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    KNOT: Is Complete Honesty Necessary or Detrimental in a Relationship?

    in Romance

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    Honesty is the best policy, or so the saying goes, correct? However, is honesty actually the best policy? While the truth quite possibly “shall set you free” – does that freedom mean free from your current relationship? There is definitely decorum when it comes to the role honesty plays in relationships and the importance of maintaining that honesty. However, can complete honesty be a relationship destroyer instead of a building tool? Are lies, untruths, selective deletion, or clever wording acceptable when they are not malicious and intended to protect another person? Let’s talk about it!

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    Voices of War~The Drug War Marches On! Part 1

    in War

    As the war marches on, Michael Pelletier sits in Terre Haute Federal Prison for his 9th year of his LIFE sentence for Cannabis. He's been a paraplegic since he lost the use of his legs in a farming accident at age 11.Join us with a exclusive interview with Amy Povah, she will tell us a lot more about Michael and how you can help. Amy will also tell us the latest news about Luke Scarmazzo and Ricardo-Ruiz Montes, who are serving 20 and 22 year sentences for mmj and how you can help them. At 10:00 we will talk Joy Graves, an Indian Spiritual Leader and Matt Pappas, one of our best mmj attorneys about their federal lawsuit against the US Postal service. One of their mmj packages was intercepted in the mail, and this is a violation of their rights to religious freedom. We will find how it is effecting church members and all about their press conferences! Find out the good news in Washington regarding defendants Debbie Brechler, Josh Mauk, and the Bellingham 3!

    Regular Guests include Craig Cesal (serving life in prison),George Martorano in "Gorgies Corner", Stephanie Landa, Mindi Griffiths, Miggy 420, Tom Korby, Dr Allen and more!   Our show brings the voices for you help you understand the trauma going on with those and those possess, sell or cultivate cannabis. Over 50 people are serving life sentences and have been in since the 80's. Through a series of shows, you will hear from their family members and the prisoners themselves. This show is an effort to remind the world of their sacrifices.  Voices of Cannabis War is hosted by Eugene Fischer (who spent 25 years of a life sentence in federal custody for our plant) and Kristin Flor (who's father died shackled to a bed because our plant is federally illegal). It is presented to you by volunteers, Becca Nichols, Mindi Griffiths, Kristin Flor and Eugene Fischer. 

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    BEWARE! Of Dogs, Of Evil Workers, Of the Concision

    in Christianity

                                            Philipians 3: 18-19

    Christian's are Warned concerning the Dogs, kuon - immoral person, evil workers, poneros - one who works wickedness or misery, bad,worthless, grievous & malicious, the Concision, katatome - false circumcision or christian, the Wolf. Philipians 4:8 We need to learn how to judge those things that come into our lives that are unworthy & hurtful to us and our families.1 CORINTHIANS 2: 15 iF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN GOD GAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO JUDGE BETWEEN GOOD & EVIL. SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM!

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    Oregon resisting evil, people demanding accountability from reprobate government

    in Current Events

    What is the difference between a public servant and a public serpent? The people in Oregon and the rest of America are finding out about the multiple layers of government corruption that has infected this nation and placed very deceitful people in positions of power, but their corruption and treason has shown they have no moral authority, no right to remain in their offices and are subject to multiple counts of conspiracy to commit felony fraud, theft, treason, purgery, false arrest, placing Americans in prisons for profit, and mutliple other counts deserving arrest, prosecution, incarceration and the confiscation of all their assets, including their off-shore bank accounts. It is a good thing that man Americans realize that, "though these things might be impossible for men to accomplish, with the Almighty God, all things are possible. Let us bring these lying criminals before the courts of heaven and charge them with the eternal laws of God, in the name of Jesus Christ., the Lord. Amen!

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    Let's Talk Politics w. Fred Wilson

    in Self Help


    Tonight we will have a special guest, Angela Corey! If you are not familiar with her, you are probably familiar with some of her work- Trayvon Martin, Marissa Alexander, Jordan Davis.  Corey is the State Atty for Florida and presided over the prosecution of those cases.  She has agreed to talk to us tonight about what she does, and why she does it AND is willing to talk your calls.  You do not want to miss this one!!  See you tonight at 7pm EST.

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    Killing Women - Taking Action upon MORCELLATION

    in Women

    This is Cutting Edge Talk Radio covering topics that impact you and your life.

    Dr.Vikki Hufnagel (www.DrVikki.com) is Speaking Out  and Taking Action by filing legal complaints aimed to promote women’s health. In this show she explains her formal legal complaint pertaining to morcellation.  Dr.Vikki invites you to Speak Out and join her by calling into the show. Dr.Vikki is answering your questions and seeks your input. 

    Listen and Call in!

    Show topics range from medical ethics, crimes, conspiracies, cover-ups to celebrity news, the FDA and everything in between. Listen in, join the conversation, give YOUR input, have YOUR say and Speak Out with Dr. Hufnagel.

