics

    We welcome a man who knows about judicial activity, corruption, and influence. Dr Fred Mosely, of Justice Ministries International, will be discussing the return of the judiciary to a constitutional foundation. Hear about his discovery of the "The Laws of Life". Pete Moake, interim Republic Supreme Court Chief Justice will join in this discussion hosted by Bob Barnet.

    The Republic News Network is a broadcast of the Republic for the United States. The purpose of the RNN is to reach out to the American People with our message of hope, that the American Republic has been restored. We do this by engaging our guests, the behind the scenes movers and shakers in America. Thursday evenings each week we engage experts in business, industry, military, law enforcement, faith, intelligence and other patriotic Americans in an effort to inform the American People of important current events and at the same time educate our guest and listeners about the restored American Republic.

    Our RNN Schedule: Live on Thursday Evenings 9:00 Eastern/ 8:00 Central/ 7:00 Mountain/ 6:00 Pacific.

    Check the Republic website often for General Information and Updates to keep you informed about the interim government restoring operations under the Constitution for the United States of America.

    Opinions stated by various contributors to the RNN are not to be considered as endorsed by officers and members of the Republic for the United States of America. Listeners are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions.

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    The Chat Room... with special guest Mambo Asoge La Reina

    in Paranormal

    You have to check out her dolls there one of a kind, we will talk about everything in this morning show. from the spiritual to the paranormal, from home cleansing to voodoo dolls... So imagine what your are up this weekend.

    have any questions for her? come and join the chat room.

    This promise to be one very good show, beautiful and mysterious, dont miss it.

    I want to thank blogtalkradio for all the support i have recieved from them since we started presenting our shows

    Thank you

    Tony Wolf Paw

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    in Comedy

    SUSAN JEREMY (Performer/ Writer), is a solo artist known for her comedic characterizations and dry wit. She is thrilled to be reviving her award winning show here in New Jersey. P.S.69 which first premiered in the Montreal Fringe festival , 2000 won best comedy and best Production award. It went on to tour internationally in comedy Festivals and theaters in the US ,Canada, and Europe. Her other shows ; Brazil Nuts, about a wacky lesbian's couple struggle for US citizenship ,Was That My 15 Minutes?, about her mambo dancing father and Moving in Reverse , a three story drama about class systems in Long Island have all toured to rave reviews . Her newest show , Teacher in the House is an autobiographical, multi character story about her experiences teaching children in NYC apartments after surviving cancer., Before Susan was a solo performer she was a stand up comedian who headlined in many comedy clubs all over NJ , in the USA and international festivals When Susan is not not touring, she is teaching students with special needs in Manhattan.  ps 69 24 character tour de force about a Brooklyn substitute teacher

    Written by Mary Fulham and Susan Jeremy

    Opens Thursday October 16- to Saturday the18 @ 8Pm sunday the 19th at 2pm at the Bergdorf Center for the Performing Arts In Maplewood NJ tickets at www.vendini.com 


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    The Week In Reviews - Percussionist D. Edward

    in Music

    D. Edward, Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, has played with numerous groups over his long and storied career, and now releases his new solo project titled 'Love Is', releasing worldwide on October 21st, 2014. 'Love Is' was two years in the making and features catchy hooks and grooves with a familiar, yet unique and modern pop and retro soul sound. D. Edward has the ability to sound different on every song yet maintain his own signature style throughout.

    'Love Is' features Grammy Award Winners Pianist Laura Sullivan, Trumpet player Steffen Kuehn and Saxophonist Tony Peebles from 2013 Grammy winning band Pacific Mambo Orchestra, and Billboard Music Award Winner Leah Tysse. Also featured on the new album is Marlon “Wild Bill” Curry, Percussionist for R&B hit-maker Kem, Bassist Eric EQ Young, who the legendary Larry Graham calls his direct Bass legacy, and Ben Reyes, who recorded on Bobby Brown’s multi-platinum 'Don’t Be Cruel' album.

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    NARC Radio with Papa Yatande

    in Spirituality

    NARC Radio with Papa Yatande - Gro Hungan Yatande Novanyon Idizol, president of the National African Religion Congress / NARC World. NARC World is the certifying board for priests and priestesses in African-based religion. www.narcworld.com