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    #48 - Mambo LaReina and Halloween Eve Shenanigans!

    in Entertainment

    We are closing the Month of October with a BANG!

    Our Scare a Thon concludes this Thursday 10/30 LIVE at 9PM with Voodoo Priestess, Psychic Medium, and budding Knife Thrower Mambo LaReina returning to our show!

    We are going be discussing what she has been up to, along with all the things that make up Halloween and its importance. 

    Check out Mambo LaReina on Facebook!

    Not only that, we have more scary stories and news that fits perfectly into our theme all month long!

    Call us up at (619) 924-0762 to ask Mambo LaReina a question, or share a scary story of your own!

    All this on a special THURSDAY edition 10/30 LIVE 9PM EST

    Check our our Mothership Site The Intestinal Fortitude to see interesting stories, and updates to this show as well as others!

  • The Colorado Debate: The GOP Learns To Mambo The Media

    in Current Events

    The recent Republican presidential debate was remarkable.  The candidates successfully pushed back against the usual display of hubris and bias on the part of the so-called moderators.  It was a display of moxie and smarts quite in contrast to the ongoing coronation of Hillary Clinton.  Most of the candidates did well, but the performance by Ted Cruz was remarkable- the nation finally got a chance to see the full array of his intellectual firepower.

    Call in to share your reactions to the spectacle and views on the direction of the race!

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    Mambo Asogwe LaReina

    in Entertainment

    Mambo LaReina,Artist, Seer, Paranormal Investigator and Radio Host for Tenacity Radio is the Spiritual Creator of Divine Dolls - Voodoo/Spirit Dolls.
    Mambo artistically creates and ritually prepares these divine dolls and other Voodoo, Santeria inspired folk art, which is popular with entertainers, artists, magicians, witches and folk art collectors.
    Learn more about this artist who is 80 percent Roman Catholic, 15 percent Protestant, and 100 percent Vodou,on this episode of Wicce Women.

    Visit Mambo's website:

  • 2 in the Same Boat #18 - Special Guests Yvette Smith and Tim Bee

    in Entertainment

    Tune in LIVE this Monday 10/12/2015 at 9PM EST as Mojoe and Vincent take you down a path of the Paranormal and bizarre! We are discussing strange world news and opinion! 

    We will be interviewing Special Guest Mambo Asogwe Yvette Smith, Initiated Vodou Priest, discussing her life, as well as her experiences with the supernatural. She will also be doing some on-air readings.

    You can find more about Yvette Smith at the following


    We are also talking to Vocalist and Guitarist of Paroxysmal Butchering Tim Bee! He will be discussing his band, music stylings, tour and any releases coming out! Plus any crazy stories he might have as well!

    Check out his band at the following

    Paroxysmal Butchering on Facebook


    All this and your calls! 

    That's this Monday night 10/12 at 9PM EST!

    Give us a call (619) 924-0762 if you have a question or a story you wanna discuss!

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    Join the Oracles for a Group Discussion about Angels, Guides and Earth Bounds

    in Spirituality

    On Fri Oct 16 at 6pm est please join Host Mrs Smith and Join the Oracles for a Group Discussion about Angels, Guides and Earth Bounds!

    Special guests include:

    Mambo Mahina

    Spiritualist Daniella

    Priestess Nikita

    Raven Feather

    As we discuss the veil between this realm and the other side. What is an earth bound spirit? what happens to suicides? 

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    PowerhouseBombshells Cafe con Leche with Tito Puente Jr.

    in Entertainment

    Tito Puente Jr. The son of The King of Mambo continues to work and embarking the legacy of his Father Tito Puente who has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tito Puente Jr. Will be on an exclusive one on one interview, we are talking golden days of Salsa, the New York salsa.

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    Authors Supporting Authors with Paul “Arbil” Higgins

    in Self Help

    Meet Paul “Arbil” Higgins, singer, actor, and more. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, but raise in Compton, California, Paul L. “Arbil” Higgins played in the marching band trumpet and was active in drama class before graduating from Dominguez High School in 1974. Two years later and after studying cosmetology, he created the new look of the group, Switch, and became the personal hair stylist of Jermaine Jackson for the cover of his Let’s Get Serious album.

    In 1992 Paul had a role in the movie, The Mambo Kings. Subsequentlyhe became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the ASCAP. Later he garnered a major role in the movie, Riot, and landed another role in The Replacement Killers. In 2002 he studied to become a film director at American Film Institute and in 2004 he uploaded on YouTube the first all Afro-American soap opera entitled, Paternal Longings, Mini Soap, Parts One and Two; and a video poetry entitled The Face of Crazy. Paul’s debut album, Love Me, was produced in 2007 by Michael Mann.

    Currently, Paul is active at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Los Angeles as a Minister of Music. Additionally, because community service is very important to him, he actively coaches baseball with at risk-youth for the Baldwin Hills Park community. He supports community organizations such as the YMCA, the Dept. of Social Services, and the Foster Parenting Assn.

