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  • 00:39

    Matt Macintosh Interview

    in Wrestling

    The 96 edition of the Hardway Podcast is online! Join Jon Harder as he interviews Matt Macintosh, a young upstart in the New Jersey independent wrestling scene! Matt, trained by Crazy Ivan at Gino Caruso's ECPW Wrestling School, has started to make a name for himself. Listen to Matt as he discusses ECPW, NWA on Fire, Beyond, and an upcoming street fight against Rob Fury. Matt will be a name in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for this unique combatant! 

  • 01:30

    An Independent Point Of View: Interview with Matt Macintosh & Kyle Reynolds

    in Wrestling

    Matt Macintosh is one of the top independent wrestlers on the East Coast today competing in Pro Wrestlng Syndicate among other companies. On tonights show I will get to talk to Matt about his time in PWS where is a former Suicidal 6 Way Champion and his upcoming match at Wrestlebowl where he has the chance to win that title back.Kyle Reynolds is currently 1 half of the PWS Tag Team Champions with his brother Alex. Since winning the titles in a ladder match at Supercard they have defeated The Impact Players and TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves. At Wrestle Bowl The Reynolds brothers team up with Chris Payne and Eddie Kingston to take on The Untouchables and Dan Maff. I will talk to Kyle about PWS and his other work in wrestling. If you have a question for Matt or Kyle or want to talk PWS the phone number is 323-870-4022. Join us and as always continue to support independent wrestling.

  • 01:08

    Biggest Fear

    in Comedy

    This is a weird one! Talking borders, walls up at the borders, and biggest fears. Also living alone. How do people do it?

  • 01:17

    Live Tweeting A Man From Subway

    in Comedy

    Why in the HELL do people want break ups to be live tweeted? Talking that, who should be live tweeted, and Jared. The man famous for eating subs, Jared. Check it out!


  • 01:14

    Ashley Madison Robots Are Going To Kill Us

    in Comedy

    If this many people are cheating, Nathan thinks marriage should stop being so rewarded. Ashley Madison hacked talked, also robots that will bring death to us all created by bored scientists. Why aren't more people horrified?! Check it out.


  • 01:10

    iPhone Gun Case? BEGGING for a problem.

    in Comedy

    After reading about the iPhone Gun Case, Nathan talks the love of guns. This case is for sure going to get someone shot. What is it? What is the fascination with guns and old dead white men telling people it's okay to have them? Guns are talked.

    twitter @nathanmacintosh

  • 01:20

    You want to be a dentist?

    in Comedy

    Why would you want to be a dentist? Nathan talks lion, white people saving the world, and thoughts from Grade 7. Check it out!

    Twitter @nathanmaicntosh

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    Jozy and Mix to MLS, Iain Macintosh and the Ballon d'Or, Man City-Arsenal, Tattooed Babies

    in Soccer

    (0:00 - 16:54) Daryl and Taylor discuss Jozy Altidore's likely move to Toronto FC and Mix Diskerud official move tp New York City FC. 

    (16:55 - 30:38) Iain Macintosh makes his first appearance on the show to discuss his new site The Set Pieces, as well as his thoughts on why the Ballon d'Or is more akin to a popularity contest than an official award.

    (30:38 - 36:39) Specific predictions for the upcoming clash between Manchester City and Arsenal.

    (36:40 - Finish) Listener emails, guerilla marketing, and tattooed babies.

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  • 01:18

    Invading Your Partner's Privacy

    in Comedy

    Joe and Kate are joined by Jon Rudnitsky and Nathan Macintosh to discuss whether or not they've ever gone through their girlfriend's or boyfriend's email , phone, or FaceBook and whether it's forgivable. They also talk about how when you break up with someone you shouldn't ever check their FaceBook page, because it'll just end with you crying in the fetal position.

  • 01:01

    Legal Eagle and the Coach Radio Show

    in Business

    Legal Eagle and the Coach Radio - Host Bryan Kiser & David Altenbern - Special Guest Alice Sullivan & Adam Dicker:

    Alice Sullivan has worked in the book publishing industry since 2001 as a ghostwriter, author, writing coach, speaker, and editor and has worked on over 1,000 books, including eleven New York Times bestsellers. Some of her more notable clients include Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, Bill Cosby, Thomas Steinbeck, Lee Greenwood, George Foreman III, Pam Tillis, and Judge Andrew Napolitano. She works with publishers, agents, and authors to develop books that are both entertaining and memorable. When she’s not working to beat deadlines, she’s playing volleyball or planning her next vacation. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Connect with Alice at www.alicesullivan.com.

    Adam Dicker - is a lifelong entrepreneur who at age 18 received a $100,000 job offer while he was just beginning university. He got online in 1985, right after he got his first Macintosh computer and in 1989, he ran a large computer store in Toronto. He did this until 1994 when he started his own Internet Service provider. After that Adam was hooked on the Internet. He registered his first domain name in 1996 and Adam is one of a small group of individuals to sell a domain name for seven figures. In 2003 Adam purchased DNForum.com, which is now the most popular domain name forum on the Internet. https://adamdicker.com/about-adam-dicker/

  • 01:17

    Beat Women? Companies don't care.

    in Comedy

    Interesting week! Nathan Macintosh talks Baltimore Orioles, what the government would like to do with poor people, and Mayweather Vs Pacquiao. Check it out and let him know what you think!
    Twitter @nathanmacintosh
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