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    There's Clarion Call God Is Calling For Holiness

    in Current Events

    Minister (Prophetess)Marcella Smith will be ministering on the Resurrection Power Church Prayer Line,where the HolySpirit is the Overseer and Jesus is Lord,we are on every morning at 9am est dial in number is 1-661-467-2411 come join us and be bless.

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    Cindy Sample, Author of Dying for a Date

    in Books

    Having been an avid reader from the age of four, Cindy Sample’s third grade career ambition was to be a detective just like Nancy Drew. At sixteen, she realized her inherent klutziness could be an impediment to becoming a private eye or super spy. Her new mission was to be a mystery writer.
    With a relatively useless degree in history, a family to support, but the ability to type 109 wpm, Cindy temporarily put aside her literary longings for a weekly paycheck, landing a job as a receptionist with a real estate office. Her career path eventually led to the position of CEO of a nationwide mortgage banking company.
    Whether it was one too many corporate mergers, (or one too many post divorce bad dates), she found herself plotting murder instead of plodding through paperwork. Her first novel, Dying for a Date, combines bad dates, real estate, a few dead bodies, and plenty of giggles.
    Cindy writes the popular “Hot Flash” column for the Gold River Community Newspaper. She is a frequent speaker in the Sacramento area with topics ranging from “Never let a lack of ability stand in the way of success,” “Dating for the Hot Flash Set,” and “You really want to be an author?”
    Cindy is the past president of the Sacramento Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Her short story, Tea Time, is included in the 2008 Capital Crimes Anthology. She served on the boards of the California Mortgage Bankers Assn., the Sacramento Opera and the YWCA and works with the National Kidney Foundation for their Annual Authors Luncheon.

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    Standard Claims Intake For Financially Devastated Claimants

    in Education

    Roxanne Grinage explains Standard Access to Litigation Referral Practice Models for financially devastated federal crime victim claimants; administrative solutions tool U.S. Citizens (controlled) Public Docket Database; plays standard access claims intake telephone conversation of 06/09/11 Presentation Florida CPS corruption in government victim Dawn re 8 year old daughter; 2. Listen Sat 06/10/11 Justice Journalist Blog Talk Radio show guests confirm law enforcement are working class people too! No American is exempt from Conflict of Interest Malpractice inflicted via colleague protection provided by Federal Judges who shirk jurisdictional responsibilities, allow abuse of immunity language in congressional acts(s) or act in personal vendetta retaliation to cover up crimes of their colleagues complained about in Lawsuits 3. Feltonville Crash created 3rd St Angels June 10th Memorial. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Kevin Dougherty Anne Ambrose Lyris Young Barbara Ash Kidnap For Profit Racketeering Schemes Twice Victimized Third Street Angels Survivors births Brown/West Family Private Investigation Rescue trauma injured Zyeem Hill Envy Smith whose names are changed to Kevin and Danielle.  Roxanne Grinage v Fern Brown Caplan Esq et al USDC PaED 209cv04119MSG; 06/10/11 1 year Willie Brownson’s certified letter witness statements Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams nepotism cover up 06/08/10 public mob assault child abductors Fraud Fugitives Erick Brown Saundra Sullivan Diane Lenwood Kearney birthed Grinage Family Private Investigation Rescue Ezekiel Arriyel Brown. 4. Billings MT Judge Jack D Shanstrom inflicts ad hominem slander upon retaliation sentenced Love Thomas Wright Cooper’s family: “his mother is dysfunctional an attacker of agencies” individual accountability Malpractice. Side by side Docket Analysis 9th Cir Nevada 05/19/11 filed Love Thomas Wright Cooper 9 Billion 28 USC 1443 Civil Rights.

