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  • Goddess Alchemy Healing- Sex, F'king and Making love, what is it all about?

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    So what is the difference between making love and fucking? The difference between making love and fucking is mental state and intent. While both making love and fucking involve mental and physical aspects, fucking is more physical, and making love involves a mental connection.Fucking tends to be primal. Making love is more tender. Fucking is more recreational and about physical satisfaction. Making love brings more mental satisfaction into play. Position doesn’t matter. Can you make love with oral sex? Anal? When incorporating BDSM into the bedroom? While using birth control? Can sex work involve making love? Yes!

    What are the levels of f'king(if any) and love making? Which do you prefer? What is the energy invoed from both? Do they sound different? Look different? Lets explore deeply.

    And of course, you can make love and fuck the same person, in the same day! Both are great, but the making love session seems more nourishing and fulfilling. What are your thoughts? Questions and stories... Lets chat, learn something new and laugh... Adult content and  conversation

  • S AND M RADIO PRESENTS: Midnight love. We will play the best love making music

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    Join S and M Radio tonight as we play the get you in the mood for some bump and grind musical fun. So get your wine, whip cream, strawberries, and your love one, or yourself ready. If you have a love song that you would like for us to play or dedicate to someone?  Call in at (929) 477=1332 or contact us on Facebook 


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    Unconditional Love: A Love That Endures

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    This week we will be joined by our special guests Genasha and Melvin Sharpe.

    The Sharpes have been married for 6 years. Genasha Cotton Sharpe is the Co-Founder of The Sista's House in Fayetteville, Georgia. Melvin is an Evironmental Specialist for Crompco.  They have 2 children, ages 20 and 16 from Genasha's previous marriage.

    The Sharpes will talk about their marriage and Melvin's role as a father in their now blended family. They will also discuss Genasha's experience as a successful entrepreneur and how she balances her time between her family and her business. Finally, they will share with us the formula for how they have created a love that will endure for years to come.

    You don't want to miss this show!

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    The Making of a Mystic with Paddy Fievet, Phd

    in Spirituality

    From the pen of Paddy Fievet comes a riveting new memoir, When Life Cried Out: One Woman's Spiritual Quest to Be Fully Alive -- an adventurous page-turner that takes readers on a trip around the world as the author seeks spiritual guidance and an authentic new life.

    With charming prose, Paddy draws the reader in as her spiritual journey unfolds -- through her divorce, paralyzing agoraphobia, panic attacks, and startling metaphysical revelations. Her self-discovery and new-found spiritual connection emerges as not only a fascinating story but a wise resource for seekers who find themselves spiritually and creatively unfulfilled.

    Paddy has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics and is a member of Spiritual Directors International. She is also the author of The Making of a Mystic: Writing as a Form of Spiritual Emergence. 

    An accomplished and popular radio show guest, Paddy will be happy to give a phone or email interview, and/or submit an article or excerpt of the book to your specifications.




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    THE LOVE HUB SHOW is a FREE, live radio show for you to call in and GET ADVICE on the things you are struggling with from the host Denny Morales and Mirasha Renee as well as from THE AUDIENCE!! This is a way for us all to HELP EACH OTHER, reminding us that we are never alone. No question is so small or big and no topic is off limits! 


    For everyone that calls in you will a month free when you sign up for THE LAST FORMULA SPIRITUAL ACADEMY! www.spiritualacademy.net

    #thelovehubshow #spritualjerks #spiritualacademy @spiritualjerks https://twitter.com/SpiritualJerks


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    Making Room for Love

    in Art

    We have to make room for what it is we want in love – what we really want.

    We have to make room for what we want in our life also - what we really want.

    When we don’t have the love or life we want, it may just mean we haven’t yet made space.

    It may mean we haven't said "no" enough in order to make room for the "YES!" to arrive.

    Sometimes, making room means saying, “no.”

    Sometimes, making room means not responding to random texts.

    Sometimes, making room means making different choices.

    Intentionally…lovingly…purposefully making room for the love and life we really want.

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    THE  LOVE HUB SHOW is a free, LIVE, interactive SELF HELP radio show! People write or call in questions to get advice on and then the AUDIENCE calls in to help them. This is a way for us to help each other and to be the change we want to see in the world. A way for us to realize that our PAIN can help another person and become something BEAUTIFUL. No topic is off limits! Write in your question at thelovehubshow@gmail.com or call in live every WEDNESDAY 6:30pm PST! 

  • What Is Love?

    in Relationships

    There are 7 types of love:Agape, Storge, Philla, Ludus,Pragma, Eros,  and Philautia. As human beings, we will all experience one or more of these types of love in our lifetime. It's what connects us.

    Today we will discuss what love means to you.  We want you to share your experiences with love and the impact it has had on your life.

    Come with an open mind, heart and spirit as we explore this holistic approach to love.

  • How to Active Love today

    in Health

    We hear about the 12 steps for addiction recovery.  But Jennifer believes the 12 steps are made for everyone because it really is about activating love.  What does activating love mean?  To make love a verb and act in love.  But how many of us know how?  We are going to identify love and then break down the 12 steps of activating that love to bring more awareness.


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    Making Sense with Mike and Tom Week 4 Recap

    in Football

    Listen in to this show as we cover NFL, Draftkings Fantast, MNF's last playy and also preview TNF between Houston and Indy!

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    Life Of Love Bible Study with Lakisha Thomas

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                        Recharge and Refuel on theWord of God in 30 minutes or less.

                                        ****LISTEN LIVE  TONIGHT AT 8:30p(est)****

    Do you have a prayer request? Email LifeOfLoveLol@gmail.com Don't forget to Follow us on Instagram @_LifeOfLoveLol and Facebook: LifeOfLoveLol

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