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    Psaumes 45 / Jean 6 / Jacques 2 :19 / Ephésiens 4 :5 / Esaïe 45 :22-23



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    We welcome Roi L. Chinn Mo Secretary of state hopeful

    in Current Events

    Bobby and Becky welcome Roi L Chinn Missouri secretary of state hopeful to the show to talk the present state of Missouri. And current affairs abroad.

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    The ROI of Workplace Transparency

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    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, from 7-8 pm ET (4-5 pm PT). The #TChat radio portion runs the first 30 minutes from 7-7:30 pm ET, followed by the #TChat Twitter chat from 7:30-8 pm ET.

    Last week we talked about how millennials aren’t as different as companies think, and this week we’re going to talk about the ROI of workplace transparency and the race for talent.

    If you’re of a certain age, you may remember reading comic books and seeing advertisements for X-ray vision glasses, giving you the ability to see through, well, anything.

    That fantasy of old is a reality today for employers, employees and candidates alike, with social media and world of work review sites giving anyone the ability to “see through” company walls as much as they can see into candidates’ backgrounds.

    That’s critical in the constant race to attract and keep talent because we continuously market and sell each other blue sky, when all the while storm clouds brew and burst at a moment’s notice, grounding trust’s feeble flight.

    This week’s show highlights great real-world examples of transparency in the workplace, from Ernst & Young, Centro, Hilcorp and more.

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-creators and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we learn more about the ROI of workplace transparency with this week’s guest: Kim Peters, CEO Great Rated! from Great Place to Work®.

    Thank you to our sponsors and partners: RIVS, GreatRated! of Great Place to Work, TalentWise, Dice, SAP/SuccessFactors, IBM, CareerBuilder, PeopleFluent, Fisher Vista and HRmarketer Insight.

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  • Bert speaks w/Floyd Smith, Mike Conlon, Dr. Sheila Bethel and guests

    in Business

    Floyd Smith CEO of Petron Energy II, Inc., the stock symbol is “PEII” the company is in the oil and gas space 

    Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel Successful Business Executive, Best Selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker and Globally Acknowledged Expert on Leadership and Customer Service

    Matts Rehnstrom leader and entrepreneur, and a former Officer in the Swedish Army. That was the start of his interest in leadership and led to further studies on the subject of leadership. He has later worked outside the military focused on helping various businesses to become truly efficient, customer focused and profitable. He has done this for 25 years now. He is a best selling author, published several books and has coauthored the book Change Agents with Mr. Brian Tracy

    Maria Struik President and Chief Executive Officer for Roosters Diner, has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in the hospitality industry. With more than 30 years of experience in business, and two years in her current role, Mrs. Struik is a natural in this very demanding and always-changing business. She has become an expert at food, hospitality and real estate

    Mike Conlon aka the Mainstreet Millionaire, is President and CEO of Affordable Communities Group, LLC. ACG specializes in buying distressed mobile home parks, rehabbing them, and then either selling them or putting permanent debt on them.  ACG currently owns 32 mobile home parks in 6 states totaling almost 4,000 spaces. He has done 16 full cycle deals (buy, rehab, and sell) with sale proceeds over $80 million.He is also a best selling author with two books published, "Transform", which was co-authored with Brian Tracy, came out in September, and his own book "Unconventional Wealth" which comes out January 8th on Amazon

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    Kat's Funkaholic Radio Detroit

    in Indie Music

    Emphasis on Funk music especially Detroit, but not limited to that. Also jazz & R&B. Music talk and anything dealing with the arts. Kat being a musician herself, wants to bring you her own underground radio - unheard, unsigned artists that you should be hearing or hearing more of. Featuring special call-in guest artists. Call in to say "hi" or talk about your local music scene.

    Second Hand Swagger

    Mainstreet Soul

    Kyoko Baertsoen

    Bugs Beddow


    Dawn Silva

    Tameka Trevon

    Neil Haverstick

    Cirkus Funk



    Guest Call-in# (347) 215-7591

    Every Tuesday night 5:30-6:30p est.

