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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Should We Be Worried About Real Madrid's Form?

    in Soccer

    Gabe Lezra, Bozz and Mike Platania are back to chat everything Real Madrid! On this week's episode, the guys chat about Madrid's uninspiring draw with Málaga at the Bernabéu. Is this draw indicative of something larger--a pattern of focusing too much on Cristiano Ronaldo's scoring in detriment to the team? Or maybe a general lack of offensive creativity?--or is it merely bad luck, a blip in an otherwise strong beginning of the season? 

    Additionally, the guys break down Rafa's tactical choices agaisnt Malaga, and discuss what the Spanish coach should tell the players after that match. They geek out about Luka Modric and his countryman Mateo Kovacic, and conclude with some previews--first Malmo (just kidding, they don't actually have much to say about that) and then Atleti. 

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Is Real Madrid Being Punished?

    in Soccer

    The Managing Madrid podcast is back, and hosts Gabe Lezra, Josh Zeitlin and Lucas Navarrete are here to answer the one question on everyone's minds: is Real Madrid being punished? In all seriousness, the guys break down Madrid's 3-1 win over Málaga, with goals from James Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and horrifying injuries to Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema. How can Madrid rebound from their terrible luck and find a way to beat cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid in the return leg of the Champions League quarter-finals? How should coach Carlo Ancelotti line up his team with all the injuries they've suffered? And who is to blame for this horrible luck? Is Real Madrid being punished? 

    All this and more on this week's Managing Madrid podcast. 


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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Tough Times

    in Soccer

    Hosts Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin recap Real Madrid's recent tough stretch--going back to chat about Madrid's loss in Bilbao and their nail-biting showing against Schalke in the Bernabéu. Not a happy time for the guys, as Lucas Navarrete is out this week, and Gabe and Josh clearly need some consoling. They recap the Bilbao match, chat about the defensive failures that lead to the Schalke game being so close, and finally make some light of the 2-0 victory at home against Levante. What was making the team click? Is Modric's return exactly the tonic that Gareth Bale needed to find his scoring boots? And what on earth happened to Iker in that Schalke game

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    in Entertainment

    In 2003, he began to appear in gay ographic movies, occasionally working as a dancer and escort. In 2005 he appeared as a pin-up model in an issue of Toronto's Fab magazine. In 2007, he was an unsuccessful competitor in a reality series CoverGuy and underwent numerous cosmetic surgeries, auditioning for a reality show Plastic Makes Perfect 2 in 2008 and set up at least 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites under various aliases. On May 25, 2012, an 11-minute video titled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was uploaded to a gore site, depicting a naked male tied to a bed frame being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick and a knife, then dismembered, followed by acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. The perpetrator uses a knife and fork to cut off some of the flesh and gets a dog to chew on the body. On May 29, a janitor discovered the decomposing torso of Chinese foreign student Lin Jun inside a suitcase, in the alley behind an apartment building in Montreal. A package containing a foot was delivered to the national headquarters of the Conservative party, another containing a hand was addressed to the Liberal party. Packages containing severed limbs were later sent to elementary schools. Magnotta fled Canada, becoming the subject of an Interpol Red Notice and prompting an international manhunt. He was apprehended June 4, at an Internet cafe in Berlin reading news about himself. Materials promoting the video appeared online 10 days before the murder. The high profile trial in Montreal lasted 10 weeks. Luka Rocco Magnotta pleaded Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity. First Degree Murder or Insanity? PSYCHO KILLER SUPERSTAR-The Luka Magnotta Debacle-Dan Zupansky. 

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    Tumenye ukuri kutubature, (Yoh.8:32) Tumenye n'umusara twikorera uwo ariwo!

    in The Bible

    Tugomba kumenya umusaraba twikoreye nyirawo. Niba ari uwa Yesu Simoni umunyakurene yikoreye cg niba ari uwacu twikorera iminsi yose!! (Mat. 27:32   / Luka 9:23

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    Dukomeje kumenya ukuri kukatubatura! Ni uwuhe musaraba wikoreye muri iyi 2?

    in The Bible

    Bene Data dusobanukirwe n'Ijambo ry'Imana, kandi dukomeze kurwanya ubuyobe! Tumenye ukuri maze kutubature!!  Dufite IMISRAABA 2 muri Bibiliya, buri wese agiye kumenya uwe yikoreye!  Wikore uwo Simoni yikoreye ( Mat.27:32)? cyangwa wikorera uwawe wa buri munsi ku bwo gukurikira Yesu?? (Luka 9:23) ?

    Buri wese arebe uwo yikoreye! TUMENYE UKURI KUTUBATURE!. AMEN

    Imana idufashe cyane!

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Atletico, Getafe and Impossible Pronunciations

    in Soccer

    The Managing Madrid podcast returns, with host Gabe Lezra in a sour mood given his other allegiances over the weekend. Gabe and Josh Zeitlin recap Real Madrid's week, diving into the los blancos' draw home against Atletico (crashing out of the Copa del Rey), and chat about the 3-0 win against Getafe. Along the way they get into the signing of Martin Odegaard, chatting about his future and the plan for Real Madrid Castilla. Finally, the guys take some questions, delving into possible signings and the old stalwarts--rotation issues and Modric's return. 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Is a Phenom 70 Wins 0 Losses History In the Making The GOAT

    in Sports

    Im The Best To Ever Do It my Wins Vs Zavala, Wilder, Gonzalez, Kevin Luka, Derrick the Giant, Virgil Prove It 

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Previewing Liverpool

    in Soccer

    The guys are back after the international break and are excited to discuss what is fast becoming a strong start to Real Madrid's season. First, they preview the Levante game, looking into Isco's splendid form and trying to figure out who he might replace in the starting lineup--is it Bale? James? Or maybe Modric after some decline? Gabe takes some questions from the audience and they segue into the Liverpool match: should Madrid really be nervous about this side? Or is this just the allure of playing in Anfield that has the guys worried?

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    in The Bible

    Ivugururamategeko 6 :4 // Izayi 42 :8 // 1 Abakorinto 8 :1-6 // Ivugururamategeko 32 :39 // Izayi 43 :1-15 // Malakiya 2 :10 // 1 Timoteyo 2 :5 // Abanyefezi 4 :1-6 // Yohani 17 :3 // Mariko 12 :28-31  // Yoweli 2 :26-27 // Izayi 45 :1-25 // Izayi 44 :6-8 // Izayi 35 :1-10 // Izayi 40 :1-11 // Ibyahishuwe 1 :7  // Zakariya 14 :1-9 // 1 Abakorinto 10 :1-4 // Izayi 26 :4 // 1 Petero 2 :6 // Zakariya 3 :9 //  Ibyahishuwe 5 :6 // 1 Yohani 5 :20 // 1 Timoteyo 3 :15-16 // Tito 1 :1-3 // Tito 2 :13 // Tito 3 :4-7 //  Ibyahishuwe 1 :1-8 // Izayi 9 :5 // Ibyahishuwe 22 :6-7 // Ibyahishuwe 22 :10-21 // Abaheburayo 7 :1-3 // Abaheburayo 2 :14-18 // Luka 24 :36-40 // Abanyafilipi 3 :20-21 // Yohani 1 :18 …



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    in The Bible

    Mathieu 25 :41 // Abalevi 20 :26 // Luka 11 :24-26 // Habakuki 1 :13 // 1 Abakorinto 6 :18 // Abaroma 6 :23 // Mariko 9 :47-48 // Abaheburayo 9 :27 // Amosi 4 :12