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    The Beat Break AM Show feat. Positive Arts Movement & The Mako Girls 5/2/15

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    The Beat Break AM Show feat. Positive Arts Movement & The Mako Girls 5/2/15

    Ridin Durty Radio Dirty Dozen Episode 61 

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    Fight Trainer/Stunt Double-Michael Dawson, Terminator/Scorpion King/Kung Fu

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    Special Guest: Michael Dawson started his passion in Martial Arts at age 6 and is is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Northern Shaolin/Praying Mantis Kung-Fu Association, with well over 35 years of experience in Chinese martial arts. Michael's involvement in kung-fu eventually led him to working as a professional stunt performer, stunt actor, fight coordinator, and martial art/fight trainer for film and television. He began his career stunt doubling actor David Carradine in his role as "Kwai Chang Caine" in T.V.'s KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES, the "sequel-series" to the original KUNG FU series. Over the years, Michael has trained and worked with numerous actors, including David Carradine, Dwayne ("The Rock") Johnson (The Scorpion King), Jessica Lange (American Horror Story, Knife throwing scenes), Michael Clark Duncan, Kelly Hu, Melissa George, Kurt Russell, Robert Carradine, Peter Facinelli, Colm Feore, John Schneider, Robert Vaughn, Patrick Macnee, Bo Svenson, Mako, Soon Tek-Oh, Richard Norton, George Lazenby, Clu Gulager, Clint Walker, Doug McClure, James Drury, Michael Bowen, Steven Brand, Chris Potter, Peter Jason, Calista Carradine, and Olympic gold and silver medalist Sherri Howard, among others.

    Recently T.V. shows: Salem, NCIS: New Orleans and American Horror Story: Freak Show.

    Currently working on The Magnificent Seven remake with Denzel Washington Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke and Vincent D'onofrio (I believe that's due out in Jan. 2017)

    Terminator: Genisys (due out July 1st)

    Extraction, with Bruce Willis & Kellan Lutz (due out next year)


    The Girl Next Door: Alexis Texas is of German, Norwegian and Puerto Rican descent. 


    In Studio Tonight: Tony Bruno, Miss Robin, Luigi Curto, Joe Corrado

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    Activating Our Multidimensional Consciousness with Lynn McCallum

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    Activate Your Multidimensional Consciousness - Simple, Powerful Techniques To Reverse Engineer Your 'Story" and Create The Life of Your Dreams

    We are on the fast track now to the reawakening of our true, cosmic multi dimensional nature and capacities... on the precipice of a quantum leap in our perception and experience of being alive.

    What does this mean to us personally and how will it affect our lives?

    As we discover our infinite potential to create our stories and so much more, i am inspired to share simple, powerful, techniques and suggestions revealed to me through the cosmic wisdom within, that have proven themselves to me as effective tools for reprogramming of self, rapid healing and tapping the source of creation within.

    How can we turn challenges into opportunities to fast-track our personal ascension into multidimensionality? In fact, how can we turn every moment in to opportunities to create the lives of our dreams?

    And how can we put these simple techniques into action?

    When we put knowledge into action it becomes embodied wisdom and from here we gain understanding and perspective how truly powerful we really are!

    Thank you to the beautiful offer of the blog talk radio team of "What do you really want?" for sharing their platform with me to bring this offering forth!
    Music credit:
    Mako - Our Story

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    Don't "Mako" me stick you!

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    Makos.  Before you poke 'em you should know who's coming by for dinner...or at least who was dinner.
    The shortfin mako inhabits offshore temperate and tropical seas worldwide. The closely related longfin mako is found in the Gulf Stream or warmer offshore waters.  It is a pelagic species that can be found from the surface down to depths of 150 m (490 ft), normally far from land though occasionally closer to shore, around islands or inlets looking for food.
    These potential 62 MPH creates of the blue are swift, hardy and will nicely bite into your hooked game fish very quickly.  For all you fin stickers out there, the short fin Mako is another fish with a high market value.  But, becareful where you sell as Green Peace International put them on their redlist in 2010.
    While we study the Mako and hear from our captains.  We will find out more about their fishign holes and if they are vistied by our little friends as well.  Speaking live will be Capt. Erik Lorentzen from Homosassa, FL, Capt. "Kiwi" Van Leeuwen in Guatemala, Capt. Mike Hennessey in the Hawaiian Islands and finally Capt. Jake Jordan as he flies from trade show to trade show this time of the year.  We will not only get JAke's opinion of the mako, but he will give us the headliners of teh shows this year.
    SOOOO...grab your rum, your favorite comfy chair, your humor mode and let MJ, Roddy and Ozzie fill your air with laughter.

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    The Great Shark Debate: Should Giant Mako Have Been Killed?