    Networking, politics and charity drives surround his everyday activities. A bachelor, Paul humbly resides in Los Angeles.

    Visit Arbil at www.facebook.com/thaaudition

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    Tito Puente Jr. Musician/ Band Leader

    in Music

    The comparison is inevitable. How could it be otherwise? Tito Puente Jr. carries his father with him – imprinted on his physical being and locked in his soul. It’s in his looks, his joy, and his music. Tito, Jr. is on a passionate mission. The younger Puente is determined to nurture the musical legacy left by his father. He refuses to let his father become a distant memory. “He was just too vibrant, too exciting. There was magic in the music my father made. It made people happy all over the world.” He has found captive audiences who echo his passion. Crowds lured to a venue by the father are returning to see the son -- and to once again participate in the high voltage celebration that takes place on stage. Tito Puente, Jr. has become an audience favorite in casinos, performing arts centers, symphony halls and jazz festivals worldwide, performing more than 300 shows over the past 5 years. His 2004 album, “In My Father’s Shoes” featured the classic Puente titles and was spun into a BET Jazz television special of the same name. He was seen in a tribute to his father’s music on NBC’s two hour special--“The Apollo at 70: A Hot Night in Harlem.” He has also appeared on the ABC soap opera hit “One Life to Live” in performance with his big band. Symphony appearances include Dallas, San Antonio, Colorado, South Bend, and upcoming performances with the Palm Desert Symphony and the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marvin Hamlisch. Tito, Jr.’s new CD release, “Got Mambo?” is a mixture of the old and the new as he takes a musical departure into some powerful new music he can truly call his own. Guest artists Bobby Cruz and Hansel & Raul help make this a coming of age project for Puente, Jr. and the album is receiving heavy praise from Tropical and Latin Jazz critics alike. 

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    #39 - Guarding the Galaxy, and Voodoo Priestess Mambo LaReina!

    in Radio

    This Friday 8/15 we talk Guardians of the Galaxy as well as other news items from the entertainment world this week. We also have Voodoo Priestess Mambo LaReina in to talk about our past lives and future along with anything else is on her mind!

    Have a question for her? Call us (619) 924-0762 9PM EST this Friday to get in on it! 

    Follow us on Twitter @AVandSeanShow

    Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/AndroidVirusSeanShow



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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After-Al Johnson and Dave and Rose...NOLA musicans

    in Books

    It was in December 1959 that Alvin Lee Johnson (born June 20, 1939) entered Cosimo Matassa’s recording studio.  He emerged from the studio on Governor Nicholls Street with what would be a belated hit song and a new name, Al “Carnival Time” Johnson.  Joe Ruffino produced the recording session for his Ric label and Carnival Time eventually joined Professor Longhair’s Go to the Mardi Gras and Big Chief, and the Hawkettes’ Mardi Gras Mambo as classics of the New Orleans Mardi Gras.

    Johnson, like so many New Orleans musicians, grew up in the city’s Ninth Ward where he played trumpet and piano.  Born in 1939, he was influenced early on by Sugar Boy Crawford, Fats Domino, and Smiley Lewis.

    Alvin Johnson, best known for his famous song, "Carnival Time," has been a New Orleans Mardi Gras icon for over 40 years. A Rhythm & Blues performer, Al is a New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival veteran and has worked with the likes of Aaron Neville, Oliver Morgan, Bobby Lonero as well as (the late Tommy Ridgley, Jessie Hill, Bobby Mitchell, Eddie Bo & Ernie K-Doe) 

    Al has performed on the "Louisiana Jukebox" TV program and been the star of a highly successful Louisiana Lottery Mardi Gras campaign. Al has also been the subject of numerous articles in Mardi Gras Guide, New Orleans Magazine, Offbeat Magazine, The Louisiana Weekly, The Times Picayune, and Gambit Weekly.

    Also on the show, we have an amazing local New Orleans team...."Dave and Rose"...these fine local musicians will share their music and perspective regarding the 10 years after Katrina... Please join us for a fest of great music and perspective from NOLA musicians...

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    7 Ways to Improve Your #Sex Life (Sex XVI)

    in Romance

    A lot of us go through life stuck in our own little bubble.  We don't consider a lot of what goes on around us yet we still seem puzzled at why life is so hard for us.  Well, I'm going to help you in one area that is important in relationships, especially marriages.  I'm going to help you improve your life in the bedroom.

    I have a list of 7 things that you can do that will improve your sex life.  Will they make you better in bed?  No.  Will they make you longer or stronger?  Absolutely not.  But they will give you more opportunities for the horizontal mambo if you incorporate as many of these as you can in your life.

    And you know that I can't have a show about sex without Show Legend, Marrie Lobel, stopping by!

    Let's Talk About Sex returns for Part XVI on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 473

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.