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    Maddie Brown, 5 Simple Steps to Make and Keep More Money in Your Small Business

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    In this episode of the Divinely Intuitive™ Business Radio Show, Rev. Anne Presuel, Irreverent Rev, will be interviewing Maddie Brown, CPA, The Entrepreneur’s CFO.

    Maddie Brown, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has 30+ years of working with small businesses. She has a passion for helping business owners fulfill their dreams and create the real business they were meant to share. Her services save time, stress and money and give people wings.

    By helping business owners fulfill their place, Maddie fulfills hers. This is her gift.

    Maddie will be teaching us her 5 Simple Steps to help you make more money, have the business you’ve always wanted, reach financial freedom, and live out your dreams!

    Anne and Maddie will be taking your calls and questions, so call in!

    Click here for Maddie's special gift for listeners: her eBook 5 Simple Steps to Make and Keep More Money in Your Business.

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    Spotlight On Business: The Energy of Money

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    Today we examine the opinions and philosophies of Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad in our quest to develop an economic model that circulates money within the community.

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    Spotlight On Business: The Energy of Money

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    On today's show we continue our series on The Energy of Money. In the first segment we discuss the continuing false flag saga of black people being disrespected in sports. A racially charged email led to Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson giving up his team was discovered during an internal investigation following a racially driven comment by another member of the Hawks leadership, What is this really about. I say its about business, not race!

    In the second segment we explore what it really takes to be in business. There is a difference between the mind of an owner and the mind of an employee. We will explore how that dynamic manifests in the black community. After last week’s show I took it upon myself to set up a series of meetings with a prominent banker to discuss why it’s so easy to get a church loan but not a business loan in black communities. What was revealed to me will startle you.

    In the final segment we take your phone calls at 347.850.1753.

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    A Mistake CEOs And Business Owners DO NOT Want To Make

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    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about... A Mistake CEOs And Business Owners DO NOT Want To Make.

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter - or connect with Howard on LinkedIn.

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    Spotlight On Business (The Energy of Money)

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    First Segment: We discuss all thing math and science in our attempt to get black children pursuing those careers. We talk with Wade lenard, the coordinator for the Mississippi School of Math and Science.

    Second Segment: We examine why black Business across America Fail, and why others who barely speak english can come into our country, set up shop and thrive in Black America.

    Third Segment: We continue our dsicussion on the Energy of Money. the Energy of Money. We talk about the fact that money is energy and manifests through spirituality, into the material world. We have a relationship with money that affects every other relationship in our lives. We explore the concept of making money our ally rather than a part-time lover. The mothers will discuss how those dynamics work through the family structure.

    Forth Segment: We take your phone calls.

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    Spotlight On Business: the Energy of Money

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    On today's show, in addition to continuing our discussion on the energy of Money, we discuss the fact that our nation seems to be rushing headlong into World War three.

    Also We examine two very powerful economic and social movements in black america, and we ask the question, why do we ignore these individuals (Marcus Garvey, Elihah Muhammad)?

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    Ways To Make Money As An Expert

    in Self Help

    Live on air! ADVICE & READINGS!

    At times we all need practical as well as inspirational advice or guidance. So whether its a mortgage question, a business start-up, a relationship, a child...whatever you are dealing with and need support for you are not alone!

    Looking for advice or answers to your greatest challenges?

    Carole Gold and Steve Clark have a remarkable and rich combined treasure house of professional and personal experiences that allow them to address whatever is on your mind and provide you with insights and solutions that can move you to the next level of your own genius or new depths in your personal relationships.
    Steve is a former Marine Officer, Wall Street International MarketsTrader and Lead Generation Marketer. Carole is a Lawyer, Mediator, Author and Intuitive. Both are parents and... both are here to not only take a higher perspective look at world events but also to bring things up close and personal by taking your questions on-air about difficulties or decisions facing you in your life at this moment.

    Take this opportunity to speak directly with Carole and Steve and receive guidance and clarity that you'd pay thousands of dollars for privately!!

