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    Independent Everything: LIVE with CME/M2M/SMG Artist ~ Young Soul

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    Was sup, I am Jimmie “Young Soul” Webster. I am 1/2 of the group Bad Guy Gang (BGG). I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I got into music to release frustration and anger. I had found out that I could sing when I was at school goofing off making fun of somebody. My favorite genre of music is music with soul in it, such as R&B and Gospel. Nobody inspired me to do music when I realized I can sing I just start doing it I know I can dance but my music is poetry so what better thing can I do. Living in the city I live it its more bad things than the good things so I set out to make something positive about me, the group, and my city. I feel the modern day music now a day is fake unreal not touching like the music back in day it’s just a hustle the artists now a days are putting up a front instead of being who they really are. My dream collab would be August Alsina, but I would feature with anybody. My message in music is everybody does not have the same story, it’s kind of alike but it’s not the same, everybody have a song but it is how you sing your song. In five years, I'm trying to have five albums with the group, have our name more than what it is, have music that the elderly and the young people can listen to together and it speaks to both, and I would like the venture off and do a few solo projects.

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    The Solution to Marketing Gone Bad

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    Today's show is all about marketing.  A woman tests out a local fitness franchise, has a horrible experience, and never returns. About three months later, she receives a marketing piece thanking her for being a loyal member. Meanwhile, another customer receives an email stating, "We've missed you! Recommit to your fitness plan and we'll give you a 10 percent discount on personal training." The problem is the customer is an active member who's been to the franchise three times a week for the last six months.

    What happened? Both of these "marketing-gone-bad" examples did more harm than good by wasting a franchisee's local marketing dollars, damaging a relationship with a loyal customer and further frustrating a disgruntled one. Automated marketing solutions provider m2M Strategies has zeroed in on this increasing problem, introducing franchise systems to "intelligent marketing" that uses a local franchisee's POS and CRM data to target the right customers at the right time, with the right message, with measurable results.

    We are meeting with Mark Montini of m2M.  m2M is a provider of automated marketing solutions that integrate data from CRM and POS systems to create impactful local franchisee marketing campaigns. The company offers a suite of marketing automation, email marketing, and PPC services, along with the ability to work with franchisors to deliver turnkey programs on a local level for relevant marketing campaigns for each individual market. m2M's proprietary marketing technology is the next generation of digital marketing solutions that integrates data from current CRM and POS systems to bring the power of behavioral data to optimized campaigns, tailored for the brand, the market and the resulting data that provides real, quantifiable, measurable benefits for individual franchise locations.

    In part 2 we discuss the power of branding. 

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with "Mr. Personality" M2M Artist ~ Yung FA

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    What's good.

    I'm Devon "BGG YUNG FALLEN ANGEL" Patton. I am from Mobile, Al. I was born to Rhonda and Tyrone Patton. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I got into the rap game cause of how the new generation flows to this new whack style of lyricists. I was influenced to start rapping because I sought a change in what I listen to and hear across the airwaves. "Now a days most rappers talk about the same thing. The game is in need of a hero not a zero, so I became the face of the new hero," he says.

    Yung F A attributes his love for music to his father and feels that he really doesn't have a favorite genre of music, because he likes it all. His influences are God, my family, nephews, girlfriend, and the fans that support him. 

    Yung F A is signed to the Metal 2 Music Records label. He is one-half of Bad Guy Gang and one-fourth of the group 3 Unborn Souls. The group was formed from very close friendships and all of their love for music. While sitting around the studio one day and all three members were rapping, they decided to form a group and made something happen out of nothing.

    You can catch Yung F A every Friday at 7:00pmCST, hosting CME TV on the Ustream network, discussing all things music industry related. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cme-tv1



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    Independent Everything: LIVE with the Executives of Metal 2 Music Records/SMG

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    Join us on this episode of our monthly roundtable discussion of Metal 2 Music Records, Metal 2 Music Entertainment Management, and all of our various entities.

    FRANZ... aka Franz The Hybrid One ~ host of the Franzaliscious Music Video n More Show (http://www.AllThingzFranz.com Radio) which airs Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 7-10pmCDT and the Executive of Metal 2 Music Records (http://www.metal2music.com) among many, many, many other things will be ~ GIVING YOU "ALL THINGS HYBRID AND ALL THINGS METAL 2 MUSIC!"

    DELSHUN... artist, producer, and one-half of The B.A.R.S. Crew (http://www.BarsCrew.com) will be GIVING YOU "ALL THINGS B.A.R.S. Crew AND ENTERTAINMENT NEWS..."Inquiring Minds Want To Know."

