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    Best of Tavis: M Night Shyamalan & Ann Lamott

    in Current Events

    This week Tavis spoke with movie director M Night Shyamalan about his new book which takes a look about the education divide in the U.S.

    He also caught up with author Ann Lamott about her new book "Stitches" which tries to make some sense of the Newtown shootings.

    Check out the Tavis Smiley Network on BlogTalkRadio right here.

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    M. Night Shyamalan, Frightmaster

    in Movies

    Movie Addict HQ salutes suspense filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan during this pre-Halloween episode. Noted movie critic John P. McCarthy and film historian James Colt Harrison share their reactions to such Shyamalan suspense offerings as The Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable and The Village. Actors Joel Haley Osment, Cherry Jones and Rory Culkin have also been invited to call in.     

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    wednesday Night Vibe with Rob The Equalizer Morrow and Milissa M-Yel Yelverton

    in Poetry

    Open mic madness veery late Wednesday night hosted by Rob The Equalizer Morrrow, and M-Yel Milissa Yelverton. Bringing that Eppiphany Radio Fiyah! You better know it! Join us online @www.blogtalk.com/eyecpeople Join us in the chatroom where we talk about each other to our faces, with no socks on! Lol! Or you can join us in the event room! Oh, the Chinese guy will be lurking around so be on the lookout! Lol! Call in to spit that that hot piece @ 646-200-0568 press one and let us hear from you! Feel the Vibe.....Baby! Wednesday Night Vibe is another production of The 4Real Entertainment Network! Take Yo Socks Off!

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    The M Report

    in News

    Tonight is my first Episode and we have alot to talk about you can also check out our website ..

    www.shlmtv.us  Shalamar Tv Network with original programming  

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    The S&M Show hosted by LadySteele

    in Radio

    The S&M Show is an internet radio show which airs on a weekly basis via PreGame Radio. S&M an acronym for sadomasochism, it also stands for Sexy & Mature which is what the show covers, topics of an adult and mature nature.  Hosted by internet blogger LadySteele The S&M Show is coming upon it’s 3rd  season April 1st 2015.  The S&M Show was founded in 2011 by Leon Haynes and Alex Mondesir, the idea, simply to provide an open forum for young adults to speak about sex freely, It has evolved to a show that is not only sexy, yet educational as well as a way for the new generation to connect with their favorite adult stars, ask for advice anonymously and have a few laughs. The S&M Show has also become a great resource for people of color to come and discuss topics of their choice without bias, via the show and also via a private social group online. Links to past shows can be found at www.facebook.com/sexyndmature.


     The S&M Show covers a vast amount of topics from fetish, Kink, sexual health and sexuality to gossip, politics and social issues. We have had a number of guest including adult star Lethal Lipps and budding viral sensation Auntie Angel with more to come. The S&M Show will turn it up a notch this season expanding their guest palette beyond adult entertainment guest in the publishing, distribution, film and even legal fields. Tonight's special guest is Glamazon Tyomi

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    Late Night With These Guys

    in Sports

    Join us as we talk about everything that is wrestling

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    S&M Confessions hosted by Meisha and Mistah Smith

    in Radio

    What happens when you combine Craigslist, the old school chat lines and 2 crazy hosts? S&M confessions. A comedic spin on the widely popular S&M show hosted by comedian Mista Smith and Meisha. Coming to you every 2nd and 4th Sunday night. Tonight's special guest is BR Kamalie. Our first topic is the Friend Zone. We're gonna get all in our feelings. Produced by LadySteele and Powered by PreGame Radio

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    Richard M. Kiernicki Author and Financial expert

    in Women

    Richard M. Kiernicki 

    Richard Kiernicki considers the past thirty years to have been some of the most exciting times in the professions of finance, motivation and personal transformation. He also believes that the future of these industries holds nothing but unlimited potential and possibility. While the Canadian financial industry experienced explosive growth and the fields of self-help and transformation were rapidly gaining acceptance and worldwide momentum, Richard found his place in that ever evolving and expanding world.

    Fortunate to have an open mind, deep intuition and a strong commitment to move ahead in his life, “he did not do what was the easiest and most expeditious, he chose to do what was right” according to a 1997 letter from his partner Michael Lee-Chin at AIC. After all, Richard strongly agreed with Michael on this point: your reputation is absolutely vital to your success. Richard’s other mentors and business partners include and are not by any means limited to Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Viktor Frankl, Brian Tracey, Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Lise Janelle, Sir John Templeton, Peter Cundill, Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett. He has learned to follow examples set by those who are considered to be the absolute best in their areas of expertise and those that exemplify honesty, dedication, ethics and commitment. These individuals continually seek to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd by being examples of living according to the highest degree of personal values and integrity. Richard then integrates those values into his own life and passionately shares those principles with his family, his friends and his clients. 

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    were back THE NIGHT SHOW

    in Fun

    were back with more stuff how aree you all doing its been a while.

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    There's no M in Possible

    in Motivation

    Alice in Wonderland was a little pessimistic. She said "There's no use trying, one can't believe impossible things." The Queen told her otherwise...

    Turning "unlikelies" into realities, turning "impossibilities" into possibles. It happens all the time; I bet you've done something that others said "no way!" and you went out and found the way...anyway! It happens all the time and we can do more of it to experience what we want in life.Take the M out and what's left? - Only Possibles!

    Tune in and M-agine what's possible for you!

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    Late Night With These Guys

    in Sports

    Join us as we talk abut the results of the Jackpot Rumble