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    Stand Up and Be Counted! You Can Make a Difference!

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    PROTEST!  Speak Up!  Do Your Part!
    Today, more than ever, we, good people, have to stand together to right the wrongs of fellow citizens, our government, and anything else where there is personal and social injustice, where there is religious persecution, where there is abuse of any kind.
    Today, we have Jeff Wiesenfeld, who organized a massive protest of "The Death of Klinghoffer" at the Metropolitan Opera.  Rabbi Joseph Potasnik was a featured speaker and It was attended by such notables as Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki. 
    Rabbi Diana S. Gerson also joins us today to talk about the importance of community involvement, your involvement, where you can make a difference.  You can stand up and be counted, and you should get involved.  
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke !

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    How would you make a difference with $5000? Let's talk.

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    We're geeking out in total tool-loving style at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo. And we're asking everyone: How could you make a difference with $5000? Join us.

    MyFixitUpLife is heading to the annual Remodeling Show and Deck Expo, ready to announce Rebuilding Together's 'Tradesperson of the Year.' To celebrate the trades who give back in their communities around the country, we're testing (and rewarding) the skills and knowledge of attendees among the power and prowess from inside the 'Tool Alley' at the Remodeling show and Deck Expo.

    And while Mark may rule the pages and airwaves of MyFixitUpLife with his tool afficionado attitude, self-proclaimed tool-geek Kayleen McCabe and long-time Rebuilding Together volunteer is joining Theresa as co-host on this special episode of MyFixitUpLife talk. Kayleen's got game, too. She's a licensed contractor, host of DIY Network's 'Rescue Renovation,' and the 2009 Stud Finder winner.

    Yes, remodelers and deck builders do geek out on tools, many of them also use their skills to help their communities. We'll be talking with Grundy, host of DIY Network's Cool Tools and Blog Cabin, and Charley Shimanski, CEO of Rebuilding Together, and amazing tradespeople about their passion for building, their favorite go-to tools, and why making a difference matters to them.

    And we're asking everyone: How could you make a difference with $5000?

    Join us Thursday, October 23th at 1pmET as Theresa and Kayleen talk to Chris Grundy, Charley Shimanski, and amazing tradespeople.

    Come visit us during the day on Thursday, October 23rd at the Tool Alley at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Baltimore to find out how you can win Lowe's money from us, and tell us: How could you make a difference with $5000?

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    Finding Solutions to Hunger, Poverty & Inequality: Kids Can Make A Difference

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    Welcome to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be speaking with Larry Levine co-founder along with his wife Jane of Kids Can Make A Difference® (KIDS), a program of the International Education & Resource Network (iEARN).  KIDS is  an educational program for middle- and high school students, focuses on the root causes of hunger and poverty, the people most affected, solutions, and how students can help. The major goal is to stimulate the students to take some definite follow-up actions as they begin to realize that one person can make a difference.

    Larry has taught the KIDS program in many schools in New England and Metropolitan New York City. He also edits the KIDS newsletter, which is sent to more than 13,000 subscribers.  Prior to KIDS, Larry was Executive Vice-President of marketing and sales for an international corporation based in New York City. Larry is a member of the WhyHunger Advisory Board.

    Jane, in addition to her involvement with Why Hunger and KIDS, Jane received a Doctor of Education degree in nutrition and education from Teachers College, Columbia University. As a nutrition educator, she has researched, written, and lectured extensively about how food marketers target school children and about the ethics of the nutrition profession's complicity in such marketing efforts. Previously, she wrote the "Nutrition Watch" column for Why. Magazine. Prior to beginning her studies in 1987, Jane spent 18 years with Fortune 500 companies as a computer programmer, systems analyst and project manager. Jane is a member of the WhyHunger Advisory Board.


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    The Difference Connections Make - Bill Waterer

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    Today your host katherine Bright interviews Bill Waterer, Secretary and National Coordinator for the Australian Orangutan Project.
    Bill is also the State Coordinator for the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots school program as he firmly believes unless the youth of today get involved there is no hope for the future of the animals in the wild.
    Hear how Bill Waterer's passion for the Orangutan has made a huge difference to the future of these wonderful creatures, so genetically close to humans.
    As this episode is pre-recorded, no callers can be answered and the blog will not be functional. 

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    The Difference Connections Make - Matthew Anning

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    Join host Katherine Bright as she talks to talented spiritual astrologer Matthew Anning.
    Matthew holds a Music degree in piano performance and BA Hons in Modern Languages, having researched dialect in Japan. He has a Certificate 1 in Japanese proficiency, and was admitted to the Tarot guild of Australia in 2005.

    He has read the Tarot since age 13, and astrology since age 22. He quotes his religion as pagan, and has a strong interest in alternative healing, espcially chinese medicine.
    The accuracy with which Matthew draws his clients' astrological charts has been described as nothing short of astonishing. Hear how he uses his multiple talents in making a difference and helping others in this fascinating program.