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    Life With A Twist - Spirituality and Art with Angela Ahmadi/Energy Healing with Gary Bondurant

    in Spirituality

    L.Kimberly Smith & Gary Bondurant welcome you to Life With A Twist, the variety show that helps you turn your everyday life into an extraordinary experience! Gary and I are thrilled to welcome in our first hour, spiritual artist Angela Ahmadi. Angela is an evolving young woman who is extremely talented with the paint brush. She is also a truly gifted massage therapist and healer spreading her love and light through art and massage. She will speak with us about her spiritual point of view and her work. You can visit Angela's work at http://djangie.redbubble.com and find out more about her Holistic massage practice at http://www.ahmadiholistics.com. In our second hour,co-host, coach, and energy healer Gary Bondurant will be opening the lines for free energy healing sessions or questions on how to balance our lives, body, mind, and spirit in the healthiest way. Gary always advises callers and clients to remain under your doctor's care if you are seeing one and consult your physician about any changes you may make to your health regimen. In this hour, L.Kimberly Smith will be speaking about her new business NyIma Productions The Image Maker for the Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur and sharing a tip about how to get started turning your dreams into a career. You can visit Gary at http://talktogary.wordpress.com and you can find out more about what NyIma Productions can do for you at http://NyImaProductions.wordpress.com

    Gary and Kimberly have partnered to combine a special Holiday coaching package for all listeners at NyIma Productions website. Give yourself the gift of tools that will help you move forward in 2011.

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    Refocus your Spirit - Refocus your Mind for Success

    in Management

    Tonight Mike and Maria will welcome Entrepreneur and Angel Intuitive Elizabeth Herington-Smith to the show.  We will also be talking with entrepreneur and markeing expert Danielle Hawthorne in the second half of our show!

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    Music biz

    in Current Events

    Why is the south (Mississippi) full of talent but need to leave make it

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    Eye to Eye - Speak Brotha Speak

    in Politics Progressive

    Current events, news, and special guest of interest of African-American Same Gender Loving Black Gays and Lesbians and their allies,. The guest for this show will be Miltary Specialist Marquell Smith. He will talk about his expereince in the military with being openly Gay and African-American pre and post Don't Ask, Don't Tell.   

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    Larry and Sto Show **50th EPISODE** 10/2 w/ Justin C. Smith

    in Entertainment

    50TH EPISODE/STO'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! The Larry and Sto Show is LIVE every Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00pm EST! Larry and Josh, discuss sports, entertainment and everyday life. In this episode Justin C. Smith joins the guys as co-host. The guys will celebrate their 50th episode, as well as Sto's 26th Birthday! All while taking your calls and reading your emails. To talk to the guys LIVE on-air call (347)850-1678 or email them at onair@larryandstoshow.com

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    The Jody Lynn Smith Show … Wow! You’re Living the Life!

    in Lifestyle

    The Jody Lynn Smith Show … Wow! You’re Living the Life!

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    Worldwide Epidemic of Child Abuse and Human Rights Abuses!

    in Education

    Child rights are human rights. We must become educated and aware of the worldwide scale of human rights abuses, and then make our voices count. Both Nationally and internationally, children are suffering human rights abuses of all kinds. Worldwide, the issues of human suffering and child rights are handled by governmental agencies such as the UN, Unicef and NGO's, non governmental agencies! Use your voice to stand up for the rights of the child! We must all get involved and raise our voices to protect all human rights!

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    Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day-Mari Smith-Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio

    in Business

    Houston's Social Media Consultant & Speaker brings you weekly access to the top minds in Business Success Mindset and Web 2.0 tools, techniques and strategies. Michele Price, the Breakthrough Specialist enjoys bringing you high powered guest each week as well as everyday business owners so you can build your online presence through relationships. Mari Smith the Pied Piper of Facebook will share with you some of her best tips for connecting with your customer via Facebook.
    Remember to tune in LIVE via twitter with hashtag #BBSradio. When you tweet LIVE during show you are automatically have opportunity to win prize, book, something special from our guest each show for your participation. We love rewarding engagement. If you want to receive notice for who will be upcoming guests you are invited to visit radio show blog at www.WhoIsMichelePrice.com at top right under video of Michele you will see where you can join to receive notices and stay in the loop for our upcoming guests interviews. remember each show has it's own hashtag so you can follow along with the tweets if you like. You want to know something specific we suggest you send that to Michele ahead of time. You can tweet her at @Prosperitygal via twitter. Now go tell your friends to come join us so we all are stepping up our game in 2010. Here is to creating success for your business using business success mindset, social media, internet marketing, blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin, word press, email marketing, mobile marketing etc... we will bring them all to you to help you stay current and relevant to your customers.

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    AFROCENTRIC JOYFUL ROSARY MYSTERIES FOR BLACK CATHOLICS, St. Brigid Traditional Choir, James Wesly Smith and Catholic Hymns.