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    "You First!" for Wives

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    In August, we did a show called, "'You First!' for Husbands" where we covered the Biblical principles surrounding how husbands are called to honor their wives.

    Ok, ladies...this show is for you. If you've ever wondered about what the Bible really says about your roll when it comes to marriage, listen up! What does the Bible say about how we are to respect our husbands? What will happen when we do? What will happen if we don't? This would be another show for husbands and wives to listen to together. Listen LVIE as Dr Pauline & Catherine discuss the Biblical principles surrounding the roll of the wife in marriage.

    UPCOMING EVENTS (www.dunamascenter.com):

    November 8, 2014 - Choices for a Discerning Childbirth Seminar
    8-week Preparation for a Discerning Childbirth Classes start September 15, 2014
    October 13, 2014 (Kansas City, MO): "Life is Trauma" Counselor Training where Dr Pauline will be trainnig Christian couselors to take a body, mind, spirit approach to healing trauma.
    Dr Pauline will be speaking to ICAN groups about Birth Traumatomology Syndrome (BTS) after cesearans and ideas for healing in the following locations:
    Little Rock, AR (October, 16, 2014)
    Jackson, MS (October, 23, 2014)
    Springfield, MO (October 28, 2014)

    ANNOUNCEMENTS (www.dunamascenter.com):

    Our website is currently being updated. Watch for our new website soon!
    Dr Pauline's Proverbs Study, "Choices and Consequences" workbook will be available September 1, 2014.

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    Celebrity Stylist Ryan Christopher on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes celebrity stylist Ryan Christopher to Conversations LIVE to discuss his road to success, how he has learned from lessons along the way and what's next for him.

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    Jr Smooth Live Radio Show/C-Styles

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    This Segment of Jr Smooth Live Radio Show im having C styles,,one on one interview with him..call in chat with him.ask him allyouwanna ask him. well see how his Jagz performance goes. SO TUNE IN TO GET ALL THE INFO..