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    A Queen with a platform that stands on CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS

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    The month of April is CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS month.  And we are going blue all month in support.

    My guest for this special segment is  Mrs. Florida All World Beauties 2015 Monica Johnston she says"Forgiveness and love, cannot be earned, deserved, bought, sold, won, or forced. They are a gift and should never be taken for granted or expected. Only accepted"!  What led her on this crusade against child abuse?  What does statistical research show about child abuse?How can we help prevent child abuse?  What does Monica want to accomplish with advocating for our children? 

    My second guest is Rose Murrisroe she is an Educator, National Child Advocate, National Speaker, and Author of No Secrets Between Us. and founder of Soldiers Against Child Abuse.

    Be a voice for a child.  

    National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-Child 1-800-422-4453

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    Male Abuse Awareness, Musicians Making a Difference

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    Male Abuse Awareness Special Broadcasting brings you three incredible musicians who have stepped up to turn their lives around by one amazing path, their music!!

    Michael Skinner, male survivor of some of the most evil acts has been using his music since his teen years to help him cope through the dark path of hell. Now he is not only founder of Surviving Spirit for others, he is a true advocate for Mental Health and ending childhood sexual abuse, maltreatment. 

    Harmini has come from a violent past, one which landed him in prison more than once. Today he is a magnificent Christian Rap Artisit who is changing our view of great music in the rap industry. He is reaching out through his many talents to empower our youth and drive the path of greatness forward.

    Petra Luna, not only a survivor, but creator of the entire event. Male Abuse Awareness Event is hosting its 6th annual event. This passionate founder has turned what was an outrage over the abuses of our youth into an incredible voice for many,especially our guys. 

    On this special broadcast we meet just three of the passionate musicians who have found a way to not only heal their own spirit through all of its wounds, but to reach out further into our society to help many others find strength to hang on and connect hearts of millions in this mission.

    Our Chance4Change


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    Male Abuse Awareness Week Event - Closing it out

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    Male Abuse Awareness Week Event comes to a close!! We present our cast of special interviews as we close our the special event with P Luna Foundation and the Help4Guys.org special concernt event.

    This may be the last broadcast focused on the 6th annual event but it is in no way lacking of incredible support and information. Tonight we close out with one more special focus of study by Ms. Martha Florez along with survivor & strong advocte John Miller.

    We will discuss all that has transpired over these last two weeks of special guests & topics focusing on Male Abuse Awareness. We will also hear another very strong man's voice in this mission. Not only is he speaking for others, but also for himself. We have heard some great interviews and studies, now it is time to hear about the Caroling for a Cause event in Union Square San Fransicso. This is sure to be a filled night of call in speaker, who want to give their voice in support of this great event. 

    Get your family & friends together for one last focus on this huge event created by Petra Luna, Artist for a Cause and how this has grown with an increasing success and outstanding board of directors who give their hearts all year long for this one extreme week.

    This is a broadcast production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, fndr/CEO 'Trish' McKnight. We can all make a difference by simply making the right choice to defend our children today, allow the teachings to empower their voice

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    Male Abuse Awareness

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    Join us today as we discuss a topic that is affecting so many young men  - Male Abuse.  

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    A Queen with a platform stands on CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS part 2

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    We are continuing our interview with Monica Johnston Mrs. Florida All World Beauties 2015.  Monica is on the front lines fighting for our children.  She steadily working hard to get the word out that NO CHILD SHOULD BE ABUSED.  She means business and it shows in which she takes to the streets for her platform.  Monica has had events such as walks, toy drives and she is even getting those that can help change the law involved.  Monica is about her business and we commend her for her fight and fight against child abuse.

    Monica says Forgiveness and love, cannot be earned, deserved, bought, sold, won, or forced. They are a gift and should never be taken for granted or expected. Only accepted!

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    Male Abuse Awareness Domestic Violence Victims - 'Shame' the movie

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    Male Abuse Awareness - Domestic Violence Victims - Featuring 'Shame' the movie!!! Ms. Jennifer Irons, CEO/Exec. Writer/Producer of this short film depicting the Male vs. Female relationship. In it you will be quite shocked indeed. I know I certainly was. Fantastically featured as a 'male victim'; we see how one guy just isn't quite sure of the steps he should take or acknowledge that the pain is real.

    We are very blessed to have Ms. Irons and some of her film's cast crew join in with us about how they came up with this idea and just exactly what we can learn as we begin opening the door to this very serious reality.

    The truth is our 'little girls' aren't so precious anymore. They can be just as mean and vindictive as the accused male counterpart. We must see how it begins within our teen's releationships and how we as parents have the ability to help them see deeper then the surface of the issue. We cannot allow our son's or our daughter's to continue in an accepting and tolerating the pattern of these relationships. We have the ability to intervene with the truth and empower all persons trapped in this violence by just being a friend, providing a resource, or helping them find their own path to safety.

    We are a production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. You can visit our site and find immediate resources for all victims. In partnership with PLuna Foundation's Male Abuse Awareness Week event we bring you an entire week filled with fabulous interviews. Be a voice together for those who have none. Thanks

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    Support for Latino Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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    A discussion about the unique barriers to disclosure of sexual abuse within the Latin@ communities. with special guest Martha Lucia Marin, Managing Director of 1in6 and Pierre Berastaín, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, National Latin@ Network.

    Moderator: Heidi Notario.

    Follow our blog and contribute to it! Keep an eye for stories from Latino male survivors and those who love them. Share our social media messages! 

