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    Is Making Babies For Cash Benefits Now A Legitimate Career Option?

    in Culture

    LanceScurv rants on the amount of women who see the process of creating a child as a money making endeavor and the pitfalls not only to that woman and the unfortunate man caught in the trap, but the consequences on society that her actions have caused.

    This rant was relatively short but brought up many points that should be the topic of long conversations indeed.

    How many of you have encountered this scenario and how do you feel about it?

    Please leave your thoughts and comments below for all to see.

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    Making Babies tips with Foods

    in Spirituality

    Baby making Foods
    Do you know what foods will put a pep in your step up your game and hit home runs?
    So your body decides that is tired... what do you take?
    Did you know stress makes it sometime harder for you to concieve.   Holding in anger  blocks your body in more ways than one.
    How to make your mood sweeter? have you ever take a massage?
    Do you think of the water your body use to wash, brush and clean with?
     What chemicals are not right for your household and self?

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    Making Love or Making Hate

    in Politics

    At some point, we have to stop claiming that people are "hating" simply because we disagree with them. There is some real hatred out there and we need to fucs.

    Some of these ignorant cops in America are hateful and that is real.

    There are racists at large who hate others.

    And, some of us even hate ourselves.

    Then, there is the hatred across the gender divide that rears its ugly head whenever discussions are held about relationship issues.

    We have to choose between loving each other or embracing the growing acrimony that is festering on both sides of the gender divide.

    Black males and females are at war with each other in many corners of this nation. Hateful things are being said back and forth, and things are getting critical.

    I’ve been trying to move people by tapping into the hot topics that cut deep into human nature. The upside is that some of us are awake and realize that even if we disagree, we can still be committed to our people, or at least have a discussion about the divergences. The downside is that many of us have no idea how to have a conversation. I get literal demands from people to have discussions with them after they have cursed me or disrespected me in their disagreement with me.

    We have to decide if we are going to hate or love and then proceed with discussions, dating, loving and living.

    Listen to The Bridge Radio today at 4pm Pacific as we discuss love, hate and the thin line between the two. Join Award-Winning Author Darryl James and co-hosts Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall III and DJ Gates on one of the most intellectually stimulating shows on radio.

    Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show.

    Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment!

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    Hijacking Babies For A Profit

    in Family

    Talk about current issues

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    Spiritual Love Making, for You and your Partner

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Love Making, for You and your Partner, Tonight’s Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles invites you to join in discovery, creating the experience of Loving yourself, and your partner, Mind, Body and Spirit!  Learn ways to share spiritual and soul energy in your love making. Romantic and love filled ways to bring your special someone with you on magical journeys, meditations, and awesome experiences sharing wondrous spiritual energy. Listeners can join in share their stories, struggles, and experiences. A love filled mediation to connect with and allow your spiritual love energy to flow though you, and connect soul to soul with your current partner, inner mate, coming partner if you are single. We will be LIVE After our meditation for listeners to share their experiences. Those logged into BlogTalk Radio will as well be able to participate in a live chat during the show! You can listen live, and if you choose you can join in the conversation by calling (646)-721-9527.  www.RelaxLetGoBE.com click the Mic on the top of the home page. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/relaxletgobe You can access podcast of all The Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles shows using the same links when the show is not live.

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    Baby Making Music

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight on #CTFRadio we will be decussing music that gets you in the mood....what's in your playlist when that special someone comes over...that baby making music 90's -2000 let's go!

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    When making changes in your life; be prepared for the change in your circle

    in Radio

    This is our first show for 2015; and for our first show I will be speaking to you my listeners about CHANGE.  This is the time of the year when we all say "I want to loose weight", I want to complete my education", "I want to declutter my house", ect..... We all say something about improving our life but how long do you stick to it?  A week, a month; 6 months?  We all start with good intentions but somewhere down our jounery we stop; who do we blame?  Life?  Hey things happen!  If you are able to complete your life change what else changes in your life?  Maybe your circle of friends.  Are your changes worth a change in your circle?

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    Designer Babies

    in Science

    This week on Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson, Stephanie takes on science, the field of genetics and the current dilemma regarding its ethics and limitations. Has the time come when parents will be able to pick and choose the characteristics of our yet-to-be-born babies? Do such modern scientific advancements represent progress or a threat to humanity? Are we playing God?

    Joining us to sort out some of these challenging questions is Enola Aird, an activist mother and founding director of Mothers for a Human Future; Dr. Keith Crawford, a physician-scientist and Chief Medical Officer at Parcell Laboratories; and Dr. Marcy Darnovsky, Executive Director of the Center for Genetics and Society. Together we will discuss just how far our science has gone and should go, as well as the implications for society and for our very humanity itself.

    It is time to gather at the Roundtable as Stephanie Robinson delivers hot topics, deep talk and a little bit of uplift. Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson...pull up a chair.

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    Employees Teams - Making Safety A Habit

    in Business

    Making Health and Safety a habit, instead of something people have to do so the company is compliant to legislation.


    The need to be specific – which habits are you talking about?
    How to determine which habits are most important to focus on?
    What are the 4 types of behaviours in safety
    If we are talking about habits, we are ultimately talking about performance. How do you change performance?


    Show Hosted By: Tamara Parris, EHS Professional Group Owner

    Show Guest: EHS Professional member Shawn M. Galloway.

    Shawn is the President of ProAct Safety and coauthor of the bestseller STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence. Shawn has consulted with hundreds of organizations within every major industry to achieve and sustain excellence in performance and culture.  He has been listed in National Safety Council Top 40 Rising Stars, EHS Today Magazine’s 50 People Who Most Influenced EHS and ISHN Magazine’s POWER 101 – Leaders of the EHS World. Shawn has authored two books, 400 podcasts, 150 articles and 100 videos and is the host of the highly acclaimed weekly podcast series, Safety Culture Excellence. 


    Contact Shawn Galloway directly at: Direct:  + 1 936.273.8715 Mobile: + 1 281.433.7770 www.ProActSafety.com

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    Making The Connection with Soke Haisan Kaleak

    in Sports

    Greetings Family; and welcome to another edition of Making The Connection. Happening this Friday 1/23/2015, we posit the question "You have achieved your Black Belt..now what"? Join your host Haisan Kaleak and his co-host Salim al-Rashid Hanshi, for yet another thought provoking discussion concerning thought's you may have had but you may have reservations about asking...not to worry we will ask them for you! Listen on your browsers@Docradio.net or Call to speak to your host (646) 716-6825. And remember it would not be family without You!!

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    Making Changes with Bishop Derek Triplett

    in Education

    Thank you for joining the L.E.A.R.N for Life Consulting Blogtalkradio Network!  www.learnforlifeconsulting.com.

    Making Changes with Bishop Derek Triplett is on from 10:00AM-10:30AM.

    Bishop Derek T. Triplet thas been a servant leader in ministry for over 25 years.  In addition to preaching, teaching, speaking, and writing, he serves the Daytona Beach community in various civic, economic, youth & educational initiatives, and has been a student at the Reformed Theological Seminary.  He is the proud father of Destanni and Donovan Triplett. 

    Derek T. Triplett accepted his call to preach the gospel on May 22, 1986 and at age 19 he was licensed on June 15, 1986.  He grew and developed under the auspices of the Southern Union Missionary Baptist Church of St. Louis, MO and the pastorate of his father the Rev. Tommie L. Triplett, Jr.  He facilitated weekly campus worship services on the campus of his alma mater Bradley University.  

    Please click on the link below to learn more about Bishop Triplett


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