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    First Friday Artist Showcase Holiday Edition (Year in review)

    in Lifestyle

    Today is the day you will get to experience Independent music at its best. Raw, unblemished by industry standards, just really good soulful music. We support Independent artists across many genres. Come on in there is something for everyone.

    About Johnny Reed-"ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show" (2014) is the follow up to his 2013 release
    "The Johnny Reed Show". Johnny Reed wrote all the songs, plays all the instruments, and does all the vocals again on this CD. Johnny continues his unique Rock music style with more energy, more edge and emotion. Recorded throughout 2013, Johnny was writing in the studio, flowing with inspiration as it came on love, life & social issues. Johnny's free flowing creativity has been reviewed as: “A Rock Anomaly, During Which There Is No Eye To Follow” -by T.D. Schemansky - 3000 Records.

    Artist page
    ITUNES Link -“ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show”

    About Kat Orlando-The Band Kat surrounds herself with top musicians. When she is not performing with popular R&B Dance cover band Hidden Agenda with her husband Larry Pinho, she is fronting her own Kat’s Funkaholic! Along with Larry on guitar, Kat is joined by KV Fowler on keys (also from Mainstreet Soul) Rodney Mecks on drums (has performed with Carl Carlton among others) and Ray Smith on bass. In addition to playing concert venues performing material from Kat’s CDs, they are ready to rock any nightclub with funky dance crowd-pleasing songs! For bookings call 810.908.4525 or email: katorlando@hotmail.com.


    Young Crim


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    Mistress C. 50 Shades Of Fuckery PHD Dissertation ~ ROI OF Blood, Sweat & Tears

    in Entertainment

    Mistress C. On the Whip Appeal the Show talks about her EXILE of sorts from Her Own show and the impacts on Her Spiritual Journey. Femdom Warrior Goddess shares from her inner soul and why the Dungeon Experience Experiment is coverted because she is

    Tuesdays Live FREE Radio on CDXXX Media Adult Variety


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    TwinSpires Horse Racing Podcast w/Derek Simon

    in Sports

    In the News & Notes segment, host Derek Simon speculates on California Chrome's turf debut, analyzing both his pedigree and previous pace figures. He also opines on jockey injuries — can we prevent them and how?

    In the U. Of Bet segment, Derek discusses money management and bankroll optimization and explains why ROI isn’t the only thing that matters for players seeking consistent racetrack earnings.

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    Mitul Patel - Buy To Let UK

    in Entrepreneur

    For centuries and generations, real estate in the UK has focused on home ownership. This trend has been changing over the last few years, creating a supply and demand problem for rental units.

    In this interview with Jack, Mitul Patel shares how he is helping to meet that demand with an increased supply of rental units supplied by people who are investing in real estate for that purpose.

    As a 25-year veteran mortgage broker in the UK, Mitul has himself been investing in real estate for 20 years in the buy-to-let niche. When he started doing this, there was no one available to counsel him on the dos and don’ts or the perils and benefits of this type of investing.

    The recent economic downtrend in traditional investment returns have led many in the UK to look at other means of funding their retirement dreams or even their day-to-day income needs.

    With the influx of Europeans moving to the UK, there has been a greater shift towards the need for rental housing. Investors are finding that the returns from this can be greater than the ROI from their savings and retirement accounts.

    Mitul is sharing his vast experience in this niche, as well as his network of connections in the mortgage industry to help others take advantage of this growing trend. Mistakes in the real estate industry can be financially devastating and he helps to eliminate the heartache, and expense of learning on your own.

    To Learn More:

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    Take Two and Call Me in the Morning: The Rise of Online Second Opinions

    in Health

    Second-opinion services are designed to instill confidence in employees and employers. Confidence in the accuracy of the diagnosis. Confidence in the planned treatment. 

    While second opinions are by no means new, delivering them virtually is. Today, medical centers like Cleveland Clinic and new companies such as 2nd.MD offer patients and concerned caregivers the opportunity to virtually consult with renowned specialists.

    Are these services an unecessary administrative burden without proven worth or do they insure quality care and better outcomes? Listen and learn as we talk with guest Clint Phillips, CEO and founder of 2nd.MD.

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