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    Male Abuse Awareness w/ Professor Dean H McVay, Attorney

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    Male Abuse Awareness Special Broadcasting Event Continues!! Please friends join in with us tonight as we hear one heroic story of survival to the top of the professional ladder as we welcome, Professor Dean H. McVay!!!

    He comes from a life of hell but you would never believe the history he carries around inside. Imagine facing all of the daily interaction with society, court battles, clients, litigation and teaching as you harbor your own private nightmare of hell inside. This is the secret inside this amazing man. You will hear from his voice about the horror his stepfather used to control the children within their home. You will also hear his focus, drive, and passion he uses to teach upcoming generations. Awarded time and again for his maginificence as a professor of law, we are going to honor the voice inside tonight.

    Also, tonight we welcome Mr. Jim Schwartz Volunteer Representative, Board of Directors for P Luna Foundation, a father of 3 sons & grandfather to 5; Jim is here to keep us updated with all the Pluna Help4Guys Male Abuse Awareness Week Event which kicks off Sunday Dec 1st. 

    Be sure to give a listen with us tonight as we continue in our partnership broadcasting with the amazing fighters and survivors speaking up to empower all young men; May you never be held in silence again. We welcome your calls or commentary in the chatroom. Find our Facebook Public even and let's start changing the world today!!


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    Male Abuse Awareness Features Bill Murray, Main Event

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    Male Abuse Awareness special broadcasting brings you the voice of the upcoming event, just one of the incredible speakers, Mr. Bill Murray!!!

    Today he is ongoing founder of the long standing resource National Assoc. of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. NAASCA!!

    Most evenings you can find Bill on his 'FEATURED' talk radio broadcast of SCAN Radio. Stop Child Abuse Now, where he and his amazing panel not only talk with survivors, researchers, politicians, authors, bloggers, and guests of all realms of society, but also bring discussion of ways to change what has been the expected norm for centuries. 

    Tonight Bill is going to share is own personal journey. What hell he endured then, the up and down battle within himself, the Community Policing policy which is now a nationally recognized Neighborhood Watch and can be initiated within in your own community by contacting their services. 

    Join in as we learn all about this amazing man, the advocate he is today from the victim he was long ago. This is sure to be an intense discussion which I hope you all get a chance to take part. It is by bringing these topics to the surface, disclosing the truth behind the closed door of our own homes, we are the new generation and together we are saying; NO MORE

    A production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, Live Strong & Fly Free

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    Male Abuse Awareness w/ David Pittman & Blair Corbett

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    Male Abuse Awareness special broadcasting event welcomes too amazing survivors to our show, please welcome David Pittman; Fndr Together We Heal & Blair Corbett; Fndr Ark of Hope

    Mr Dave Pittman is an amazing survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse. As a young boy he suffered these heinous acts forced on him between the ages of 12 to 15. It was through beginning the steps of his own healing when he decided he needed to reach out further and help as many others as possible, as well as bring educational truths to society as a whole. Now have founded his own nonprofit and providing services to victims & survivors his knowledge and fight to end the Statute of Limitations for these crimes continues to inspire many.

    Mr Blair Corbett & wife Verna have devoted their lives since 2000 in helping child abuse victims find healing & recovery, what they refer to as 'habilitation' because the 're' cannot be applied when children have never known a safe environment, love, guidance, and life skills. 

    Wednesday evening beginning at 9pm eastern/8pm central/7pm mountain/6pm pacific time we bring both of these incredible MALE CHILDHOOD ABUSE SURVIVORS to our special broadcasting event in partnership with PLuna Foundation's, upcoming San Francisco special event dedicated to empowering all in society to hear the voices of our guys. Let's put this together, let's make a difference, let's change the world one heart at a time. All victims/survivors of abuse, violence, trafficking (NO MATTER WHAT GENDER) need to know they all matter and there is help. Join in this special ongoing broadcasting event LET'S HERE IT FOR THE BOYS!

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    Survivors World Male Abuse Awareness w/ Michael Kullik

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    It is Survivors World night on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio!!! A broadcast for men & women, teens & adults; those who've been harmed and those who love them!! We invite you to join in our broadcast beginning at 9pm eastern/ 8pm central/ 7pm mountain/ 6pm pacific time. We hope you call in to share your thoughts, comments, or stories at 347-215-7754; or you can also connect in our safe welcoming chatroom.

    Tonight's focus we hear a incredible Male Survivor. Actually to call him a survivor really doesn't quite say enough about all this guy has been through and how he gives back so much of his empowerment to bring courage and hope for others. Michael Kullik has made his way through healing by his creative talents in singing & poetry. Sadly abuse and sexual violence had been always been a part of his life. He was 38 years old when he jumped into healing with both feet. He knew he had to take back control of his life and that his life meant much more than all the evil others had done to him. It was in this healing path that he had the poem 'In Cabin Six' published in 2000 and then developed Creative Healing via the Arts, Inc and his Facebook group; Circle of Love.

    Remember 'Survivors World' is a broadcast production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. This is in no way any from of professional therapeutic or psychological service. We hope to empower your journey of healing while educating society about the deep lasting impact of these types of crimes. Connecting hearts & Holding hands around the world, to change this world together in some small way and provide a better tomorrow for our children today.

    Trish McKnight is an Advocate/Speaker/Radio Host/Survivor, Author of 'My Justice' and Founder/CEO; Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery.