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    EVERYTHING LAKERSw/Stephanie LG Beard Stern to Blame for Current State of Lakers

    in Basketball

          This Sunday we will talk about Kobe Bryant Sitting out the Season and Is Stern to Blame for Current State of the Lakers?  

    Join me and my co-host Larry Hines Call 347-205-9366 and or login into the chat room and make your comments.

    GO LAKERS!!   

     Stephanie “THE LAKER GURL” Beard has become one of the hottest hosts on the JKN.  She is spicy and spirited, a devoted PRINCE lover and extreme Laker fan.  Her EVERYTHING LAKERS show is one of the most listened to shows on the network, the reason you find it featured quite often.  Anyone that comes in contact with Stephanie will become attracted to her with her magnetic personality.

                    But don’t let her girlish/feminine style buffalo you.  She will stand up to any situation and let you have it, so you better come prepared.  If you were to look up FAN (fanatic) in the dictionary, you will see her face next to it, but only for the LAKERS.  Wouldn’t she be called a different TEAM GIRL, if it were so?  But don’t say anything negative about her L.A. Lakers and KOBE.  She will stand you down and read you the riot act.  This is a show to behold!  347-205-9366.

    #WWLG4L #JKN

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    Judy Stern RMT on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    Today on Women of Wisdom, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Judy Stern RMT!  She went from being a person who was a perfectionist, over-achiever, had to be in control all the time to someone who became happy, healthy, more laid back and found a lot of self love, this is Judy Stern. Judy is dedicated to helping and guiding many people on their journeys to living happier, healthier empowered lives! You are invited to connect with our host, Win Charles @ www.authorwincharles.com and when YOU are ready to be a guest, email her w.charleswisdom@gmail.com  and put GUEST in the subject line, we will get right back to you.  FOLLOW this program @ www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp

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    Stern Universe Episode 7

    in Comedy

    Stern Universe Episode 7

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    Discipline or Abuse by Parent Expert Lyss Stern

    in Business

    Discipline or Abuse by Parent Expert Lyss Stern. Lyss Stern, Parenting Expert, Founder and CEO of Diva Moms New York's Premier Network that influences over 380,000 Women
    Parents often question the boundaries when it comes to discipline. Where do you draw the line, and what is in the best interest of the child? Lyss Stern has the advice parents seek out. In the case where the child was forced to run around their home without water for hours in order to be disciplined, this is clearly abuse.
    So what are the boundaries?

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    The Final Say - with Sarah Stern

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say every day, Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    Sarah Stern, Founder and President of EMET (The Endowment for Middle East Truth), joins the show to discuss the Klinghoffer Opera protest.

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    There is moor than one way

    in Education

    Debate is health and constructive criticism helps but when we start arguing just cause we can and because over inflated egos. I see a lot of immature so called leader in the conscious community

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    Anny Stern Collection of Jewelry beyond the heart of Brazil.

    in Christianity

    Greetings From Insanity to Sane thank you for listening in every week my guest today is a woman with a deep desire from within to hand craft pieces of jewelry that she is no stranger to,which is part of her heritage.Anny Stern grew up in Brazil, where she was surrounded by the beauty and vast variety of semi-precious stones. These vibrant and energetic stones are natural to the area, and have been fascinating her for years. She remembers recognizing the stones by their names on the jewelry stores since she was a young girl. Anny Stern Fashion Jewelry are being showcased at prestigious locations and very high end boutiques. She designs her pieces in hopes that customers will enjoy wearing them as much as she enjoys making them. Each stone is chosen with love; Anny Stern can feel that the stones talk to her like they know what they want to be

    ~~For additional information on Anny Stern, please visit www.facebook.com/annystern

    Instagram: annystern_fashion_jewelry,  http://annystern.com/

    Come out and support Anny Stern as she speaks about her life in Brazil and how she birthed her collection.See you there.


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    Beyond The Bleacherz - SuperBowl Edition

    in Culture

    The Super Bowl is here!  And no one is more excited than the #BeyondTheBleacherz crew.  Hosted by Jay Lew and Hugh.  Produced by Hood Howard Stern.  Call in 760.283.4647 Wednesday to listen in on the show and hit the #1 key to comment on the Super Bowl predictions and everything else!  Also you can catch the show LIVE on YouTube at www.eblockradio.com.

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    Robbyne Kaamil - Activist, Singer, Composer of Freedom Song for Lolita the Orca

    in News

    Robbyne Kaamil sings Lolita's story and her hopes for Lolita's retirement in her native habitat in this rousing, catchy rap and song video, beautifully produced by Daniel Azarian. Check out her catchy tune on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AjxjtHtwXc

    Comedian, author, actress, vocalist, radio personality and advice diva are all hats worn by the versatile Ms. Robbyne Kaamil. Robbyne’s sassy style has landed her appearances on The Howard Stern Show and numerous other radio and television shows across the country. She was featured on the first season of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when the Fab 5 orchestrated a makeover of one of her friends. She has recently become a favorite featured celebrity on HERE TV. She has been regularly featured on HERE TV’S shows – Threesome, Year in Review, the Sherry Vine Show – She’s Living for This.

    Robbyne recently completed a tour of her electrifying one woman show, Life from One Woman’s Perspective which weaves excerpts from her popular poetry book Get off the Titty with side-ripping comedy and riveting dramatic interludes to explore relationships, politics and life. As an actress Ms. Kaamil has graced the silver screen in several popular independent films including: Bear City: The Movie and Violet Tendencies starring Mindy Cohn of “Facts of Life”. Robbyne is currently starring in the long running off-Broadway production, My Big Gay Italian Wedding.


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    Beyond The Bench

    in Sports

    Ryan Stern is live every Tuesday evening to discuss the world of sports.

    Welcome to Super Bowl Week! We have a great show lined up for tonight. At 9:10 we will welcome Luke Easterling of Bleacher Report and draftbreakdown.com to recap the Senior Bowl and preview the NFL Combine. Then, at 9:30, we are pleased to welcome NFL Linebacker Chase Blackburn of the Carolina Panthers. We will see who he thinks has the edge this Sunday and find out what his Super Bowl experiences were like.

    We will close out the show with our picks for Super Bowl XLIX.

    If you have any questions for Chase or Luke, tweet them to @BeyondTheBench 


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    Real Rap Radio - Shad Vs. Everybody Official Mixtape Release

    in Culture

    Real Rap Radio returns with all new fire from City Shad.  New mixtape #ShadVsEverybody dropping LIVE on this show! Also check out other unsigned talent during the show.  You got hot fire?  You can submit your music now and be heard on this show by over 90,000 listeners. Email rashadsr86@yahoo.com or qlewis@flipside-ink.com with your name, social media names and the mp3 you would like to have played right now! Follow the host City Shad on IG @rashad_5851 and the producer Hood Howard Stern @hoodhowardstern.

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