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    This special presentation of the Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio Show is brought to you by www.SportfishingConservancy.com
    Visit www.PhilFriedmanOutdoors.com
    The recent catch of an enourmous 1,323.5 pound mako shark off Huntington Beach, CA has sparked outrage among some. 
    Even some anglers are upset over the killing of this giant apex predator. Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio has the latest on how this creature was caught and investigate whether we be killing them.
    The mako was called a "killing machine." The question is, who or what is really the killing machine. Join us for this special edition of Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio.
    Read more on www.PeteThomasOutdoors.com
    Check out www.PhilFriedmanOutdoors.com

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    Actor and Martial Arts Expert MICHAEL SIMMONS aka Mako San

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    If you don’t know the name Michael Simmons now, you soon will. In just a few weeks, Simmons (aka Mako San) will have TWO blockbuster films in theaters: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, and MIB3. But Simmons is not merely an actor. He is also a Martial Arts Master holding a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, a Second Degree Black Belt In Hapkido, a First Degree Black Belt in Chinese Goju, a Second Degree Black Belt in Haidong Gumdo (Sword), a KRANE Martial Arts Hall of Famer, and he is also considered one of the Top Martial Artists in the country.
    Simmons has also developed several scripts, many resulting in feature films by his own production company, Makosan Productions, such as "MJ’s Secret" with notable actors and directors. A highly trained actor and stunt choreographer who is making his mark in the film industry, Michael Simmons (aka Mako San) will be the focus of our LIVE broadcast on Monday, June 4th at 7pm EST on Livin’ the Dream! with J Blair Brown.

    You can dial into this LIVE broadcast at 347.539.5805.*
    And if you haven’t already done so, register with BlogTalkRadio (it’s FREE!) and you'll be able to share in the chat room that’s always open during our LIVE broadcasts.

    *This show will be archived for your listening pleasure.

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    90's turtle movie vs 2014 turtle movie

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    back in the 90's jim henson was on something when he did the teenage mutant ninja turtles live action movie. it was a classic and a hit plus it follow the cartoons. then came 2 and 3. which i thought were good but when they did the cartoon movie tmnt that one suck but they had a true legend play the voice of splitner mako. now this summer they are making a come back and micheal bay wants redo the turtles like he redoing transformers. he go megan fox as april o neil bad pick and in this movie we don't know the back ground on how they become teenage mutant ninja turtles. it like they went different way with this story instead following the comics.cartoons and old 90's movies. my question to bay is why redo this i know the money so call in and give us your thoughts on the movies of the ninja turtles and the new one.

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    Mako Shark in the surf!Baja Now on Phil Friedman Outdoors

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    We have all the latest from Baja California for you in another great show. Fishing from Cabo San Lucas to Rosarito Beach and lots more. 
    Tracy from Pisces Fleet in Cabo San Lucas has all the very latest including a new surf-fishing service for only $100. Recently, a big mako shark was taken in the surf. Also 30-40 pound yellowtail and 50-pound roosters all from the surf.
    Great fishing in La Paz as Jonathan Roldan joins us with the latest. Big dorado, lots of sierras, and mucho mas.
    Pam Bolles joins us from Loreto with the hot action plus Don Asheley on Rosarito Beach, Art Soriano on camping in Norhtern Baja, Sergio Sussarey on the Ensenada bite, the new border crossing and more.
    Find out where the best seafood is in Ensenada and join Phil Friedman Outdoors on Jan 4-6 to Rosarito Beach. For info, call or text Phil now at 424 237 0250. 

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    Great White Shark off So Cal & How To Avoid A Shark Attack

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    A great white shark was seen Wednesdayoff Huntington Beach, California just after a 1,300 plus pound mako shark was taken.
    You'll hear from Captain Chris Batts from the whale watch vessel Christopher out of Harbor Breeze Cruises in Long Beach who saw the shark just a few miles offshore.
    We'll also have shark expert Ralph Collier talking about how you can avoid a shark attack. You won't want to miss this.
    Photo credit http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/
    Don't miss this very special edition of Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio. 
    READ- Mutilated sea-lion washes up in Surfside, CA with great white bite marks.
    Visit us at www.PhilFriedmanOutdoors.com.

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    Third Eye Cinema 7/7/13 with Bill Grefe

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    Next time on Third Eye Cinema: Florida exploitation pioneer Bill Grefe!  Breaking into the film industry at the very dawn of the Florida "right to work" boom (which gave us numerous drive in independent gems from the likes of Doris Wishman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Barry Mahon, Harry Kerwin and Sande Johnson), Bill learned his craft and honed his skills "on the job", producing such well remembered grindhouse favorites as Sting of Death, Death Curse of Tartu, Stanley, Mako: the Jaws of Death and the unforgettable Impulse with William Shatner and Harold "Oddjob" Sakata before moving on from indie film into the lucrative world of advertising!Winner of a number of Florida based film awards and a favorite of the likes of Quentin Tarantino,  Bill comes to us with a host of entertaining stories from the ground level of independent filmmaking throughout its glory days in the 60's and 70's!Join us for an entertaining interview with the one and only "Wild" Bill Grefe, only here on Third Eye Cinema!