    AND LEAVE IT TO NAKIA... who is affectionately known as the #grlnmotion aka Charlamaigne the gawd, is a Certified Wedding & Events Planner, the owner of ~N~ Motion Events. (http://www.facebook.com/TheGirlNMotion) and the Executive A&R of Entertainment Management for Metal 2 Music Records (http://www.NakiaTheAnRexec.com) TO...


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    Independent Everything: UNCUT with M2M Executive ~ Franz "The Hybrid One " Ates

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    Franz-The Hybrid-One (born Franz Ramon Ates) my friends and family just call me "Sincere". You can find me every
    Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday presenting The Franzaliscious Music Videos n More Show!
    from 7PM until 10PM CST. In addition, I am an artist/producer and The Executive for Metal 2 Music Records www.metal2music.com and
    Erecnis Entertainment Enterprise www.erecnis.com Co-Host of Independent Everything BlogTalk Radio Show
    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/independenteverything which airs every Sunday and Wednesday at 5:30 PM CDT!
    Owner of 'Hybrid Fashions': http://www.hybridfashions.com Go Grab Some Style!
    Visit the label site for recent releases and free downloads www.metal2music.com
    @FranzAtes2012 @Metal2Music @Franzaliscious @E_E_Enterprise
    Face Book: http://www.facebook.com/FranzAtes2012

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    Independent Everything: LIVE Ms. B ~ Giving You The Best That She's Got!

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    Ms.B is a female Hip-Hop/R&B artist, who hails from Pittsburgh PA. The last year has been a very busy one for Ms.B. She has earned a feature in Niji magazine, an internet based circulatory from the U.K. She also has been on several blog talk radio shows such as The Artist Loft and Independent Everything. In June of 2014, Ms. B was signed to Metal 2 Music records. Since then she has released several songs under the label, including her promotional release entitled “It’s My Time,” available on sites such as Spotify and Mixconnect. Ms.B currently has 2 songs on Coast 2 Coast mixtapes, “Subtle,” which is on the Next Up mixtape vol#205 and “Empowered,” which is on the Makin Moves mixtape vol#220. Also her music was featured on the Unsigned Hype Krunk Atlanta mixtape. In 2014, she also was a featured artist on the Faith 2 Believe mixtape, a project for the Young Women of Empowerment organization, based out of Arlington, TX.  She is currently working on her debut commercial album entitled “Giving You the Best That I Got,” which will be released on the M2M/SMG label, 02/28/2015. “Infatuated,” a track from her commercial album, will be her first video, and will be released this Spring.

    Ms.B has music on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all of the other fine digital download and streaming sites. You can also catch her in rotation on one of these radio stations: WTGN, WWRN, Street Level Radio, FSC Radio, and AllThingzFranz.com Radio.

    She is an artist on the rise, so go ahead and get infatuated with Pittsburgh, PA artist, Ms.B

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with M2M New Artist ~ King Pin

    in Music

    Wazz up world my name is Darrell Newton, but my stage name is King Pin. I am 25 years old and I'm from Prichard,AL. I have been making music for about 12 years. I have had alot of key artists to help me choose the music industy, Soulja Slim, B.G., Pimp C, Turk, Lil Wayne, Webbie, Boosie, and many more. If I had to pick my favorite rapper it would be "Afori C-nile Pugh. He is from Mobile,AL. I rapped a verse to him and he told me, " you got a talent. Just keep working at it and you gone make it." And I have been at it ever since, I am a real versitile artist, so I am open to any type of music. My reason and drive behind my passion are my 2 beautiful daugthers, because I refuse to have my seeds want for any thing.

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Poetic Female Rap Lyricist ~ KaliKiya

    in Music

    Rakiya Y. Jackson, the lyrically explosive, new, upcoming artist known as "KaliKiya,” is a Rapper/Poet who was born on October 18, 1991 in Pasadena, California. Later to spend most of her teenage years in Mobile, AL, which lead her to Closet Music Entertainment (CME). 

    Growing up she had many musical influences that her father would play. From Cameo to Grand Master Flash to Slick Rick to Left Eye, and her biggest influence, 2Pac. 
    KaliKiya began writing poetry at the age of 6. The older she got, she realized this was more than just a pastime. This was her divine talent, her God given gift. Hence her name Rakiya Yaminah, meaning, "Sent by God.”
    She graduated from high school in 2010 & later attended Penn Foster College, to attain a teaching degree. With a true love for children, she began teaching three, four, and five year olds from 2010 to 2013.

    KaliKiya began her career as a Hip-Hop artist, in January 2015 and signed with CME (Closet Music Ent.), a sub-label under record label Metal 2 Music/SMG (M2M/SMG). Her stage name is a nickname given to her by her high school peers. "Kali" in reference to being a California Native and Kiya, the shortened version of her first name, Rakiya.

