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    Love, Light & Lyrics

    in Self Help

    Timeless Message: A Tribute to Khalil Gibran
    If you ask a group of poets what is the main goal they wish to accomplish through their
    writing, the majority will say the same...to be heard. Khalil Gibran’s poetry has been
    translated in over 40 languages and his book, The Prophet has never been out of print
    since its first publication in 1923. His messages are timeless and still relevant to readers
    today. What other artists do you feel have a message, music, or mission will continue to
    live on well beyond their years?
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    Love, Light & Lyrics

    in Self Help

    Life is riddled with both joy and pain, love and loss, as well as light and darkness. On last week, we
    discussed intimate matters of the heart. This show allows us to dig a little deeper as we discuss finding the
    source for your light. We are speaking of that special inner light that guides us in all areas of life:
    relationships, careers, spirituality, health, and creativity. Even on the darkest of days, what do you do to find
    your light?
    CALL IN to (917) 9321078,
    Press 1 to speak. SUNDAY 2pm EST
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    Love, Light & Lyrics

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    Topic: SPEAK LIFE
    The theme for this show is quite simple… Words have power, so use that power wisely.
    Choose to build rather than break down. Choose to heal rather than hurt. Our guest,
    Terone Allen , has both music and poetry that uphold this golden rule. Terone is a
    positive influencer in the Atlanta art scene and recently shared the stage with
    Baltimore’s Speak Life Tour that features youth visual and performance artists using
    their gifts to evoke major change in the world. How often do you choose to encourage
    others and allow your words to SPEAK LIFE?
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    Love, Light & Lyrics

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    Topic: Adorned
    It’s all about beauty with fashion forward entrepreneur & visionary, Vee Jovan,
    C.E.O. of Eye See Beauty Mag. We will talk about the exciting future for the upcoming launch and also gain
    tips on going steps beyond beauty. This magazine features top Indie Designers and models and promotes
    fearlessness, setting fashion trends, and expressive freedom when it comes to looks and styles. Are you
    happy with your current look...or are ready for a boost from the pros?
    CALL IN to (917) 9321078,
    Press 1 to speak. SUNDAY 2pm EST
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    Love, Light & Lyrics

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    We are rocking and rolling full speed ahead…

    Our guests this week are Author D. Milan, who will share stories from her newly released autobiography, When We Were Young.  We will also have a spotlight on Spoken Word Artist, Abstract C.I.M. who has burst onto the Atlanta poetry scene with powerful words that are sure to leave her listeners speechless. Find out more about how both of these young women are already well on their way to building an outstanding legacy. What steps are you taking now that will directly influence your future for the generations that follow?

    CALL IN to 917-932-1078, Press 1 to speak.  SUNDAY 2pm EST

    Thank you for listening to Love, Light & Lyrics Radio with Felicitee Love & TJ Nicole!

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    Love, Light & Lyrics

    in Self Help

    Welcome to the debut of our new show of Love, Light & Lyrics Radio!
    Many people have discovered that in order to walk in your purpose you have to become
    a pro at overcoming obstacles. Let’s change our story and the world around us. We will
    also have an exclusive interview with singer/songwriter, Kim Joyce. We will answer the
    question what does it take to walk with purpose.

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    What Is The Importance of Having Emotions and/or Substance In Your Lyrics?

    in Music

    Join us Tonight @ 8pm

    Topic: What Is The Importance of Having Emotions or Substance In Your Lyrics?

    So "easily I approach the microphone cause I'm not no joke" A famous Rapper once said. My opinion it should be the Mantra of today's Artist to not to be taken as a joke. You should offer valued content leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

    Show Date: 5/19/2015

    Show Times: 8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst

    To voice your thoughts, CALL: 213.559.2995

    Share: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Etc

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    Love, Light & Lyrics

    in Self Help

    Topic: “Remember Your Why”

    On the path to greatness you will surely face some obstacles, challenges, and perhaps even some setbacks.  But if you remember why you started in the first place, you will have the strength and the focus to always move forward. On this show,  we will talk with Mark Goggins, the creator and founder of The BPC Poetry Fest which just celebrated its 10th year anniversary. We will find out from Mark how his vision developed into what is now an enormous event bringing poets from around the globe together to share their love for poetry.

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    Lipstick,Layups & Lyrics

    in Entertainment

    LCF Radio is on the constant rise with another debut show this season July 13th 7pm EST, "Lipstick, Layups & Lyrics" hosted by Ms Basketball herself of the Brooklyn Diamondz in the Beautiful Ballers Pro Am and Raising NYC Hip Hop artist Bella (Niki Avery).

    Bella will be taking us from the courts, runways and stadges accross the Nation. Giving B-Ball Clinics and Performing live remotes in your cities. So look alive Bella's coming your way!

    Bella's debut guest will be blazing new artist to hit the scene out of Florida named "Lostman", and One of the NYC Tri State Areas top Sports Trainer.

    Log onto http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lightscamerafashion/2014/07/13/lipsticklayups-lyrics

    Call in and talk to the host and guest at 773-897-6301

    A Lights Cameras Fashion Radio Production



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    Writing Royalty Radio -The Concrete Jungle: "Deadly Lyrics..."

    in Radio

    Topic:The Concrete Jungle: "Deadly Lyrics..."

    Special Guests : CEO Of JDS Certified Demario Mcilwain and Rapper Shys Debiocci

    We will talk about music and hip hop culture with the youth and how can we use music to heal and save..Also hip hop gospel is coming under attack

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    Lyrics 101 Radio (HOSTED BY Chris Lyrical Jay)

    in Entertainment

    This is a chance for you to get your music heard WideWide instead of just in your hometown. Its time to step up your game up if you want to make it in the music Industry. We are bringing in different Professionals that will share their experiences and teach you creative ways to make yourself stand out above the crowd. So submit your music wether its Hip Hop & RnB,Pop,Gospel, International Music AND GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD!!!
    Submit to:chrisjohnsonpr@gmail.com

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