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    Positively Autistic: Autism, God's Bright Kids--An Amazing Story!

    in Lifestyle

    Dana is finally back! And her first guest is Kelli Trombley, a homeschooling, stay at home mother to four children. She has an amazing story to share about her son, Michael, who has ADHD and ODD, and will share her experiences as mom to her youngest son, who is Autistic.

    Dana is the owner of AngelArts, a Creative Arts Agency and Publishing House. Seven years ago, she discovered that her son and husband both have Aspergers. It's opened up a whole new world for her and her family. Yes, there are incredible challenges, but she chooses to see how God has blessed her family through it.

    Her son created a painting that became an inspiration for her Autism Awareness product line, Autism: God's Bright Kids. She also is publishing a book called "Angels in the Midst: Rising Above Autism and Aspergers," a collection of stories, poetry, videos, and artwork about how God uses ordinary people in the challenge of living with Autism and how He works in the midst of it. She is looking for submissions, sponsors, and nonprofits to give a portion of the revenue to.

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    Kids and Love

    in Spirituality

    Kids and the energy we form when we are adults

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    The Bright Side with Tekneshia

    in Motivation

    Spend time with your host, Tekneshia, as we discuss news and a little gossip. Oh yes! The beginning of a new day for the show. It is dearly noted the love that you all have given me during my time away. I am back and ready to give you more.

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    Kingdom Kids Network: "Serve It Up!"

    in Spirituality

    Next on Kingdom Kids Network

    A broadcast brought to you by Kingdom United Ministries Network


    "The king will answer them, ‘I tell all of you[a] with certainty, since you did it for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me." Matthew 25:40

    This is the response every believer in Jesus Christ wants to hear.  We have opportunities every day to serve someone, somehow in some way, but how often do we miss them?  How many times are we so concerned about our own wants and needs that we fail to see the benefit in serving others?

    Join us on this months Kingdom Kids Network as we discuss ways we can live a life of serving others while reaping the reward of The Masters approval.  Share and invite others and feel free to visit our web page by going to:  www.kingdomcomenet.com 

    You are welcome!

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    The SUPERYOGI Scenario

    in Books

    James Connor began writing supernatural thrillers when he won a RavenSociety Award at the University of Virginia in support of his creative writing. But it wasn’t until two decades later that James felt compelled to publish stories that allowed readers to experience the deep wisdom that he gained from his 15 years of detailed Buddhist and yoga training. 

    James was the CEO of a successful New York ad agency for 14 years before he gave everything up to undertake a three-year isolated meditation retreat in the high-desert mountains of Arizona. 

    On Sunday afternoons in retreat, he’d take a break from meditating to write. What resulted was The Superyogi Scenario, a fun fantasy thriller that’s a new take on the superhero story and based on authentic verses in The Yoga Sutra and ancient Buddhist texts. He created The Superyogi Scenario as an entertaining way for people to explore the inner powers that are accessible though Buddhist and yoga teachings. Following in the footsteps of his story-telling idols C.S. Lewis, Neil Gaiman, and the Wachowskis, James is a firm believer in combining philosophy with fun.

    He is also the founder of GoBeyond.org, a non-profit that teaches people how to meditate from authentic sources in the Buddhist and Yoga lineages and a blogger for the Huffington Post.

    To learn more, visit www.byjamesconnor.com

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    Keep Your Light Shining Bright in Times of Uncertainty!

    in Self Help

    There are seemingly endless sources of bad news, unrest and areas for concern.  It appears that the world, countries and the majority of people are facing many transitions and are feeling a bit unstable.  What can you do to remain stable and be a positive force, when every thing seems so crazy?  We will be discussing different ways so that you can be a bright light for yourself and others. We would love it if you would share some methods that work for you!  Let's talk about it!

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    John Carver Show - Kids NEED Structure - General Colin Powell

    in Self Help

     This is a GREAT SPEECH! In his talk from 2013, former Secretary of State Colin Powell shares his personal thoughts on why it's so important to invest in children by giving them structure, responsibility, and a good start in life.  He talks about how today's kids will be the next generation of leaders and he shares how the military helped to shape him into the man and the leader that he is today.  

    I can't imagine ever seriously asking my kids to stand at attention when the talk to me, but then again, I'm not a General and former world leader.  And I certainly do see his point that our children's education begins well before we send them off to school.  

    He says: "I want to talk about young people and structure, young people and structure. This was last Wednesday afternoon at a school in Brooklyn, New York, at Cristo Rey High School, run by the Jesuits. And I was talking to this group of students, and take a look at them. They were around me in three directions. You'll noticed that almost all of them are minority. You'll notice that the building is rather austere. It's an old New York school building, nothing fancy. They still have old blackboards and whatnot. And there are about 300 kids in this school, and the school's been going now for four years, and they're about to graduate their first class. Twenty-two people are graduating, and all 22 are going to college. They all come from homes where there is, for the most part, just one person in the home, usually the mother or the grandmother, and that's it, and they come here for their education and for their structure."

    This show is full of wisdom!

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    How to make money online just by GIVING stuff away for free.

    in Poetry

    How to make money online just by GIVING stuff away for free.

    The special online workshop is designed to show anyone, regardless of experience, just how easy it is to make money online by doing that, rather than trying to sell all the time.

    Your doctor and the dairy industry are in cahoots. Simply because their profits matter more than your health! That glass of milk your doctor recommends can actually cause heart attacks,strokes, and even cancer.Learn the shocking truth, and how you can protect yourself against this conspiracy with a simple, all natural solution.

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    (818) 739-8831 Thank you for being with me today please do come again.

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    Haters are mad I get paid to talk! Make money from home. Make big money online

    in Entertainment

    I will talk about how to make big money on youtube with little to no real work! Never work hard again! Work smart not hard! Make money onl[ine!

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    Kids Need Therapy - of the Mental Health Kind - in Schools

    in Family

    Kids have mental health needs and many get the help they need from mental health professionals in schools.  We start a series of conversations with two leading psychologists from the National Association of School Psychologists - Dr. Eric Rossen, Director of Professional Development and Standards, and Dr. Kelly Vaillancourt Strobach, Director of Government Relations on mental health and students.   Today we explore how schools got into the business of mental health, and how the provision of services has changed over the years.  http://www.nasponline.org/

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    casting call! shit kids!

    in Social Networking

    shit kids we neeed em .
    call in

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