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    How Are We to Inject Gratitude into the Spiritual Void Thanksgiving Has Become?

    in Spirituality

    How grateful and exicted are turkeys for Thanksgiving to you think? :)... 

    We've rather largely lost our way, bit by bit, with a myopic fascination with food as the defining moment of what now consititues our Thanksgiving haven't we?  

    But, this deficit of heart is beginning to take its toll in the sensibilites of more and more people as they reflect how unfilling this holiday can end up being at the end of the day when our guests can't leave quickly enough after the food has been eaten. 

    I've been in some homes where the feast is more like an in-home fast food feast and in a blink of the eye the cooks are abandoned, the relationship time together goes up in a puff of tail--pipe smoke as the cars speed away to the malls. Anti-climatic, indeed!

    Days of preparation. Feasting. And everyone sticking their face into their cell phones and rushing off to the nearest and biggest sale of their desires for getting something for a deal. And there the chefs and company experience an anticlimatic event. 

    The heart of visiting and sharing our company, stories, and being drifts away from the hearth of our homes and enters the competition for goods. Is that becomeing an unappealing feeling-experience for you... more empty, dissapointing, useless than something to celebrate and something more along the lines of a hefty investment of time with a disproprtionate return (ROI sucks)? 

    When the preparation far outweighs the event, it fails to excite and satisfy in the same deligthful manner. Let's visit a warm hearth together and consider ways we can return our families to a Thanksgiving that feeds our belly and our Souls!

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Community Investor: Planning Your Exit Strategy with Your Property Investment.

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of Community Inventor, host Chrissey Breault and her guest Abhi Golhar, Managing Partner with Summit Crown Partners discuss exit strategies: How and when to turn your property investment. And you'll learn how to get the most out of your next real estate conference. Bottom line, to get your best ROI, do your homework and come prepared.

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    Value-based Integration of Supply Chain Risk Management and Supplier Networks

    in Business

    Today Buyers Meeting Point welcomes two guests:

    Heiko Schwarz is a Founder and Managing Director of riskmethods, a cloud-based supply chain risk management solution focusing primarily on SMEs and large businesses in all industries, which purchase on an international basis.

    Christian Lanng is a Founder and CEO of Tradeshift, a global network and platform that connects 500,000 buyers and suppliers across 190 countries. 

    riskmethods and Tradeshift have recently announced a partnership that integrates Tradeshift’s collaborative commerce with riskmethods’ supply chain risk management. In this conversation we will discuss:

    How the platform approach to technology - and the terminology we use to describe it - opens the door to greater flexibility and added value
    Making sure risk management is an actionable and ongoing effort
    How to have a commerce-oriented mindset when approaching risk


    For more information on the riskmethods Tradeshift partnership, click here to read the press release. You can also download a whitepaper 'The ROI of Supply Chain Risk Management.'

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    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network - The Special IT Budget Edition!

    in Technology

    Hey Tech Talkers. It's Budget Time and what fun we are going to have reviewing what you are doing with your IT budgets! Also we will discuss IT Budgeting Best Practices, Understanding ROI, can we really make it tangible, Licensing Models that can help your budget, and what to do with that unspent budget at the end of this year! And for all you admins out there, how can you influence the budget cycle for your IT department. So Tune in Wednesday November 4th for our special edition focused on, you guessed it, IT Budgets! And don't forget to call in with any question or comment and get a $25 Amazon Gift Card. That should help the ole budget! Only in the SoftwareONE Radio Network. 


    12:00 PM EST - How to get a handle on your IT Budget

    12:30 PM EST - ROI, understand it, measure it, Report it!

    1:00 PM EST - Licensing Models, how can they change your budget strategies

    1:30 PM EST - What to do with your unspent budget

    2:00 PM EST - IT Budgets for admins, how you can influence your companies budgets!

    2:30 PM EST - Q&A for anything IT Business.

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    3 Game Changing Strategies to Double Your Business This Year

    in Women

    So you’ve finally launched your startup business. After months (or even years!) of planning, pooling your resources, spending hours setting up your system, you’re finally done with the birthing process. 

    But after several months since launching your business, you may find yourself stuck, wondering how come the profits aren’t coming in. You know that it takes time to get that ROI but how long does it really take before the cash register starts making that ka-ching sound?  

    As we’re approaching the end of 2015, now is the best time to reassess your business strategy, realign your target this coming 2016. Our guest for today, Yoon Cannon, will share 3 game-changing strategies to double your business profit this coming year.  

    Yoon is a business growth expert. She helps entrepreneurs create thriving 6-, 7- and 8-figure businesses through her sales and marketing coaching programs. 

