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    Lifestyle Makeover - Perspective…What's Yours?

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    Perspective…we all want it.

    At times we all think we have the right perspective, but do we?

    Everyone knows without the right perspective, we get stuck, we struggle to achieve the results we want, heck we can even cripple our own mindset.

    So what can you do to help your perspective today?

    Well, it goes right back to… "It's not what you know, its who you know."

    That's right...your closest friends, your family, your inner circle all have a HUGE impact on your perspective. It doesn't mater what your goals are - if you hang out with people who constantly tell you why you can't achieve them, you will accept that perspective by default.

    And we all know how Christine and I feel about default. :)

    So clearly the solution is to seek out and spend more time with those who nurture your thoughts, as well as give you unbiased advice. Now, it's very important for you to understand that I'm not saying hang out with a bunch of "Yes Men/Women", but spend more time with those who have accomplished what you are looking to do.

    Take a moment to listen in to "The Lifestyle Makeover Show," and let's take this conversation to the next level.

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    Matt and Chris
    The Lifestyle Trailblazers

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    The Lifestyle Makeover Show: Rising From The Ashes

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    The Lifestyle Makeover Show: Rising From The Ashes

    We all want something better: more time, more money, more freedom.

    Ah...but there's a catch; and no I'm not talking about the work and investment it will take to get there,  but more of the overcoming of life itself.

    That's because for the majority of us, our default life is well, let's just say "It's cozie."

    In today's episode we'll have a candid conversation about life, so you can rise from the ashes of default and begin your rise to blazing your life by design.

    You're going to love it, we promise. 

    Matt & Chris

    The Lifestyle Trailblazers


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    Lifestyle Makeover - The True Cost Of Time Freedom

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    Lifestyle Makeover - The True Cost Of Time Freedom

    Ask yourself this...What is costing me to continue to live my life by default?

    It comes down to how much you value your time, and how much time you lose every day doing the "little things" that you plan to outsource or hire out when you make it.

    Today's conversation will wake you up to the fact that you are throwing your time away, but that there IS something you can do about it right now, so you can start taking your life back.

    So sit down and buckle in, because this is going to be a fun ride.

    Matt & Chris

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Life By Design 2014 - Building The New

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    Socrates once said, "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new." Everyone knows that the easiest way to accomplish anything is to focus on one thing at a time. So how do you do this with out losing sight of the end goal, getting overwhelmed, or even letting the past dictate your future? I'm so glad you asked... In this episode of Lifestyle Makeover - Life By Design 2014 - Building The New, we dissect this conversation to reveal "gold nuggets" that you will be able to take and use in your life...Today!
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    Lifestyle Makeover - Lifestyle Design For 2014 Part 1

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    How To Make 2014 The First Of The Best Years Of Your Life!  
    Stop and ask yourself this one key question… "Am I living my life the way I pictured it last January?" If not, you're not alone.
    But the fact is you don't have doom yourself to another 365 days of mediocrity and default, because it's time you stop planning and start living.
    Join us right here LIVE every Thursday 10:30 EST, for the "Lifestyle Makeover Show" as we personally guide you down the the most direct path of your own personal treasure map to the "X" that marks the spot…Your Life By Design!
    In our new series, "Life By Design 2014", you will feel a sense of euphoric happiness as you leverage the Lifestyle Design Formula to become the architect of your dream life.
    But don't take our word for it, see for yourself.
    So pull up a chair, turn off the TV and hold on tight, because 2014 is going to be a fun ride.
    Matt and Chris The Lifestyle Trailblazers http://LifestyleTrailblazers.com

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Lifestyle Revolution

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    Is It Time For A Revolution?

    Well 2014 is here and it is staring you right in the face. Ready to play that annual game of chicken with your mindset? Now the question is...who will blink first?

    Are you ready for a revolution?

    Tune in January 2nd, 10:30 EDT to discover the 3 essential ingredients you need to win the 365 day battle that lay ahead. 

    This is the recipe that makes us 1.5 to 2 million dollars a year in sales.

    But hey, don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

    See you there!

    Matt and Chris
    The Lifestyle Trailblazers



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    Lifestyle Makeover - Donald Trump Gets Sued

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    In a stunning report…Donald Trump gets sued by the New York Attorney General's office.
    How does this affect you and your life by design?
    To put it simply…
    It brings to light a very serious and potential epidemic because of what this lawsuit represents and why it actually threatens the very concept of living your life by design.
    In this week's Lifestyle Makeover broadcast, Matthew and Christine Kominiak go 15 rounds on the subject, as they talk about Mr. Trump's response to the NY Attorney General's allegations, to help vaccinate your thoughts so you can clearly see what is possible in your life.
    Your brain is already asking..."So what is it?"
    You'll have to tune in to find out.
    9/5/2013 10:30 EST 
    Matthew & Christine will see you there!

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Thankful or Grateful

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    Are you Thankful or Grateful?

    Today is Thanksgiving here in the United States, and most of us will spend the day relaxing as we prepare to do battle with the masses on "Black Friday."

    As we experience the time honored tradition of spending the day with family and friends (and who can forget the turkey with all the fixings) we will all undoubtedly be asked,

    "What are you thankful for today?"

    And it's that very question that fuels today's conversation. So put the baster down, you can mash those potatoes in just a minute.

    Because what we are going to share with you not only changed the way we have blazed new trails in our life and business, but it increased our income, as well.

    Who wouldn't a few more bucks in their pocket...right?

    So pull up a chair and listen close, because you're about to get the best "Black Friday Deal" ever!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Matt & Chris



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    The Lifestyle Makeover Show - Traditions

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    How Your Traditions Can Transform Your Life

    Today Matthew Kominiak shares an "Ah-ha" moment he had when thinking about traditions (especially leading up to holidays), and how they can help you grasp just how close you are to transforming and living your life by design.

    You will realize you are so close to having a paradigm shift, that reaching your goals and living the lifestyle you dream of, is right within your grasp.

    Check it now by watching the video!

    Find more resources on how to stop living your life by default and start living it by your own design right here:


    Matt and Chris
    The Lifestyle Trailblazers

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Your Quit Story

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    Nobody likes a quitter, but everyone likes a good "Quit Story". That's because it inspires and reminds them of the possibilities in their own life.

    So what's yours going to be?

    Be sure to tune in this week 10:30 EDT as we dissect the subject of the "Quit Story", and learn why a story that brings conclusive end to something, can be the most liberating and profitable story you will ever tell!

    Blaze A Life By Design,

    Matt & Chris

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    Total Home Makeover Welcome Message

    in Women

    Author, Renee Metzler, welcomes you to a Total Home Makeover: A 20 Day Plan to Renew Your Space & Spirit.  If you could go on a journey and leave chaos, to transform, yourself, your family and your home, to arrive at order in just 20 days, would you?  Renee shares:
    Confessions Book Beginnings Book Overview 5 Steps to Get Started Testimony of God's Goodness Learn more at http://TotalHomeMakeover.com.

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