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  • Hawaiian minister and healer will free you from your past traumas. Call in

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Kahealani Kawaiolamanaloa Satchitananda is a Hawaiian Metaphysical Minister, Healer and Ho'oponopono Practitioner and one of a council of eleven respected elders who were chosen, initiated, and given the sacred duty of offering an Ancestral Blessing to the world, an amazing process that must be experienced. 

    Dr. Satchitananda is Kahu and Spiritual Director for the High Visions of Satchitananda and Hale Malamalama Ola Pono Hawaiian Health & Wellness Retreat Center and Day Spa dedicated to Perpetuating a Powerful Integration of Ancient Lapa'au Wisdom and State of the Art Vibrational Healing Modalities for Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Cleansing and Revitalizing Mind, Heart, Body & Spirit!

    our Mission:

    To Perpetuate Health and Wellbeing of Mind, Body & Spirit thru Inspiring Our Ohana To Live In The Spirit of Aloha Making Love Our Way Of Life and Educating Our Ohana in The Sacred Hawaiian Way of Malama/Taking Cherished Care of All Relationships, with Spirit, Life, Mind, Love, Body, Inner Peace, and Harmonious Pono Relations Living By Example Creating a Healthy Wealthy World.

    Kahu joyously shares the wisdom of her own life's journey thru crisis, challenge and change. She is survivor of sexual abuse, domestic violence, molestation of her babies, embezzlements, an alcoholic father, as well as being diagnosed with lupus 1997 and praying to live through Christmas.

    She offers selfless service prayer ministries, churches and organizations  Healing the Hawaiian Heart in substance abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, molestation programs. She is committed 100% to the transformation, self-empowerment and upliftment of humanity. She is honored to accept new clients and offers phone sessions and teleconferences for clients around the world.

    For more information: HighVisions@aol.com 808 298-1593

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    Let's Work With Visualizing Your Chakras Clearing

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    Visualization is a fabulously powerful technique well known to top performing athletes and other professionals at the "top of their game". It is the process of visualizing in your mind what ever it is you want to achieve.  

    Visualization techniques can be applied to almost every aspect of human endeavour, from goal setting, sports performance, self-healing and memory improvement, to problem-solving and decision-making.  Today, we will focus on visualizing the clearing of your chakras.

    You can visualize virtually anywhere but a quiet, safe place where you will not be disturbed is best. Simply focus your mind on what you want to do, keep replaying the internal film of yourself actually doing it. The amazing thing is that it has been proven that the benefit of visualizing the events is actually the same as if you had actually done it!

    Enjoy today's program ... E Malama kekahi i kekahi ... and let's take good care of one another.


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    Da Morning Malasada ~ Shamanic Psychic Self-Defense Techniques

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    This show is all about those times when you've received guests in your home that arrived in a bad mood or with a bad attitude and, by their very presence, changed your peaceful and happy environment into a place that made you feel anxious, upset, nervous, angry, etc.  How do you rid yourself of such toxic energies?  Today, we're exploring how to cleanse yourself of negative energies projected by others ... how to cleanse your home of energies left by others ... and how to remain free of unwanted energies.  Call it psychic self-defense or simply staying "clean" ... the next 30 minutes is all about being Pono and remaining Pono in your body and in your home.  Malama kekahi i kekahi ... let's take care of one another, right now.


    Come visit us at our virtual Hale at https://spreadaloha.wordpress.com/ ... and leave your shoes at the door when you arrive, okay?  (BTW, that practice is also an excellent way to keep the negativity out of your home, and it keeps your home cleaner, too.)

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    in Politics Progressive


    CrossFire is an online Radio based in UK and features current and happening issues especially in our country Zambia . 

    On a Tuesday night we feature 2 segment . One segment is about current affairs issues and the second second is " MEET YOUR MP SEGMENT" when we feature different MPs discussing developmental projects as well as the use of CDF . 

    TO  listen live log in onto www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire 

    call in on 00 1 347 838 8065 , ( USA). 0114 3601992 ( UK) , SKYPE: Mueti2004

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    Join us on MONDAY (JUST FOR THIS WEEK)   night 13th February 2012 at 7:30pm GMT, 21:30 hrs CAT(ZAMBIA), 11:30am PST , 2:30pm EST on another  exciting  evening when we host Inspector General of Police in Zambia ,  Dr Martin Malama ...Zambia's Top Policeman. We look at his vision for the Police  service in general , the curbing of alleged corruption by Police Officers and we talk about serious issues on  how he hopes to solve the problem of Gender based violence in Zambia .   .Join us for an exciting 2 hours on CrossFire Blog Radio . To listen log in onto www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfireTo Call the show : 00(1)347 838 8065 (USA) OR 00(44) 114 360 1992(UK)WE WILL ALSO BE LIVE IN LIVINGSTONE (zambia) ON ZAMBEZI FM RADIO 107.7 ....
    Follow us on twitter @CrossFireBlogTR
    OR find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/politicalcrossfire
    visit our website on www.crossfireblogradio.com

