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    The Whisnats

    in Christianity

    The whisnats are coming to the luke show

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    Modern Mythology w/Stephen Willey & Luke Martin

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    This will be a very informative show for a upcoming artist reception at the Liv Again gallery. Here the feedback of two of the four young talents who will be displaying on March 14th. Here how they are inspired, motivated, and most of all how they bring their visions to life through the arts. A show you won't want to miss!

     Throughout every culture in history, there have been myths and legends that have influenced society and mankind as a whole. In our modern age there are still stories and legends that influence our culture, but some stand out among others. Four diverse artists come together to display their gratitude to these marvelous stories that shaped and altered their lives. Modern Mythology is a showcasing of these beautiful works.

       Raised in Maryland, these four talented artists have spent years mastering their craft. Stephen Willey, Luke Martin, Alicia Martinez, and Kaitlyn Casey all vary in age as well as artistic style, and offer a new look at the stories that shaped their childhoods. With the help of the Liv Again Gallery in Cambridge, Maryland, these artists will be displaying their best and most powerful works. Promising a showcase of style unlike anything usually spotted in the galleries of Maryland, these artists will not disappoint any lover of television, cinema, or literature.

       Modern Mythology will be held at the Liv Again Gallery in Cambridge, Maryland on March 14th, 2015 at 6pm. The show is open to the public and to all ages; admission is free, and food and drinks will be sold. The artists will also have products such as prints, shirts and other items for sale as well. Come out and support young artists, and enjoy the journey through the worlds as they have.

    To reserve your attendance click here 

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    #17: #FlirtingWithDisaster - Genoa City Disasters! Luke is Luke! Kristen Leaves!

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    This week we will be covering everything from Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital.  This week the storylines just went up in flames in Genoa City with the #FlirtingWithDisaster storylines...a murder? a fire? roof colapse? airplane crash? It's like a hot mess for the citizens of Genoa City.  Meanwhile, over in Port Charles, we find out that there is a chip in Jakeson's head, Luke is really Luke, but what's his real issue? Does he have D.I.D. this whole time? All this and more! Tune in! 

    Also, we will be covering the latest in hot topics at the end of the show!

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    Luke Chapter 16/The Rich Man and Lazareth

    in Religion

    Here is the outline of our SONSHINE USA Bible teacher's message for today. It is from the 16th Chapter of Luke's Gospel:

    1. As Christians, we are to be good managers of what God has blessed us with.

    2. The Real Reason For Wealth.

    3.The Law and the Prophets Vs. what was taught by John the Baptist.

    4. The fate of the Rich Man Vs. Lazareth.

    Tune-In for more details.....Read Luke Chapter 16.

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    The Biggest Fool in America/Luke Chapter

    in Religion

    On this broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis begins our treck through the th chapter of Luke's Gospel. In this chapter:

    1. Jesus warns desciples about Pharises,

    2. That which is hidden or done in secret shall be revealed.

    3. We must be PUBLIC about our FAITH in God.

    4. The biggest FOOL in America.

    Tune and to get started with today's Bible Study.




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    Signs of The Times/ 12th Chapter of Luke Continues

    in Religion

         On this broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis continues teaching from the 12th chapter of Luke's Gospel. As Christians, we need to watch for and anticipate the return of Christ to this world. This means that we are to be busy doing the work that God has put us on the earth to do. These last days that we are living in is no time to be lazy. Know what God wants you to do and do it....no excuses. Serving Christ requres sacrifice and it may even cause unavoidable divisions. We can know what the future holds if we learn how to read and study and interpret God's Word. Just as a weather forcast tells us what the weather will be tommorow.......God's Word can let us know what big events are going to happen next. STAY TUNED.

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    Don't Judge and Love Your Enemies/Luke 6

    in Religion

    On this broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis continues in the 6th chapter of Luke where Christ is delivering the Sermon on the Mount. Here's an outline for today's broadcast.

    1. Love Your Enemies-----Do good to those who hate your guts. (Verses 27-36)

    2. Don't Judge Others. Did you know that the Bible says we will be judged by the same standards

        we use to judge others. ( Verses 37-42)

    3. Do Be A Fruit Inspector. (Verses 43-45)

    4. Construction Advice-----Build On Strong Foundation. (Verses 46-49)

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    The Power of Prayer/ Luke Chapter 11

    in Religion

    On this broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis is teaching from the 11th chapter of Luke's Gospel. It cannot be said enough how POWERFUL prayer is. God is more than able to take care of any need we have....we just need to TRUST HIM and accept HIS WILL and not our own. As time permits, Warren will dive even deeper into this 11th chapter of Luke's Gospel.....Tune in.

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    Mission Possible/Luke Chapter 10

    in Religion

    On this broadcast SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis tackles the 10th chapter of Luke. This chapter open with the mission of the 72. Jesus sends believers out in 36 teams of 2 (72). THey are on Mission for Jesus. They are to carry no extra supplies and they are to be totaly dependent on God for what they need. We as believers today have also be placed on mission for Jesus. We too are to be dependent on God  for what we need and we are to leave the results to God. In this chapter we also have the account of the good Sameritan and the fued between Martha and Mary. Lots to cover, so let us get started.....tune in

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    Luke Chapters 13 and 14/ Meaning of Sabboth Day and the Great Invitation

    in Religion

         On this broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis will finish Luke chapter 13 and go into Luke chapter 14. Warren will also answer questions from listeners.

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    BAMS is back with Luke Robinson and Jeff Kelly

    in Sports

    After a week off due to some technical issues, BAMS is back! We are rolling a bit early to accomodate everyone's schedule, but its still going to be 2 hours of BAMS craziness! We'll be joined by basketball commentator Luke Robinson to get his thoughts on the Tide and Saraland head football coach Jeff Kelly to talk about his upcoming year. The action begins at a special 5:30 CST with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts. Be there or Be Auburn. 

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