    Call into the live show: (646) 716-7304

    Text your questions or comments to: (219) 515-0411

    About Dr. Hufnagel ~ Dr. Vikki G. Hufnagel , MD is an icon in the women’s health movement. She has been speaking out and reporting crimes, cover-ups and other abuses in medicine and the community for decades. The reaction by those being exposed by Hufnagel has been and still is kill the messenger, kill the message. A victim of astroturfing for telling the truth, writing law to protect women's health rights, and for whistle-blowing, today Hufnagel (aka Dr.Vikki) is Speaking Out and telling all.

    Wish to be a guest on the show? Have a show idea?  Contact us!

    © 2016 Speak Out with Dr. Vikki Hufnagel, MD.  All rights reserved.

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    in Entertainment

    Today on Hammer 96.7, we will talk about the FBI virus; the FBI virus is the prompt that holds your phone hostage, and demands you pay or all of your information will be leaked to the world  Our guest---Murali---is a high tech security expert, and will tell us how to get rid of malicious viruses and keep yourself and devices safe from hackers.

    We will also be talking about small business; if you are a small business owner, call in---646-595-3032. We also have finance, and will talk about investing your money wisely.

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    "Getting Away with Murder" banned by FL DOC: George Mallinckrodt

    in Politics Progressive

    George Mallinckrodt was a psychoanalyst in Dade Correctional Institution when he complained about #prisoner abuse and lost his job with Corizon Correctional Healthcare. He wrote a book titled "Getting Away with Murder" about inmate Darren Rainey, who guards scalded to death in 2012 at Dade. The Florida DOC has BANNED THE BOOK, which is now in its second edition, Corrections officers have escaped prosecution for Rainey's murder so far, and they reportedly enjoy taunting inmates with threats to "hot shower" them like they did to Rainey. 

    Mallinckrodt is being financially persecuted for his righteous stance for justice regarding prisoners' human rights in Florida, a state where 347 prisoners died in 2014 alone. Without your help, Mallinckrodt could lose his home because he refused to remain silent while his patients were being abused. Even though he is censored and persecuted, Mallinckrodt still refuses to stop advocating for disabled inmates in the USA. Please give generously to Mallinckrodt's fundraiser, and purchase a copy of his banned book "Getting Away with Murder" at Amazon.

    I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our,Lord Jesus Christ that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought (1 Cor. 1:10). We must stand with Mallinckrodt and protest his book banning. It is time to show that we care about the most vulnerable people among us and either unite together against injustices "or perish together as fools" (MLK). Please visit the links below:



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    Things Every Business Should Do to Protect Their Intellectual Property

    in Business

    On January 20, my guest will be Marc Misthal, a partner at the law firm of Gottlieb, Rackman and Reisman.  Marc specializes in all areas of trademark and copyright litigation and prosecution, and has extensive familiarity with domain name and Internet issues. He has contributed to the Aspen Law & Business treatise, Trademark Counterfeiting, (George W. Abbott, Jr. and Lee S. S, eds. 1999); and he is the author of Reigning in the Paparazzi (10 International Legal Perspectives 287, Northwestern School of Law [2000]).

    More recently Marc, along with George Gottlieb, contributed an extensive chapter on intellectual property to the newly released book Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives and Attorneys. The book takes a practical approach to addressing legal issues. It is the first book to comprehensively examine, in one volume, those areas of the law implicated in the fashion business (including, in addition to intellectual property issues, franchising, distribution, rentals, leasing and import/export). Fashion Law, published by Fairchild Books, is available from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers. 

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    Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

    in Legal


    Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

    Your legal right to use medical marijuana protects you from criminal prosecution, but not from employer drug testing programs. If you were taking a different legally prescribed drug for your condition, you would most likely be protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). However, this protection hasn't been extended to medical marijuana.

    Join Bill, Rick and Steve for an interesting discussion regarding the employment issues surrounding this new hot-button topic.




    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com

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    "Disastrous Duplicities"

    in Lifestyle

    Rape is a serious, devastating crime that imposes much more damage on its victims than the physical act itself. In addition to the assailant's damage, the law violates and damages the victim further. As a result, rape becomes culturized, bar jokes, and pushed to the bottom of the pile of serious priorities. A myriad of women coming forth three decades later against BIll Cosby serves as a adouble-edged sword in the fight to make lawmakers take prosecuting rape more seriously. On one hand, it sends a message that there is a fight going on to bring the criminal element of rape to the front page, and it can be punished regardless of time lapse. On the other hand, especially in this case, the victims being women who have capitalized, gained fame, or had fruitful careers in which the accused assailant has somehow fortified, opens the door for defense attorneys to discredit the victims and decriminalize the alleged rapes. Additionally, our youth struggle to fit into society every day. One of the biggest struggles they face is bullying because of bias against their sexual orientation. Jaden Smith has been highly publicized in cross-gender dressing. He attributes his choices to "making a statement against gender barriers in clothing", not to a statement of his own sexual orientation. Does the prosecution of three-decade old rapes help or hurt the fight for stricter laws against rape? Does Jaden Smith cross-dressing but not claiming sexual orientation differences enable our youth to become more confident in their identity? Or is it just another crazy fashion fad for our youth to follow? Join in tonight with your thoughts by calling 347-327-9967 at 10:30 PM EST.