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    Get Latest Trends in Digital Marketing by Evan Weber on Revenue Chat, Tony DUrso

    in Business

    Evan Weber, digital marketing expert, shares the latest trends in digital marketing on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.

    Evan, known as the Hardest Working Guy in Digital Marketing, says, “you can’t afford to NOT work with Experience Advertising.”

    Evan has been involved in e-commerce and digital marketing for more than 17 years and part of several successful start-ups and Internet ventures. Currently, he runs the digital marketing agency he founded in 2007 and has partnerships in other Internet companies.

    He is known as an expert in most aspects of digital marketing and social media, and takes a lot of pride in living up to his reputation as the hardest working guy in digital marketing. He is a recognized conference speaker and content producer. 

    Evan works with clients on their overall online marketing strategies and introduces them to new e-commerce technologies. He stays on the cutting-edge of digital marketing and focuses on delivering unrivaled value and ROI for his agency's clients.

    Evan shares the latest trends in digital marketing, here on Revenue Chat.


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    in Motivation

    SUNDAYS @ 6:30PM - 7PM (E) CALL IN (646) 929-0300  >>>>WWW.VIBRATEANDELEVATE.COM>>>> It’s time to see giving for what it is. It’s the principle of giving and receiving that gets people a bit confused. Now giving and knowing what you want and need in return is the key. It may be smiles, a thank you, a returned favor, love and respect or affiliation. Whatever it is know what you want! Be deliberate, bold and consistent….and just watch you service seed grow with intention and flourish with abundance. 

    Get the support and guidance you need to maximize your giving experience by getting ELEVATED with the right tools. Call us today for our signature consultations. Let us bring our experience of elevating the mind body and soul to your situation 

    Call or Text 786.972.8695 to schedule a consultation with Miss Latoya Byrd, Z. Marie or our V&E Coaches



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    Social Media ReThinkIt, With Donna Cravotta

    in Marketing

    Do you want to be more visible to your target market?

    Want to connect with the media?

    SEO, social media and public relations are powerful tools and when used correctly, can quickly grow your business and your reputation as an industry leader. By focusing on relationship building rather than selling, ROI and growing numbers, you will easily connect with relevant influencers and media outlets and opportunities that you did not know existed simply appear.

    Donna Cravotta is going to help us rethink our approach to social media!

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    Francias & English, Prophétie du Messie, Prophete Dr. Owuor

    in Christianity

    Jean 8:58

    Jésus leur dit: En vérité, en vérité, je vous le dis, avant qu'Abraham fût, je suis.

    Genèse 14:17-20

    Après qu'Abram fut revenu vainqueur de Kedorlaomer et des rois qui étaient avec lui, le roi de Sodome sortit à sa rencontre dans la vallée de Schavé, qui est la vallée du roi. Melchisédek, roi de Salem, fit apporter du pain et du vin: il était sacrificateur du Dieu Très Haut. Il bénit Abram, et dit: Béni soit Abram par le Dieu Très Haut, maître du ciel et de la terre! Béni soit le Dieu Très Haut, qui a livré tes ennemis entre tes mains! Et Abram lui donna la dîme de tout.





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    What are the limitations and variable costs of using "Big Data Information?"

    in Books

    This week discussion will focus on how leaders or team managers decipher variable costs and the limitations of the disruptive components of Big Data. There is limitation on to the insights of the “important data” gleaned from complex, structured and unstructured data that have resulted in about 75 percent of data ultimately becoming useless after 80 days (Leigh, 2013; Tamm-Daniels, 2013). Not only that the overwhelming data collated by DA, DS, IA, OT and IM does become unusable, the limitation are equally intertwined with the analysts, leader’s and manager’s emotional intelligent, intuitiveness, and above all, their prejudice experiences leading to whether or not the data will be skewed subliminally into achieving set organizational objective. Because the raison d’etre of any organization is to maximize profit. There is also this scalable hurdle to jump such as the Information Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance now extended to the use of big data that was initially connected with certifying the accuracy of financial statements under Section 302, “Corporate responsibility and Financial Reports” (Eaton, and et al, 2012; Jarausch and Hardy, 1991). These variables are direct or indirect costs that needed to be implicitly measured in terms of ROI with respect to IoT and IIoT. And the aforementioned will be the topic of examination and lecture this week. Also read more about this discussion inside here at http://tinyurl.com/nky952l

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    Episode 31 (A Scream On Elm Street)

    in Movies

    The MFF Crew statistically break down and analyze Wes Craven's Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream franchises.