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    Fiasco Fam Radio-Best of Lupe Fiasco

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    TUNE IN!!! its the best of lupe fiasco

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    Bible Study in Judges 8 & the Fiasco in Ferguson

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    Today we're going to pick up in our bible study in Judges chapter 8 and look at two kings from Midian, as well as discuss some of the breaking news of the day, including the fiasco in Ferguson.

    We'll also discuss a little bit more about the  liberal mainstream media not covering the Terry Bean gay rapist story.  So far, Fox News and The Blaze, have failed to report on the homosexual Human Rights Campaign founder being arrested for underage sex with a 15 year old.  The question is why?

    Visit our website at http://www.biblenewsradio.com  and if you haven't filled out our listener survey yet, please click here to do so and be entered to win a $10 Amazon giftcard.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Another Hacktastic Obama Fiasco

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    The Big, Bad, Lone Wolf dodge; The Obamastapo visits Nashville; Is the Washington press corps covering up another Obama Regime fiasco?  Yes!  They!  Are!  Could the GOP win up to 55 Senate seats?  No!  They!  Can't!  Prepare for Scott Walker 2016....if he wins re-election in Wisconsin (and if the election were today, he wouldn't); and a story to be named later.

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    Fiasco Fam Radio Hip Hop Edition-Who is Lupe Fiasco

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    Tonight's show is strictly for my Hip Hop heads...ill be playing the best and all my faves from Hip Hop's elite...as well as introduce exactly who Lupe Fiasco is for some of his new fans out there...its all about the music tonight so get ready!!! FNF UP!!

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    Greatest Fights #10: Duran-Barkely-89; Avelar-Vazquez-86; Gomez-Pintor-82

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    (Recorded: 12/10/2011)
    Wilfredo Gomez vs Lupe Pintor (1982) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw4APZuTpBM
    Antonio Avelar vs Wilfredo Vazquez (1986) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNxfiuRzN_c
    Roberto Duran vs Iran Barkley (1989) http://youtu.be/WyjEUp1yVjU

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    The Smithfix...The two part system is Treason

    in Politics

    The new omnibus (1.1 trillion dollars) spending bill is abusolute treason.

    Money for Obamacare
    Money for Michelle food lunches
    Money for War
    F35 Strike Eagle fiasco. A plain built to die.
    Pensions looted
    Trillions of dollars in banker’s derivatives losses are shifted to us!
    Spying is Ok, the death of the fourth amendment.
    Campaign donations increased by 10X. The 1% buys Washington openly
    And More

    Join us for a Smithfix rant on why America isn’t America anymore

    To call in dial 347-857-4397 or use Skype

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    Confederate Heritage and Pride News and Views

    in History

    Tonight im going to promote some pages on Facebook. Some people who deserve recognition for the work

    A Confederate page where you can Express Your Southern Pride! God BLESS DIXIE AND THE REBEL FLA...G AND ALL OF THE

    CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS WHO DIED FOR OUR SOUTHERN STATES. Keep those flags flying high and proud!

    No, I'm no more racist than the next person. The fact is that the War between the states A had very little to do with slavery. In fact, it had nothing to with slavery until 1863 when Lincoln used it as a political agenda to save his sorry, dictator wannabe butt.

    The War Between the States was about state rights. The north was imposing tariffs out the wazoo on the south. Illegal tariffs, I might add.

    Sure, the south wasn't perfect; who is? All I'm saying is that they were the ones ultimately in the right in that 19th century fiasco and they took the flack for it because the winners write the history books. No the true history is written by warriors.

    If you want to argue with me, please, argue intelligently. I loath hippies.
    Just remember two things: 1) THE NORTHERN STATES HAD MANY SLAVES; 2)The emancipation proclamation claimed (because it had no legal authority) to free only the slaves in the "rebelling states." Northerners were free to keep their slaves until the 13th Amendment.

    Deo Vindice!


    Confederate Rebel Burton

    Confederate Heritage and Pride Group Admins:
    Confederate Rebel Burton and Freda Mincey Burton: Page Directors



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    Exclusive Interview w/ Anthony Fiasco

    in Wrestling

    Co-host Matthew Grant sits down with 2009 BSE/SCL Adrenaline Cup Champion & Former PWA Ontario Champion Anthony Fiasco to chat about plenty including his upcoming mixed tag match for PWA on July 19th w/ Alexia Nicole v. Ryan Swift & Skylar Rose, thoughts on the closing of PWE and memorable matches there, BKPW & what's going on there lately with him, Alpha-1 & being apart of a few matches there, winning the Adrenaline Cup and the transition of BSE to SCL, screwing up a lionsault in a 8 way fray at DGUSA, not keeping up to date with wrestling & avoiding message boards/news sites, his beginning & future in wrestling, experiences he's had & much more including a lengthy word association!

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    Unlimitability POPcast Wednesday

    in Pop Culture

    Join Figgy Figures, Jay Mega, and Demy More for the after work POPcast that you can stream on our website or download for your commute home. Today we discuss online dating, things not to do the first time you sleep over at your new guy's place, proper escort ettiquette, stories of how we all met, as well as the ongoing Ferguson fiasco. Show is rated M because we plan on Murdering the broadcasting standards for online podcasting. Check us out on unlimitability.net.

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    Unlimitability POPcast Monday

    in Pop Culture

    Tonight on #Unlimitability POPcast Monday (unlimitability.net) we discuss Migente.com memories, the Ferguson fiasco, Black Friday, and what if Bret Hart had never left the WWF (WWE) for WCW in 1997. Pop Culture, Current Events, and Pro Wrestling all in one place at 6:15pm on unlimitability.net and join the discussion by calling (646) 801-4699.

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    More Bill Cosby Business

    in Comedy

    Yamaneika sits down with Danny Lobell and Jon Laster for her last episode from Los Angeles to discuss a variety of topics, including the continuing Bill Cosby fiasco. Check it out!

    Follow @yamaneika @Chloe_Hilliard @dannylobell @RealJonLaster and @Standupnylabs.

    Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see when Yamaneika and Chloe are performing live at Stand Up NY.

    Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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