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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope Time To Make a Difference

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    Good Evening Folks!! Tonights episode is one with great heart and love and the core being Gods love!!!! Please join me tonight and share the wonderful ideas and efforts you have done to improve our world and make a positive difference. I am going to share some ideas that I have discovered over the years that help others and make a positive and uplifting difference in our world. We have such a negative aspect in our world that the News displays on a daily basis, I wanted to use my show to do the direct opposite. So it is I invite you to give a listen amnd call in and share your thoughts and ideas to connect people back to god and make deposit some of Gods love back into our world. Call in Number is 1-347-850-1527








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    Zoe Richards - Business Strategist and Coach & creator of Make a Lemonade Life

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    Following a corporate career that took her to senior management in HR alongside running a retail business and being on the board of a local radio station, Zoe transitioned into entrepreneurship, owning a successful photography studio alongside being a business strategist and coach. She now runs her coaching business, Success Revolution, full-time alongside managing her online program, Make a Lemonade Life, and she is writing her book 'How to Make a Lemonade Life'.

    Zoe achieves results with her clients that are visible on the bottom line. They consistently increase their turnover by 100-200% within weeks of working with her and reduce their costs by as much as $80k pa, improving productivity and profits through her Alchemy Programme.

    As the creator of Makealemonadelife.com Zoe helps women find freedom in life and in business. She delivers powerful and inspirational talks and is equally comfortable at small networking events or in front of large audiences as your keynote speaker. She is the award winning author of the ebook 100 Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business, a regular columnist for national magazines and is often featured on local radio.

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    How One Person Can Make A Difference

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    Air date: September 13, 2014

    Description: Join Lisa as she gives a great example of how one person can really make a difference then talks to callers about connecting with their loved ones on the Other Side. One or two callers will also be given free mini-mediumship readings on-air. The number is: (646) 929-0732.*

    *Please know Lisa does not give psychic readings or see the future. You need to find someone who specializes in those areas. For more information about Lisa, please visit her site, http://messagesfromtheotherside.net. 

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    We are going to be breaking down the way to winter proof!!  Also, we will have a 5 minute "Ask Me Anything Make Up Session" where I will answer live questions (and questions sent in) from callers.

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    Make difference in somebody's life! Please listen!

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    http://journeyintothelight.org/homeless-project-please-help.php.....If you are a person who likes and believes how important it is to make difference in somebody life, then I ask for you to listen to this show. Make a difference in somebody's life as you might not know when you might be the one needing help. Journey into the Light Radio is in it's 6th year of being on daily, somedays we have several shows in one day, so people can connect with someone that really resonate to and everybody has a piece of the pie and can share with us so much. So many people/souls have been helped by this show. 

    I received a message a couple of months while I was sleeping that just woke me up telling me to get going on our homeless project. I was told if I put the word out there on my shows that people would respond for sure and what we would start first here in Oklahoma City and then start somebody in another city and before you know it, this would be spread all over the country!! Every great group like Feed the Children, The Red Cross, United Way and many others all had to start somewhere and we are going to do the same here. Surely there are people out there who can help and want to help our cause. 


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    Tuning into Kids Who Make a World of Difference

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    We have featured nearly 100 interviews with people making a difference around the globe. Our youngest guests are proof you don't have to a degree or years of experience to make a tremendous difference.  In fact, at just 11 years of age, our upcoming guests began making an impact upon thousands of hurting lives. 

    Kenzie Hall is a military brat who works to identify what military kids need for the long-haul. Five years ago, at just 11 years-of-age she created "Brat Pack 11," while her father was deployed to Afghanistan. Her foundation's mission is to recognize "the children of military heroes nationwide by providing them with unforgettable experiences and connecting them with a network of continued support." Her Brat Pack 11 foundation is now operating under a national non-profit, "The Boot Campaign." The 501c3 supports veterans, and their families, through Housing, Jobs, Wellness, Education, Urgent Assistance, Family Support, and Honor and Gratitude Programs, such as Brat Pack 11. We're going to get an update from Kenzie Hall on her foundation while meeting with another dynamic young entrepreneur.

    Kylie Simonds is an 11 year-old cancer survivor who battled rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer three years ago. Kylie was came up with an invention through her school and Connecticut Invention Convention. She went to work on using her cancer journey to bless other kids in the battle. Kylie designed a backpack that allows children some mobility while receiving I.V. treatments or infusions. Her campaign to raise the funds to bring her invention to market went viral, capturing the attention of CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, among others. To-date she's raised more than 90% of her goal for the IV Pediatric Backpack.

    Join us to meet these two extraordinary girls, each passionate for their cause and determined to make a world of difference!

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