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    A Million Fireflies with Author Mali Phonpadith

    in Self Help

    Sister Jenna welcomes Mali Phonpadith to the America Meditating Radio Show.

    Mali Phonpadith is an author, speaker, CEO and Founder of the SOAR Community Network and the Executive Producer of Tea with Mali TV. She consults with entrepreneurs and visionaries to help them S.O.A.R. with their unique message and mission by implementing emotional marketing and social media strategies.

    Mali is the co-founder of the Young Professional Leadership Group and the host of two podcasts, SOAR and Creative Entrepreneur Buzz.  She is a published poet and author of, “A Million Fireflies, which is Mali’s memoir about her voyage from war-torn Laos to America. She is also co-author of Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses, a professional workbook written with Akia Garnett, Jane Lovas, and Tamecia Bradshaw. Visit http://soarcommunitynetwork.com

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    Black Thoughts and Theory:The Radio Show - The Great Empire of Mali

    in Culture

    This week we will explore the Empire of Mali and the Super Wealthy Mansa Musa. A brother that was so heavily weighed down by gold, that he "crashed" the gold market in Egypt in one visit. 

    Join Asha Zuri  and Alex Primo this Thursday at 9 pm EST as we discuss the Great Empire of Mali that once covered an area larger than western Europe and consisted of numerous vassal kingdoms and provinces.

    Because the Empire was strategically located between the West African gold mines and the agriculturally rich Niger River floodplain it was poised to become a major power in the region and beyond. 

    In addition to the vast wealth of the Malian Empire, education and order were also hallmarks of the day. Visitors were well aware of the organized and orderly rule of the Emperors of Mali. And surely, we are all aware of the books that came from Timbuktu.  Timbuktu was a magnet that attracted both men of learning and men of commerce. Believe it or not, despite the gold, salt and other valuables to be traded in Mali, books were reported as the hottest commodity in Timbuktu. 

    Call in to talk with the hosts at:

    (917)889-2830(Thursday 9-11 pm ONLY)


    Log on and listen.

    And remember, keep it clean and keep it on point. #One

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    Special Broadcast: MALI Conference Presentation "Imam Jihad Saafir"

    in Education

    Today we are still bathing in the warmth, light and great spirit of this weekend's M.A.L.I. (Muslim Amerian Logic Institute) 7th Annual Quran Conference. One of the great inspiring treats of the event was this presentation delivered by the young Imam who is currently the resident Imam of Masjid Ibaadullah of Los Angeles California.  He is what we're looking for in our association of Imam W. D. Mohammed (ra) "bi-lingual" - capability of Arabic literacy along with the appreciation of our history and destiny as Bilalians in this country and the world.

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    Mali Phonpadith interviewed by Misti Burmeister

    in Business

    Far beyond her successes, lies one of the most kind, generous, authentic, passionate, considerate, and compassionate people I know.

    Mali sees the gifts inherent in all people, and holds to her vision of their greatness no matter their background, how annoying they can be, or what others say about them. She has an uncanny ability to create a safe space for greatnes to emerge. 

    In this exclusive interview, Mali will share her secrets to provoking greatness - her own, and others.   

    Now, here's a brief snipet about her accomplishments:

    Mali Phonpadith is an author, poet, speaker, CEO of Mali Creative and the Producer of Tea with Mali. Mali helps her clients SOAR (See, Own, Articulate, Release) with their unique message and mission. Her SOAR Mapping programs are offered as 1 hour seminars, 2 day retreats, and full day workshops.

    Find out more about her publications and programs here: MaliCreative.com

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    A Million Fireflies - Mali Phonpandith

    in Lifestyle

    Award winning author Mali Phonapandith will join us to tell her story of strength, survival and love.  Her book A Million Fireflies in her words:   “You can walk through grief, you can walk through challenges, but I want this book to show  that you can get through all of life’s struggles and find a very bright place in life.” 

