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    PODCAST: How Government is Making a Difference

    in Technology

    Welcome to the Turning Point podcast series.  Today, we have the special pleasure of speaking with Doug Robinson, the Executive Director of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), about his organizations new “Make a Difference” campaign.

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    Making a World of Difference One Quilt at a Time

    in Relationships

    This week on Relationships 2.0 my guest is Ruth Danner author of Making a World of Difference One Quilt at a Time: Inspiring Stories about Quilters and How They Have Touched Lives

    Quilts exemplify precious things: comfort through the warmth they provide; community, since they are often created by groups; and love, given the time and effort they require. With this in mind, legions of kindhearted quilters all over the world choose to donate their labors of love to people in need. Ruth McHaney Danner has gathered fifty-four heartwarming stories of quilters who make their compassion tangible one stitch, square, and quilt at a time. Each story introduces a quilter or group of quilters, ranging from a blind woman in Texas to preschoolers in Australia. Their gifts have the power to make recipients feel cherished and supported, even though they may never meet face-to-face. These wonderfully inspiring stories show that every quilter who has ever wondered, “But what can I do?” can do something that will help someone.


    About the author:

    Ruth McHaney Danner, the author of What I Learned from God While Quilting, has written extensively for various publications. She has made dozens of quilts for charitable organizations and for individuals in need, and many of her projects have won awards. Her sewing room in Spokane, Washington, overflows with stacks of fabric, bags of scraps, and an endless supply of UFOs (unfinished objects).

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    What Difference are you Making to Yourself & the World

    in Spirituality

    How do you spend the precious moments of your life.
    Do you make a difference to yourself.
    Claire Hennekam,  Miriam Henke and Dr Robyn Mills explore the ways that you can live your life that make a difference to you and the world.

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    Making A Difference for Blacks in Triathlons

    in News

    Tune in to IABT Radio Show for Triathletes on Monday, March 16, 2015 from 7-8 pm EST when IABT Executive Board Members, DrTekemia Dorsey and Keisha Kcr Ragoobir with one of our show host, Wendell Chuck Williams talk about the topic of "Making A Difference for Blacks in Triathlons"

    They discuss the organization's mission, vision, and what to expect for the remainder of 2015. Our guests will discuss the history of triathlons, the percenta...ge of involvement with African Americans, and the issues faced triathletes in the sport and being an African American triathletes, and much, much, more.

    You don't want to miss out on this ground breaking episode which will set the tone and foundation for the purpose of IABT's Radio and the difference this radio will make for people now and generations to come.

    Learn more about IABT at www.theiabt.org

    To become a guest, advertise, or sponsor the show, email iabtriathletes@gmail.com. 

    Be sure to follow IABT Blog Station to be sure to listen to archive shows.....


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    Mothers and Daughters Making A Difference

    in Moms and Family

    Please join Dr. Bessie and mothers and daughters from around the World each Saturday morning at 10:00 AM for a stimulating conversation about mothers and their daughters. Our stimulating topic for today is: Mothers and Daughters Making A Difference! You don't want to miss this show! So, call us at 347-539-5078 to listen to the show and click 1 to join the conversation. Call your mother and daughter friends and ask them to join us!


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    Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference

    in Business

    Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference with J V Crum III

    J V Crum III is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs grow six and seven figure conscious businesses. He is a speaker, marketing expert, Huffington Post Columnist, best-selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference” and hosts the top-ranking Conscious Millionaire family of podcasts. J V is Founder of ConsciousMillionaire.com, a global coaching and wealth product business and holds an MBA, JD, Masters in Psychology.

    Conscious Millionaire Podcast: http://consciousmillionairepodcast.com/

    Conscious Millionaire Website: http://consciousmillionaire.com/

    Conscious World Foundation: http://consciousworld.org/

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jvcrum

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jvcrum

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JVCrum

     free e-book consciousmillionaire.com/wealthformula - There is a link in it to get a $97 video training that includes 16 videos for free as a reader of the e-book.

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    Making The Difference - Guest Jasmine Sampson

    in Spirituality

    Join Spiritual Mentor and Life Coach Jasmine Sampson  as she profiles Collaborators of The Difference Project.  Hear these visionary global leaders talk in depth about their background,  their work, and their involvement with The Difference ™ Each broadcast ends with a guided meditation created in the moment by Jasmine, and building upon a theme that emerged during the course of the interview.
    This week's guest is Jasmine herself interviewed by Rosina McAlpine, the host of Inspired Children Radio
    Jasmine has always been aware of the spiritual dimension of life and has been on a conscious spiritual journey for more than 30 years and helping others to heal, evolve and grow for most of that time.
    She writes that "After years of struggling, I've finally discovered that life can be easy and fun
    I have discovered that it’s possible to be peaceful and joyful pretty much all the time.

    I have discovered that when I relax into the ebb and flow of life, that life can be a series of wonderful experiences."
    Jasmine will share some of her journey - and her shift from grief to joy in this interview.
    Contact Jasmine through her website www.HowToCreateMiracles.com

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    Making The Difference with Jasmine Sampson - Jacqueline

    in Spirituality

    Join Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Life Coach Jasmine Sampson  as she interviews global visionary and founder of The Difference Project, Jacqueline Bignall. Hear Jacqueline talk in depth about her background, the development of The Difference ™ and her vision for the future. The broadcast will end with a guided meditation created in the moment by Jasmine.

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    Christine Barrie Forgiveness The Great Healer

    in Motivation

    Christine Barrie shares her personal story of how she healed from a devestating breakup through forgiveness. The only way to change your life is to change the choices, to change the actions. If there is something in your life you don't like, first you have to be aware that it is the result of something that you do. It's the result of a choice that you made. What you did or thought that made you unhappy. Stand back and look at it from a different perspective. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. Be open to exploring your own heart. Find out how you can make a Difference in your own life.

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    You are already making a difference - but do you know how?

    in Spirituality

    We hear a lot of people talking about how they want to make a difference in the world.
    Here at The Difference™ Radio Network, we are involved in an amazing project that is exploring exactly what "The Difference" really is - how does one make a difference to ourselves, to those around us, and beyond?
    How does one person make a difference to everyone on the planet? Is that even possible? 
    Wanting to make a difference does not make us special or unique. Everyone is born with the desire to make a difference. We can see evidence of this in children, even in infants. If we look hard enough, we can see it in every person on earth, even when that desire becomes misguided. 
    What brings people to projects like The Difference™ - what perhaps brings you to this radio show - is your commitment to that desire. Maybe it has become a calling. Maybe it is simply the only way you know, or the only way you want to know. Maybe you just know it's time to act on that desire.
    And yet, the first step is to discover where you are already making a difference. 
    You might be surprised to learn some of the ways you are impacting the world around you; the subtle ways that may have gone unnoticed by you, maybe even by others, but which have cast pebbles into the water, the ripples of which cannot be stilled. 
    Tune in this week as Claire Hennekam flies solo (but never alone), exploring what it really means to make a difference and how, while you might be busy trying desperately to have an impact, you may well miss the very things you say and do that are already changing the world. 
    Then comes the much greater revelation - that your very existance makes such a profound difference to this planet that nothing you ever do, no matter how big or small, will ever match the immense power of your presence, but can only amplify and direct it..