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    Voices of Anakazi- Dr Martin Malama, Inspector General

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    Ponga Liwewe is a renowned football commentator and analyst; he joins us to discuss the Zambia national team’s journey at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) where the team has qualified for the final on Sunday, February 12. Ponga will discuss the strengths and strategy this team possesses which has enabled them to reach the final stage. We will also analyse any unique features this tournament has exhibited and whether it has done better that the 2010 competition. What have been the major challenges apart from poorly attended games from the fans?
    On Voices of Anakazi we are talking to the Inspector General of Zambia Police, Dr Martin Malama about Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is widely recognized as a serious human rights violation that affects millions of women worldwide. In recent years, economists, human rights advocates, and governments have also become aware of the severe financial and economic burden that domestic violence imposes on victims, households, the public sector, private businesses, and society as a whole. Based on mounting evidence from studies conducted around the world, researchers have concluded that domestic violence significantly impedes economic growth and development

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    Voices of Anakazi- Michelle Manda Malambo MP Candidate

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    On Voices of Anakazi we feature Malambo Contituency Parliamentary candidate, MIchelle Manda. She Served in foreign service: South Africa (as Second Secretary Admin/Consular from 1994-2000) and Malaysia (as Deputy High Commissioner from 2009-2011). Highest rank attained at Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Assistant Director, Political Affairs (from July 2006 to date).
    Malambo constituency is located in the south Luangwa area to the east of Chipata in Eastern Province. It shares its boundaries with Northern Province to the west and Lundazi district to the north, Chipata district to the east, and both Nyimba and Katete to the south.  It is home to the Kunda people who fall under the jurisdiction of Senior Chief Nsefu, Chief Jumbe, Chief Msoro, Chief Kakhumbi, Chief Malama and Chief Munkhanya. The population as at 2010 was estimated at 75,000 of which about 60% are registered voters.

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    Voices of Anakazi Mamas Vs Papas Leveling the Playing Field

    in Women

    We want to develop the country and yet women’s representation in government, economic institutions, and social institutions (as leaders) are not prominent given their numerical parity with their opposite gender. Is it true that women must become ruthless, cutthroat, strong, courageous, and aggressive as men to level the playing field?  The DEBATE is ON Mamas vs Papas on Voices of Anakazi.

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    Wynter Kabimba, Secretary General: Patriotic Front.

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    Mr Wynter Kabimba is the Secretary General of the Patriotic Front which is considered to be Zambia's leading and main opposition party. Mr Kabimba is a lawyer by profession and served as Lusaka Urban District Council's Executive Secretary for a number of years. The Patriotic Front never ceases to make headlines in the nation's main line media, which has mainly centered on the ill fated PACT with their opposition counterparts in the UPND. Mr Kabimba will be our guest on ZBTR this Saturday April 2 to discuss and answer questions on the state of the PACT, what are PF's chances of forming the next government in this year's parliamentary and presidential elections, the controversy over the the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT), the party's position on homosexuality and the recent boycott by PF parliamentarians on the vote on the constitution bill which was meant to replace the 1996 constitution.

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    Mwewa Mwape

    in Lifestyle

    Tired of reading or listening to other people's opinions about Zambian news? Tune in to The Mwewa Mwape Report. Mwewa is our reporter based in Kabwe, Zambia who travels a lot and reports news as it happens, fair and balanced news. Mwewa, says no opinions and no commentaries here, just pure news talk. He reports, you decide. You can always catch Mwewa on Diaspora Voice every second Saturday of each month.

    Then, Dr. Kennedy Malama Chibwe, Board President of the Zambia Diaspora Business Group, Inc. (not related or affiliated with Zambia Diaspora Voice talkshow) will announce the formation of this Business Group.

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    Da Morning Malasada

    in Spirituality

    Aloha kakahiaka kakou ... Good Morning, Everyone, wherever you may be on this Rock we call Mother Earth! Da Coconut Wireless brings you something different to go with your morning coffee and newspaper ... a sweet bit of Aloha to spark your thinking cap and get your mojo flowing for the workday ahead. So, kick back for these few moments and cruise into your morning with us. Malama pono kakou!