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    Help Mali Now

    in Current Events

    This is a special episode of New Orleans, Wake Up!!!!!
    Dr. Hassimi Maiga, a native of Gao, Mali in western Africa, will talk about a campaign to raise $5000 for seeds and a water pump for some villages in Mali. The nothern part of Mali is recovering from political turmoil and the people are trying to piece their lives back together. To make your contribution, please go to:

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    Dead as a Dorner, onward to Mali

    in Politics

    Tonight we discuss the death of Chris Dorner, French troops departing for Mali from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, U.S. involvement in Mali, The State of the Union Address and other current issues.
    Dr. Issa's legal defense fund:
    Delaware's strange fruits:
    David Adams' Blog:

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    Live Jumu'ah: Imam Salim MuMin Founder M.A.L.I.

    in Education

    This will be the inaugural address for the 2015 Muslim American Logic Instititute (M.A.L.I.).

    The Muslim American Logic Institute (M.A.L.I.) was founded and directed by Imam Salim MuMin of Detroit, Michigan.  It is a premiere online learning institute for comprehending Qur'anic Arabic.  M.A.L.I. is an institution devoted to the study and preservation of Imam W. Deen Mohammed's (ra) Qur'anic logic and teaching of Al-Islam in America.  The M.A.L.I. conference occurs annually throughout the United States.  The conference showcases the accomplishments of current institute students who study Qur'anic Arabic year-round with the support of recognized leaders in the study of Qur'anic Arabic.  Additionally, the M.A.L.I. conference is designed to inspire Muslims in various regions of the United States to take up the study of the Final Revelation in its orginal language.

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    International and Domestic Terrorism: How Do We Teach Our Children Peace?

    in Women

    Today's children, growing up with the Internet, are connected instantly to local and global events and very often the all too real acts of violence from terrorists, assassins, and killers of all kinds. They lose their childhood innocence way to early. Instead of playing games of "house" or "school" they reinact scenes of war and killing. The slaughter of nine worshippers at a South Carolina church was an act of domestic terrorism, and many wonder if it's safe to attend church anymore. In too many countries abroad, acts of violence have become acceptable. How do we teach our children, tomorrow's leaders, to change the world as it is, full,of race, religious and nationality based hatred? How do we teach them to eradicate the evils,of violence on their lifetime? Today's guests, Salma Mahmood of Pakistan, Fatima Traore of Mali, Boyede Sobitan of the Nigerian Professional Association and Gerald Hankerson, Outreach Coordinator of the Council on American Islamic Relation discuss this crucial topic.

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    Inside The Qur'an, The Open Forum, Not Juz Talk

    in Religion


    1st HOUR: Inside The Qur'an

    2nd HOUR: The Open Forum is hosted by Amadou Shakur who is Director of Development/ Marketing for the International Museum of Muslim Cultures. As Director he lectures to museum and gallery audiences. The museum is currently featuring original African manuscripts covering a period from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries in Timbuktu, Mali. Mr. Shakur was formerly Executive Director for the Shahan Institute, an Islamic research foundation and think tank. Mr. Shakur was former host of a television show entitled “Islam In View” where in-depth interviews on a variety of Islamic and community- oriented topics were discussed. Mr. Shakur lectures on Islamic social and cultural affairs, Islamic Spain, African American and African Islamic history.

    3rd HOUR: Not Juz Talk------Your Host, Michael Hameen brings you topics and guests focusing on men and women who are  making America better for coming generations. You host highlights efforts of guest who are establishing strong community life in the Land of Plenty … not just talk.

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    "Bridging The Gap - From Boys To Men" - KINDRED SPIRITS LIVE - Michelle Broadnax

    in Spirituality


    Host: Michelle Broadnax

    TITLE:  "Bridging The Gap: From Boys To Men"

    Topic:  "Its a faith walk" where Michelle continues to spotlight people in the community who have walked by faith to start their own businesses.

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