    Her first and second singles, entitled "Made It" ft. rapper Yung Fallen Angel and "The Break Through" also ft. Yung Fallen Angel, both dropped in January 2015. KaliKiya is also featured on “Don’t Act Like Dat,” with label mate Eisha E.
    Expect her highly anticipated first mixtape,  entitled "Poetic Ambition," to be released in mid - February 2015, on the M2M/SMG label, sure to be a captivating and expressive experience to your listening ears.


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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Black Earl at the #GetOnIt Release Party

    in Music

    Black Earl from Eunice, LA, is a humble 27yr old Hip Hop/Rap Artist ready to captivate the world with his smooth, melodic flow. Simply put, he is Black Earl. Average hard-working father of a 2 year old son. As a child, Black Earl's mother sang in the church choir. Quickly he developed an interest for music.  Playing in the band all through school gave him a 6th sense in music of all sorts. He has considered himself a rap lyricist since the age of fifteen.

    In May 2014, everything Black Earl had been working hard to obtain finally came to pass. He saw this as his opportunity to show everyone just exactly what he was made of. Black Earl was signed by Metal 2 Music Entertainment Management to Metal 2 Music Records. In less than a month, he had dropped two singles (but a total of four) from his first promo, entitled No Sleep. All available now on Amazon.com, iTunes, Beats Music, and Spotify, and all fine digital download and streaming sites.

    Since then, he has released a plethora of singles and delivered just as many hooks for various artists. Black Earl has been featured on numerous Coast 2 Coast mixtapes; selected to perform at Coast 2 Coast LIVE Tour in New Orleans; featured on the Unsigned Hype Krunk Atlanta Mixtape; and has had numerous interviews. His music is also in rotation on stations like AllThingzFranz.com Radio, FSC Radio, Street Level Radio, WWRN, WTGM, and many more.

    His highly anticipated first commercial project, #GetOnIt is set for release on the M2M/SMG label, 02/01/15. Thirteen explosive, lyrically diverse tracks, that will keep your head banging and mind humming his catchy hooks nonstop. 

    He is motivated, determined, dedicated, ambitious, and consistent. Simply put.he is Black Earl.


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    Independent Everything: LIVE with #M2M Records Associated Artist ~ Mz. Trice

    in Music

    Patrice who goes by the stage name Mz.Trice is a Rapper, Song writer, and Actress born January 17,1992 , She began rapping at the age of 13 and recorded her first three track demo at the age of 14, with help from Oren Lumpkin, a promoter for Capital Records. At the age of 16, Trice started performing at teen clubs on the northwest and southeast sides of Houston, TX to build a buzz in her community. 

    At the age of 22, Trice is working hard on her Mixtape with various features from different Houston and ChI-Town artists, which her mixtape will talk about violence, cancer, and other daily life situations. Trice is also working on her 7 track EP.  Mz.Trice can be heard on 4 Indie radio stations and her video "Warning Sign," recently has been added to over 25 websites. She can also be seen in 7 magazines world wide. Her most recent single "Stand Up," was recently picked up by DJSpeedway and added to his Coast2Coast mixtape.... 

    Mz. Trice is also a Metal 2 Music Records Associated artist. You can listen to her heartfelt contributtion to the "Faith 2 Believe" mixtape project, relesed 9/1/2014, "Can't Cope," available on all fine digital media outlets.

    Contact Mz. Trice at: Facebook:https://m.facebook.com/rapperMz.trice...  Instagram: http://instagram.com/trice1992/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/patricerap

  • Bert Martinez is joined by Tom Hopkins, Mark Fischer and Patrick Renvoise

    in Business

    Tom Hopkins carries the standard as a master sales trainer and is recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship.Over 4 million people on five continents have attended Tom’s high-energy live seminars. Tom personally conducts 30+ seminars each year traveling throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines. He is the author of 17 books, including “How to Master the Art of Selling™,” which has sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide. This mega-selling book is considered a must-have reference guide for top selling producers in every field of sales. He has also authored three selling-skills books in the popular “…for Dummies®” series

    Mark Fischer co-creator of the SmartTek Systems personal security app and an electronic security industry veteran with an extensive technical background in hardware and software application development. His specialties include central station technology integration and communications, mobile GPS, M2M communications and applications, security software development, and emerging technologies

    Patrick Renvoise Co-Founder & Chief Neuromarketing Officer SalesBrain . Patrick spent 2 years researching and formalizing a science-based persuasion model-the NeuroMAP™. This proprietary methodology has been used for the past 12 years to help over 6,000 companies worldwide scientifically CAPTURE, CONVINCE AND CLOSE more business


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