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    Make it Happen

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    More with DR RAWSON, on how to go from poverty to wealth..as well as how to have the Perfect Relationship.....
    also Tony Marino and Coach Frankie Picasso talk to you about how to get through Valentines Day without the blues....

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    Janicka Bassis - CEO and Founder of WWIRE World Women In Real Estate

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    Janicka Bassis was born in Chicago from Czechoslovakian Immigrants. Her mother Melanie Everet was one of the first women in commercial real estate in America and she taught her four daughters that there was no such a thing as a glass ceiling and that only stars were the limits.  Janicka studied at the prestigious Sophia University, Tokyo Japan and went also to the French National School Beaux Arts in Paris and received a scholarship from the Art Institute of Chicago. 
    Janicka's dream was to be a portrait artist. Unfortunately her husband fell ill and she became the sole bread winner of the family. After 7 years spent in the hotel industry specialising in the Japanese Market she followed the trails of her mother and started her very successful real estate career in 1987. She became one of the first Women Directors in France to sell commercial French Real Estate to the International Market. She created the first real estate transaction department in a French bank in 1993 and sold the then largest shopping center in France. She also created the first investment department for Foncia Entreprise as well as a family real estate fund with her sister in Vienna, Austria . Her Internet career began in 2012 when she was asked to develop a real estate social network for Institutional investors called Belbex where she worked for 2 years as International Development Director. Janicka enjoyed learning about start ups and Internet technology.

    She blazed the trail for other young women to enter that profession. She has been enjoying helping women for 25 years now which is also why she founded W.W.I.R.E the World Women In Real Estate network.

    Janicka lives in Paris, she speaks fluently French and Japanese and is now looking forward to learning Chinese.




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    Allow me to introduce myself... an Introduction to Mrs. Make It Happen!

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    isten in to the debut episode of The Chronicles of Mrs. Make It Happen. We will be discussing an introduction of Mrs. Make It Happen, and the topics that will be discussed. E-mail me topics @ info@mrsmakeithappen.com Feel free to call in... Hopefully, you enjoy it!

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    Donna Darzentas - Senior VP - SD & HSE Mol Group

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    Donna Darzentas

    Very early in her career Donna Darzentas was one of the first females within an oil and gas company, a very male dominated sector. She had to face the "prove yourself first concept", that is to say that she had to prove first that she could meet challenges before being compensated equal to her male colleagues. Donna is today Senior VP - SD & HSE at Mol Group, a large international Oil & Gas company whose headquarters are in Hungary. 
    Prior to her current role Donna worked as Vice President in Walter Energy, an international mining company specializing in metallurgical coal production and processing, where she was a key member of the Business Team reporting directly to the President of Canadian and European Operations. Before that she also held several managerial positions in BP, including the position of Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment in BP Global and the position of Health, Safety and Environment Director in TNK-BP (leading Russian oil company specializing in crude oil processing).

  • Jasbindar Singh - Leadership coach, author and professional speaker

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    Jasbindar works as a coaching psychologist, leadership coach, author and professional speaker with over 30 years experience. She is the Director of
    SQ Executive Management Consultancy Ltd; an Auckland based coaching and consulting practice. 

    Jas choose to go against the grain of what was expected of her as a young Indian girl to pursue her passion and left home at the early age of 16. She created her life in a new country without all the normal support systems one could rely on. She has now been a solopreneur for nearly a quarter of a decade and is still going!

    Although Auckland has been her home for nearly 40 years now, she is an insightful, adventurous and thoughtful person who loves to dine out, watch movies and travel to far-away lands...

    Jas will share with us how she is encouraging/reinforcing herself and others to not give up on their dreams and to find one's mojo and live that as best as possible, in spite of the constraints.

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    Make it Happen

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    Making the hire happen is often just a matter of listening, and showing up.  Candidates bail this week because potential employer doesn't follow through.

    Join Kristie Santiago and Barbara Goldman, as they sort out problems in hiring. 

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    Self Help Made Simple: Make Life Happen

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    In life, it's not always what happens to you, but how you react to it that makes the difference. Have you ever caught yourself saying, "Such my bad luck" or "If it's not one bad thing it's another"? How beneficial has this attitude ever brought you? Has it improved your supposed "luck"?

    Listen in as Jerome & Jason of Self Help Made Simple show you how you can improve your situation, attract more abundance, and help bring an end to "negative" things from happening in your life.

    Make Life Happen For You!

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    Angel Heart Radio is Global Radio with more for you. More Inspiration, more support, more opportunities to feel heard and cared about. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    Anja Degenhardt - Quitting everything for a life altering world trip

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    Anja Degenhardt grew up in a tiny village in former Eastern Germany close to the border. She was 8 when the wall came down. Her parents, who were blue collar workers, struggled wit unemployment thereafter. That is probably why financial security became so important to Anja. Although she wanted to stay close to her home, she found an apprenticeship in Frankfurt, 200 kms away from there.  After that apprenticeship she choose security and money and studied while working full time in real estate. She got the opportunity to do international real estate and loved that she was working with parts of the world she had never seen before. She had the opportunity to work in the company's foreign branches in the UK and the US without having to leave her comfort zone. In London, a colleague told her that she had saved money and had done a worldtrip, although very tempting, that seemed totally out of reach for her in her current situation. 5 years later, after she worked 6 mths in the NY Branch of her company, her boyfriend (now husband) and her did a 4 week roadtrip all the way down to Key West. Realizing that there is not enough time to spend on the road she started thinking about a worldtrip. She felt a bit misplaced when she returned to her job but kept on working there for another 3 years.
    Anja will tell us what happened next during our interview!

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    The Chronicles of Mrs. Make It Happen

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    This Episode Mrs. Make It Happen will be discussing the Beanie Sigel/ Jay-z dispute that seems to be rocking the world. Is it one sided, will Jay strike back, and is Beanie shaking hands with the devil.

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    New Year, New You ... Let's Make It Happen!

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    You know the saying, “New Year, New You”, well let’s make it more than a saying this year! Let’s make it happen!

    Chris Alexandria’s misson is to empower people around the world to live life on their terms (http://www.angelchatter.com/). She’s turned the concept of ‘affirmations’ on its head with the development of what she calls Askfirmations – taking the commonly used positive statements and mantras and turning them into positive, present-tense questions. Making it easier to get the very things you desire most. She’ll explain the concept of askfirmations and how we can use them to make this year our best year yet!

    Next up Dr. Todd Nelson (http://www.tolwellness.com/), an expert in holistic medicine, will share some natural alternatives to many common problems. He has helped his patients find natural solutions to ailments like hormonal issues, PMS, menopause, anxiety, depression, insomnia and digestive problems. He’ll share some self-care strategies with food, supplements, herbs and cleansing that you can begin using immediately to make some positive changes in your health and mood.

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    Make it Happen!

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    Join leading Empowerment Specialist Jamelle Sanders for a show that will push you beyond excuses and propel you into next level living! Plus, Jamelle speaks about exciting developments and much more. You don't want to miss this power-packed show! 

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