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    Zoe Richards - Business Strategist and Coach & creator of Make a Lemonade Life

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    Following a corporate career that took her to senior management in HR alongside running a retail business and being on the board of a local radio station, Zoe transitioned into entrepreneurship, owning a successful photography studio alongside being a business strategist and coach. She now runs her coaching business, Success Revolution, full-time alongside managing her online program, Make a Lemonade Life, and she is writing her book 'How to Make a Lemonade Life'.

    Zoe achieves results with her clients that are visible on the bottom line. They consistently increase their turnover by 100-200% within weeks of working with her and reduce their costs by as much as $80k pa, improving productivity and profits through her Alchemy Programme.

    As the creator of Makealemonadelife.com Zoe helps women find freedom in life and in business. She delivers powerful and inspirational talks and is equally comfortable at small networking events or in front of large audiences as your keynote speaker. She is the award winning author of the ebook 100 Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business, a regular columnist for national magazines and is often featured on local radio.

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    5 Simple Steps to Make and Keep More Money in Your Small Business

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    Maddie’s 5 Simple Steps will help you make more money, have the business you’ve always wanted, reach financial freedom, and live out your dreams!   

    Maddie Brown is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 30+ years of working with small businesses. She has a passion for helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and create the real business they were meant to share.  Maddie helps her clients get clear about their business and financial goals, clean up any money messes, get confident about where they are and where they are going, and create a simple step-by-step plan to get there – without feeling overwhelmed, wrong or judged.


    Maddie is on a mission to help transformational business owners succeed in their business, help more people and make more money. By helping entrepreneurs fulfill their place, she fulfills hers.

    Visit www.KateBeeders.com and get your BRAND NEW COMPLIMENTARY MINI VIDEO SERIES: "Stop Procrastinating: Start Mastering the 3 Keys to Unlimited Business Success Now" 

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    Money and More ... Replay of Budgeting

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    Wendy Cassera hosts this show that deals with finances and money for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Individuals, and Mostly YOU.  Words like Finances, Money, IRS, Taxes and Financial Statements shouldn't create fear.  These things should be used to strengthen and grow your business and your life.  Besides ... where were you when it stopped being fun?  Let's bring the fun back together.  

    Wendy Cassera is an accountant and tax expert with over 25 years experience.  I help those struggling with their finances to find simple, easy to use ways to manage and understand their finances and make more money. 

    This Success Place is about you succeeding.  So ... come to where the fun is ... hear tips about taxes, short cuts to bookkeeping, jokes, quotes, and even some really great guest speakers that can help you with your life, your business, and your Success ... whatever that means to YOU.

    www.taxpectations.com // wendy@taxpectations.com

  • 12 Mistakes Business Owners Make And How Not To Do It In 2015

    in Self Help

    Join Rosemary Nonny Knight, business coach and founder of Wealthy Warrior Alliance, and me as we discuss the 12 Mistakes Business Owners Make And How Not To Do It In 2015!

    Based in the UK, Rosemary Nonny Knight  is the lady people ask for when they are ready to fight for the life and business they want. 

    Rosemary is an author, property investor, business coach, and the founder of the Wealthy Warrior Alliance and The League Of Warriors—online and offline mastermind groups that enable leaders to step into their true selves. Visit her at www.RosemaryNonnyKnight.com.

    Based in the US, Tia Johnson is a spiritual healer, teacher, speaker, best-sellingauthor, and enterpreneur. Tia focus is to help one's inner and outer spiritual growth as well as to help women entrepreneur to succeed.

    Currently, Tia is an Organizational Dynamics graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. Visit Tia at www.violetsanctuaryspa.com.

    Do you have a topic you would like Tia to address on the show or would like to be a guest on the show? Email her at Tia.Johnson@violetsanctuaryspa.com

    Call In Numbers: Domestic- 619-996-1641 International- Press the Skype button

    Time Zone of the show is eastern. Please visit www.timeanddate.com/worldclock to know what time the show airs in your area.

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